Does Aldi Take Apple Pay? (Let’s Find Out!)

Does Aldi take Apple Pay online and in-store through their branches? Well, that is a good question. Please read our detailed articles for the resounding answer and other information. We have everything for you, covering other alternative payment methods.

Since 2015, Apple Pay has been in operation around the world. However, its resurgence among many people was facilitated by the inception of COVID-19 in 2020. Apple Pay gained popularity, and other contactless payment methods also increased the user's statistics.

Most stores are incorporating Apple Pay as an online and in-store payment method. As an Aldi dedicated customer, you might wonder if they accept Apple Pay in their stores. It is essential to have prior knowledge before actual shopping to enhance the fast and efficient checkout.

As a concerned person, we have done research, and here is everything you need to know about the Aldi payment method.

Does Aldi Accept Apple Pay?

Does Aldi accept Apple Pay

This is the question that many customers are seeking to answer. Statistics indicate that Aldi has over 2000 stores spread across the US. The company accepts Apple Pay as these stores' alternative and ideal payment method. If you have compatible Apple devices like an Apple Watch and iPhone, you can utilize them as a shopper while paying. You must have resisted Apple Wallet to pay online and through their perfect delivery app, Instacart.

The company also recognizes the benefits and trends of the evolving digital payment world. From the Per OJ DigitalSolution information, the store started taking Apple Pay in 2018. In addition, it claims that the company does not only accept Apple Pay as the digital wallet method. We note from the Aldi FAQ section that today, the company is embracing Apple Pay and other alternative payment or contactless methods—more about these methods in the next section.

Thus, if you want to learn more about Aldi and Apple Pay, both online and in-store payment, keep reading to the end. We will explore the detailed procedure for completing the Apple Pay payment at Aldi.

Making Apple Pay at Aldi

Apple device users have an advantage over Android users regarding the variety of payment methods at the Aldi store. Thus, you can make payments not just at the online Aldi store but also through their brick-and-mortar stores, which cover the USA locations.

From the Aldiregsister, the machine features a card reader as well as an NFC chip for efficient and after-contactless payment methods. This has been in operation since 2017, as the company claims.

When you want to pay with your Apple Pay wallet account at the Aldi store, ensure you have the relevant card linked to the Apple device and activate Apple Pay with a sufficient balance. Here are a few methods of making payments at Aldi using Apple Pay:-

Touch ID

apple phone detected the NFC system

The first method is using the phone through a Touch ID to make payment at Aldi. What you need to do is very simple. Here are the steps:-

  • With your devices, draw out from the pocket of whichever storage place. As you place the item on the cart, ensure you scan each.
  • When done, your screen will light up in the long run, and you can access the Apple Wallet account. This indicates that the phone detected the NFC system.
  • The phone will give you directions to keep closer to the reader. From this point, select the card you want to make payment with if a default has a low balance.
  • Unlock the touch ID by placing the finger in the relevant place.
  • Keep the phone instant and wait for the phone to indicate that your transaction is successful and complete.
  • To finish up, it will indicate Done before seeing the checkmark on the screen. From this point, everything is ideal and successful.

Apple Watch

Apple watch close to the NFC card reader system

You can still pay at the Aldi store if you have an Apple watch with a ready-set wallet account. The process is still simple, like the Touch ID. Here is a summary:-

  • Hold your Apple watch close to the NFC card reader system.
  • Then, double-tap at the bottom of your Apple watch to initiate the payment process.
  • The watch will allow you to select the preferred payment card besides the default.
  • Continue keeping the watch closer to the NFC reader, and when you hear a faint beep and tap, that is an explicit confirmation that your payment is successful.

The system will generate digital receipts. Hold it because the technology is prone to default; it will help you track the transactions and other things later on after purchase. Also, you must ensure that every step and payment is done correctly—the last approach is discussed below.

Face ID Approach

You have multiple options when using an iPhone to make Apple Pay at Aldi, including passcode, Touch ID, and face ID verification. This Face ID is still a simple approach, just like the ones mentioned above.

  • Start by double-tapping your iPhone at the button found on the sides.
  • Then, unlock the phone and look at the screen.

Move your phone closer to the NFC card reader system from that point. The rest of the process is the same as the touch ID. You will see the screen indicating done for the successful payment alongside the check mark. The contactless terminal desk or NFC card reader is vital in this case. Also, remember that Aldi doesn't charge you any fee for the payment made through Apple Pay.

The company still used to offer lucrative incentives for the people using Apple Pay to make payments; thus, Apple never imposed hidden costs on Aldi purchases for every card transaction.

Advantages of Paying Aldi With Apple Pay

There are contactless advantages of making payments through the contactless and Apple wallets Apple pay. Among the benefits of the Aldi shopping experience are as listed in the below section:-

  • The payment method is accepted by many merchants online, hence being versatile with most retail stores and companies.
  • It is not only convenient but also a secure payment method for groceries.
  • It is also used to make payments for the delivery app Instacart and online grocery purchases.
  • There is no need to carry along physical payment cards.
  • The fastest and countless methods of payment.

Alternative Aldi Contactless Payment Methods

Aldi accepts Apple Pay as the contactless payment method and extends the cysts. It is still expanding with more recent trendy options. Thus, at the moment, the store is also accepting contactless payment methods like Samsung Pay, contactless debit and credit cards, and Google Play. Please explore the website for the more typical methods to capitalize on and make easy payments.

Apple Pay at Aldi-Instacard Delivery App

Apple pay at Aldi-Instacard delivery app

For the Aldi Instacard delivery orders, customers can also make payments with Apple Pay. However, the process might look handy when you are still a newbie and setting up the account.

Thus, Apple Pay is one of the methods that will guarantee you an extra commercial layer for security purposes.

The retailer will never in any way access the financial information. Thus, when you wish to order delivery groceries from Aldi online through Instacard, make sure the wallet account is set and linked correctly with the card and follow the below steps:

  • star by adding the products and items to your card
  • When done, navigate to the checking out section.
  • Then, Instacart will need you to justify the pickup or delivery time before selecting the payment method and making a confirmation.
  • From the options, select Apple Pay. When the option is unavailable, check the wallet account and link the relevant card to the account.
  • Then select the car and make sure you complete the transaction.
  • Authenticate the payment by unlocking the phone using a passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID. This step completes the payment.

At some points, you might experience challenges while making payments through Apple Pay at Aldi stores. It would be best if you did not worry; we still have you with solutions and tips to troubleshoot challenges.

How to Troubleshoot Apple Pay at Aldi

When making payments through Apple Pay and running into trouble, there are various tips that you might grasp to help you overcome the issues. Some of the steps you need to take are listed below:

  • Restarting phone
  • Ensure you are using a credit or debit card from the participating bank.
  • Ensure you use the latest or updated iOS version of the Apple Pay-compatible devices.
  • Hold the device close to the NFC card reader system to make contactless payments.
  • Ensure you have turned on the Bluetooth as well as wifi when using the Apple phone or gadget.
  • Enable the contactless payment when utilizing the contactless credit or debit card.
  • Use the iPhone within the Bluetooth range compared to the Apple watch.
  • When all the above tips fail to work, finalize by contacting the Apple or bank support team for the next steps and directions.


Although Aldi is already a reputable company, they have made the customer shopping experience seamless, secure, and convenient by accepting Apple Pay as the payment method in their stores. Dedicated shoppers can use the contactless method, avoid long queues, and save time through Apple Pay at the checkout desk.

It is time to enjoy the extra security at Ali with Apple Pay not only in-store but also online, as well as through Instacart delivery shopping.

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