9 Best Places to Get Free Facebook Likes

Growing your brand on Facebook can be a daunting task especially when you don’t have a budget. This guide will help you learn places you can get free Facebook likes to get to stardom.

If you’re looking to amplify engagement on your Facebook page without a budget you might need to know which platforms to use. Despite them being free, you might just find yourself becoming a viral hit within a short time. While some platforms have automated the process of getting Facebook likes, others are done through an exchange platform.

Best Place to Get Free Facebook Likes

Facebook is among the most used social media platforms in the world with more than 2 billion active monthly users. It is a great platform to generate leads and improve your brand's awareness. Most of the platforms providing free Facebook likes work like exchanges while others are only promoting their paid packages. This guide will help you to learn where to get free Facebook likes.

Free Facebook Likes for Likigram

Likigram is a social growth tool that lets you market your content on Facebook and it provides the first 50 likes free of charge. If your followers on Facebook are not noticing your posts you might want to use their services. The first 50 likes will allow your post to get noticed and therefore attract even more of them.

You only need to provide a link to your post to instantly get 50 likes without much of a hustle. This however is only a one-time deal as going forward users are expected to buy a minimum of 100 likes at $1.99. The platform also guarantees delivery and it ensures a refill whenever the likes become less.

Free Facebook Likes for Like4Like org

Like4Like is a social media exchange that allows users to boost engagement on their Facebook pages in exchange for liking others' content. You earn credits by liking other people's content in exchange for them liking yours back. The more likes you get for your posts the better your chances of improving your Facebook presence.

You only need to join their community, add the Facebook page you want to promote, get credits by liking content from others, and then get promoted. This is the kind of platform that will help you fast-track your journey to becoming a social media influencer. The best thing about this service is that you get real likes from genuine people in the exchange.

Free Facebook Likes for Traffup

With Traffup you don’t need to buy Facebook likes as it is an exchange where you can get free likes in exchange for liking content done by others. The exchange features thousands of users and it is, therefore, a great platform to get likes within minutes of posting. It is safe to use and they never ask for your Facebook password.

To join the exchange, just sign up and add a link to your Facebook posts and page. Traffup will assign you points whenever you like other members' Facebook pages or posts and you spend them whenever they like your posts. As long as you have points in your account, your listings always remain visible for other members to like. You can also become an affiliate or a pro member to earn even more points.

Free Facebook Likes for KingdomLikes

This is another exchange platform that will help you to increase your presence on Facebook. At KingdomLikes you only need to provide your Facebook posts to get likes from other users if they get interested in your content. All interactions on this exchange are from real people therefore it is a safe site to use.

The platform does not need to have your password or username and it guarantees no spamming or updating your status. Fake accounts on this platform are strictly prohibited and the platform provides the same services for other social media platforms. You only need to sign up, like and view pages, and cash out earnings or use points to get likes.

Free Facebook Likes for Free Liker

This is an auto-like tool that will bring more engagement to your Facebook page or posts by giving you free likes. You have to download the Free Liker app to get free Facebook likes. It guarantees to improve the performance of your Facebook posts by providing real likes though we feel that they use bots.

According to their website, users can receive unlimited likes without risking their Facebook accounts. Other than likes, they also provide reactions such as a heart, smile, sadness, or anger emojis to people's posts. The platform provides you with free followers through the auto-free liker.

Free Facebook Likes for Official Liker

This is a free social media growth tool that claims to provide the most authentic Facebook likes. Official Liker is a trusted auto liker website that is spam-free but it's also suspected of using bots since it is not an exchange system. The platform always notifies you whenever it has delivered the likes to your Facebook post.

It is also user-friendly because of its intuitive dashboard and it almost instantly delivers likes after selecting your Facebook post. The platform also features a monthly likes giveaway of 20K likes on a winner's profile.


Addmefast is a website that offers a Facebook likes exchange service, which allows users to promote their Facebook pages and get free likes. The website has gained popularity due to its easy and free registration process and its daily bonus points system, which rewards active users with more than 400 daily bonus points.

Addmefast is easy to use and offers a straightforward interface, allowing users to quickly navigate through the site and find the services they need. Additionally, the site is constantly updated with new features and services to keep up with the changing trends in social media marketing.


FollowLike.net is an innovative platform that promotes engagement and growth on your social media accounts, particularly for gaining likes on your Facebook page. As a social media exchange website, it provides a safe and effective way to boost your Facebook likes, diverging from the risks associated with using Facebook auto liker websites.

FollowLike.net ensures the safety of your account while offering authentic engagement from real users. Other than promoting social media accounts, FollowLike.net also caters to SEO promotion and link building, enabling you to holistically grow your digital presence.


LinkCollider is a powerful platform that serves as a one-stop solution for your social media growth and advertising needs. The service is free and targets a variety of popular social media platforms, not just Facebook but also sites like TikTok, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your social media presence.

The main benefit of LinkCollider lies in its ability to help you gain Facebook likes organically. The platform works on a unique token-based system – you earn tokens by completing simple tasks on the platform and then invest these tokens to increase your Facebook page likes.

Buy Facebook Likes or Use Free Ones?

Buy Facebook Likes free

Buying Facebook likes and using free ones can both help to increase your presence on Facebook. Everyone has an option because a person without a budget can use an exchange but if it is too much work, they can as well buy likes instead.

The quality may not always be the same and sometimes free likes can be fewer but the results are almost the same. We advise that you check a provider’s details before committing yourself to have an idea of how they operate.


Free likes are a great boost to growing your presence on Facebook and therefore should be welcomed any time. If you currently don’t have a budget but are looking to get free likes, you can always start with the platforms mentioned above. However, most of them are exchanges which will require that you also spend time liking other people's posts. You can call that the cost of getting your Facebook page famous.

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