Best TorrentKing Alternatives and How to Download Torrents

We live in a time when many websites are shut down, so where can you find some of the torrent websites that are still working in 2024? You loved using TorrentKing, but now it's gone, so what should you do? How many sites are up and running in 2024, similar to TorrentKing? These are just some of the questions that pop into your head when you struggle with finding a perfect alternative for TorrentKing! There is a solution to everything nowadays, so don’t worry! We will provide you with some of the best alternatives that you can find online for Torrent King in 2024!

TorrentKing was just one of many searching engines online that was there to help you find your favorite movies, songs, games, eBooks, etc. We all know that all of the content that you can find on torrent-like websites are all pirated versions that are for free!

There were many torrent searching engines out there that functioned great, but since we live in the age when the internet itself is becoming more and more protective about legal rights, many websites are now down! Many searching engine websites for torrents are down forever! Such is the case with Torrentz, TorrentKing, Kickasstorrents, etc. Some of these websites have a newer version or the alternative for it! We are here to provide you with only the best torrents search engine websites that you can find on the internet in 2024!

Here is our list!

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay


Average download speed:  2.3 MB / s

Established: Up and running since 2003

Before and after every search engine for torrents, there was always the original one! The Pirate Bay is the first successful website that was able to offer you free torrents! Here, you can find anything that exists in the digital form, and usually, there are more than four sources from which you can download your content! There are many good things about The Pirate Bay, one of those things is the magnet option which directly puts your content into the downloading program for torrent files!

Why We Like It:
  • Most popular
  • Magnet links
  • Largest database for torrents
  • VIP / Trusted user tags

2. Torrentz2



We all remember our good old Torrentz! Many users were sad to see the message on their home page that their services are down and that they will never be up! Still, miracles happen from time to time, and now in 2024, we have Torrentz2 as one of the best alternatives to TorrentKing! The former glory of this provider will never be the same as before!

Average download speed:  2.0 MB / s

Established: Up and running again in 2024

Alternative links: ,

Why We Like It:
  • Best for music
  • Easy to handle
  • Keep under the radar



If you ever tried to download content from any torrent search engine, then you probably saw in the name of the provider RARBG! This one is considered to be the best alternative for TorrentKing after our favorite The Pirate Bay! It comes with all great features that a torrent searching/providing engine should, like magnet links, seeder/peer graph, a large number of torrents, etc.


Average download speed:  2.3 MB / s

Established: Up and running since 2008

Alternative links:

Why We Like It:
  • Lots of seeders
  • Great variety of new and old torrents
  • Lists for shows, music, movies, and many other categories

4. Torrent Downloads

Torrent Download

One of the best-organized alternatives for TorrentKing is none other than Torrent Downloads! It is simple to use, and it has many years of working behind it! Many people use this provider, mainly to find something published a long time ago. The number of seeders is excellent, as well as the number of free torrents!


Average download speed:  22.7 MB / s

Established: Up and running since 2007

Why We Like It:
  • Best for old torrents
  • Well-organized library of torrents
  • Unfortunately, blocked in many countries

5. YTS


YTS is known for its movie torrent providence! If you ever download a movie in 720p or 1080p, there is a high chance that you got the content from YTS. So if you are a movie torrent seeker, this would be the best place to start your search for the torrent!


Average download speed:  2.2 MB / s

Established: Up and running since 2011

Why We Like It:
  • Best for movies
  • Modern design
  • For bandwidth-limited users

6. Torlock


At first glance, Torlock may seem like every other torrent searching engine! Still, it has a lot to offer that others don't! If you are, for example, searching for some anime or eBook, there may be higher chances that you will find your content right here!


Average download speed:  3.5 MB / s

Established: Up and running since 2011

Why We Like It:
  • List of top 100 torrents to help you find the best content
  • Best for Anime and E-books

7. 1337x


This website is also one of our favorite pirate friends that had been around for ages! Recently it was redesigned and updated, so its functions are working better than ever! This site may easily be the best choice as the alternative to the TorrentKing in 2024! Google may try to hide this provider from you, which only proves how useful the site is!


Average download speed:  1.9 MB / s

Established: Up and running since 2007

Alternative links:,

Why We Like It:
  • One of the best torrent search engine
  • Great choice of movies, TV shows, games and music
  • Enhanced interface

If the website doesn’t load, try these alternatives:

8. Lime Torrent

Lime Torrent

Lime Torrent may not be the best alternative for TorrentKing when you compare it to the previous ones, but it is still far better than some other! Many of the older content crashes on this website searching engine, and depending on the thing you are searching for, it can quickly leave you with zero results. Still, for the newer content, it is more than reasonable!


Average download speed:  2.5 MB / s

Established: Up and running since 2009

Why We Like It:
  • Simple interface
  • Most torrents come from larger, better search engines
  • Bad when it comes to the seeding, so sometimes a quick download is merely impossible

9. iDope


Are you tired of the ancient torrent search engines? Well, iDope is somewhat newer fish in our pirate waters! The database of this provider is vast, with over 18 million different torrents that you can download. The average speed of downloading is also incredible, so if you need something ASAP than iDope can help you with that in no time!


Average download speed:  3.3 MB / s

Established: Up and running since 2016

Why We Like It:
  • Reliable
  • Over 18000 torrents
  • Has a mobile version

10. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

If you need a torrent search engine only for watching movies than Popcorn, Time is a great choice! The great thing about the Popcorn Time is that it lets you watch your favorite TV show or movie while it is downloading! Still, many films will have a constant lag if there is a small number of seeders!


Average download speed:  2.3 MB / s

Why We Like It:
  • App instead of browse
  • A lot of content
  • Some videos may lag due to the low number of seeders

11. Zooqle


The name itself is not that appealing and original. Still, this is considered to be one of the better new torrent search engines online! The fact that it is still up in 2024 proves that it should be a good alternative for TorrentKing!


Average download speed:  1.9 MB / s

Established: Up and running since 2013

Why We Like It:
  • Over a million checked torrents
  • Plenty of reviews to read

Protection and Download!


Protection is no. 1 priority when using these websites! So be sure to have a well-working anti-virus and VPN on!

Here you can download a free VPN which will help you stay anonymous while downloading your pirated content:

Download ExpressVPN here!

Download NordVPN here!


To download some of the torrent content, you will have to run some torrent program! Here you can find some of the best free torrent downloading programs for free!

Download Bittorent for free!

Download Utorrent for free!


So, now you are ready to start downloading your favorite torrents in 2024! As you can see, there are several best and good options that can work as an alternative for TorrentKing today. Whatever you pick, remember to stay protected all the time, and you can enjoy all of your free torrent content!

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