How Big Data Analytics Redefine Promotional Tactics in Online Marketing

Big data analytics has become a hugely important and significant tool for industries all around the world, especially those that market their product and services through the use of the internet.

With billions worldwide with access to the web, the online marketplace has become one of the preferred options for consumers and businesses to trade and exchange. Of course, with numerous companies offering the same products or services, there is a lot of competition. This requires organizations in the same industries to try and find ways in which they can either create a unique selling point (USP) or create a way in which they offer something different.

Online marketing strategies are often one of the more successful ways, hence why many firms will often spend a large chunk of their budgets on this area to give them the best chance of generating the revenues and profits that they want to achieve. In order to make sure they are as effective as possible, they often create promotional tactics that can include offering discounts or bonuses.

Big data analytics has been used alongside the offering of promotional tools to enhance their impact. This is because the technology can help transform customer data into actionable insights.

Personalized Marketing

Personalized Marketing

Shoppers want to have a personal experience and feel valued each time they spend their money. That has been a feeling that many have desired in physical shopfronts and now want to receive when they are making a purchase online. Big data has allowed companies to make this happen.

Organizations are able to learn about an individual through the data that they provide, thus making the entire user experience more personable and unique to them. They are able to use information based on previous trends, demographics, social media posts, etc., to help them create a bigger picture of the individual, which can then help them convert the person into a paying customer.

Targeted Campaigns

Aside from being able to offer personalized marketing to cater to individuals, companies that use big data analytics are able to make targeted campaigns to a broader audience that have a greater chance of success.

They will be able to use the data that has been obtained to determine which type of market will most likely respond to their promotions. This means they are likely to engage with the campaign produced, which means there is a higher chance of being converted.

The iGaming industry and especially online casinos have been one type of industry that has used targeted campaigns and personalized marketing effectively, as they have been able to offer players with bonuses that suit them and their player behaviors. One prime example is the 32red welcome offer and how promotions across this particular niche have to be done, as it provides players with the opportunity to obtain a variety of bonuses that suit their demands and needs.

Predictive Analytics

The use of big data analytics can also be extremely effective for marketers when trying to predict and anticipate what might happen in the future. As we know, buyer attitudes and preferences can continually change. At the same time, products and services can often be seasonal or cyclical.

Predictive analytics can help firms to identify certain aspects and help them to understand what the market may look like in the near future. In doing so, they are then able to tailor the promotional tactics they use in their online marketing, thus streamlining the process and potentially capitalizing when they need to.

Real-time Marketing

Real-time Marketing

While predictions can be made, big data analytics can also help organizations to understand what is happening in real time, thus allowing them to make informed decisions regarding their promotional tactics to give them the best chance of being successful.

The data collected can include feedback and reviews from customers, while it can also analyze what is being said on social media. The comments left can determine what promotional tools should be adopted and whether they have been a success or failure.

The Bottom Line

Big data analytics is an incredibly effective and vital tool for all businesses that operate online. The information that can be obtained can allow companies to make sure they target the right audience and not waste resources on markets that may not be interested, regardless of the promotional tactics that are used.

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