Lost in Translation: How to Overcome the Language Barrier When Dating a Ukrainian Bride

What can get in the way of understanding each other when you build relationships in different languages? Online dating with a foreign girl is an interesting thing to do, but it can also cause a challenge in the form of a language barrier. This article is for those who are seriously concerned about the topic.

If you look at the situation from a solution standpoint, the main goal is to reduce anxiety. After all, our problems are in our heads, it’s a well-known fact.

  • Your main task when communicating with a Slavic bride is to help her relax, relieve anxiety, and show that you don’t care about mistakes but it is she whom you are in love with. Besides, as additional support, you can start learning Ukrainian. This will expand your communication skills, and you’ll spend a great time together, giving each other a kind of language lessons.
  • Help your beloved to raise her self-esteem. Don’t be too strict, pocking your girlfriend’s nose in grammatical errors. Compliment her English, and focus on the fact that she is doing better every day.
  • Encourage the girl to learn your language: recommend an interesting book, go to a movie or an exhibition, introduce her to all your close people. She should get into the linguistic atmosphere and all the barriers disappear by themselves.

Cultural differences

Cultural differences

Differences in culture can be a real challenge. You grew up in different countries with different traditions and, most likely, each of you has a different way of looking at the world around you: how to wash dishes, how to talk to your elders, how to show sympathy.

When this difference is substantial, it will be difficult to build a relationship. So you need to do everything so that  the Ukrainian bride doesn’t feel a gap between your world and hers. The main thing is to always stay open to each other, and if something is wrong, talk about it right away. Hiding the problem won’t solve it, it will only make it worse.

Country of residence

You need to discuss this question at the very beginning of the relationship. It’s customary for Ukrainian brides https://romancecompass.com/dating/ukrainian-brides/ to follow their man. So after the wedding, she’ll most likely move to your country. You should take care in advance about where you will bring your wife. Separate housing, car – these points fall on the man’s shoulders.

Before the wedding, it’s advisable to bring your beloved and show her the conditions in which you live. Perhaps, together you’ll decide to redecorate or bring more comfort to your bachelor dwelling. Allow your woman to feel like a mistress in your home, this will open her up even more to you and allow her to trust you.

Family meeting

Family meeting

There are several reasons why this moment is not so easy. Your girlfriend’s parents most likely don’t speak English. As a result, your entire conversation may turn into a constant tedious job of the interpreter – synchronist, which will quickly bore everyone talking.

In addition, your families may be so different that you simply won’t find any common ground, and the issue of cultural differences will become even more acute. Remember, older people are conservative, and it’s hard for them to accept someone whose traditions seem unfamiliar. Try to find even small things that your families have in common and warn about habits that can be confusing.

Holidays and gatherings

In most cultures, holidays are traditionally celebrated with family. At the same time, you and your bride probably want to spend the week off together. So, how to celebrate the weekend? With your parents? With your girlfriend’s parents? Just the two of you? Or maybe separately? Alternatively, you could vacation on some holidays with your family (like Christmas) and others (New Year) with your bride’s ones. That way no one gets hurt.

And even though being in a relationship with a Slavic bride isn’t always easy, it’s a wonderful, unparalleled experience. If your attitude to a Ukrainian bride is serious and you are already planning a wedding, all obstacles will fall away by themselves, because for lovers there are no barriers.

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