Restricted Banking Options for GamStop Customers

The rise in the popularity of online gambling services gave rise to a situation where self-exclusion services are an absolute necessity along with other practices of safe gambling.

In order to protect the countrymen from getting negatively affected by gambling activities,  the United Kingdom Gambling Commission made it mandatory for all the operators registered under the UK government to comply with the GamStop services.

The GamStop customers once registered for the scheme cannot lift the ban before the minimum span of self-exclusion. During this process, various other restrictions are imposed on the online gambling activities of these players which includes the restriction on the selection of banking methods.

Banks such as Lloyds Banking Group, HSBC, Monzo, Cashplus, Barclays comply with the government by keeping the entry of GamStop registered customers at bay by blocking gambling transactions.

Why Are There Such Limitations?

Why Are There Such Limitations

Gambling as a sport is highly addictive and more likely to result in causing financial harm if not done in check. Studies have shown one of the prominent reasons why the online gambling industry is worth multi-billion dollars is because of the same reason why people suffer so much from gambling addiction these days.

The barriers between a player and the source have depleted to a drastic level leaving little or no distance between the two parties. While the temptation rises to get a dopamine hit using gambling as a tool, there is nothing in the middle to hold the punter from acting out of impulse.

Boku Mobile Bill

Boku is a UK-based company allowing punters to make payments for their gambling expenditure using their phone bills directly. The process is known for its simplicity and efficiency, especially appealing to people with a tighter budget. The reputation proves beyond a doubt their safety measures and casinos all over the UK accept this method of payment.

Users can install an app on Android or iOS devices or even go for direct website registration to avail of the services provided by Boku which is only available to the UK punters. The only drawback is a lack of Boku casinos that aren’t on GamStop available for British users. As an alternative, people can opt for e-wallet options and credit cards.



PayPal comes with a complicated set of rules. Like it is completely prohibited to make payments for gambling within the boundaries of the United States whereas in the UK  payment of gambling bills using PayPal is allowed.  Moreover, these casinos accepting PayPal should be registered under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and must be complying with the rules of GamStop.

To escape this imposition one can opt for offshore gambling sites. PayPal can only be used once approved by the casino operator. PayPal usage is also prohibited while being under GamStop because of the constant vigilance of UKGC. Opting for an alternative method is the only way out as PayPal is absolutely compliant with the UKGC and the offshore sites do not accept PayPal as a valid payment gateway.

About GamStop

GamStop is an independently operating self-exclusion scheme powered by the National Online Self Exclusion Scheme Limited. It is available completely free of cost to the UK population.

Although before the completion of the exclusion span, players registered will not gain access to gambling sites registered under the UKGC, the process of selection of this exclusion span happens completely according to the terms of the registered user.

People can opt for an exclusion of six months minimum to a maximum of 5 years depending upon the severity of the situation. One can avail of the services within 24 hours of registration.

Concluding Thoughts

To keep problematic punters away from accessing any casino website, the UKGC is hell-bent on creating barriers after barriers to get them to quit gambling for their own good. In spite of their efficiency, these methods are ineffective for being used by a GamStop registered punter.

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