PSN Resolver: Best Playstation Username & IP Finders in 2024

Is it infuriating to suffer a DDoS attack in a game for no reason? How did it happen? So this article about PSN Resolver is for you, read on and you will get what you want.

Cybercrime has become rampant in our daily life. However, developers have come up with different platforms which can help you. You can use them to track someone's IP address online and target their accounts. They use advanced technology to discover and process the details of the violator.

PSN is among the most widely used platforms.  However, many other platforms on the market can help you track IP addresses. Keep on reading to find out more.

About PSN Resolver

PSN resolver is a tool that can help you convert PSN or PlayStation player usernames to their real IP addresses. The vice versa also applies. It uses the same principles as DSN. Every domain runs on a particular Ip address which the internet browser can translate. It needs the central database server, including username access, for it to work perfectly.

However, they keep everything private, and no one can access your information.  When a user opens a website while DNS is working, it first contacts the DNS resolver to get the IP address of the domain you are requesting. Therefore, the DNS resolver links the server access and sends back your requests on a browser. PSN resolvers achieve all this through IP puller and IP grabber tool.

There are many PSN resolvers on the market. Some of these best tools are as discussed below:

Best PSN Resolver

xResolver Homepages for PSN Resolver Every Gamertag has Ip address behind them. Therefore, XResolver makes use of this Gamertag. It resolves any hidden IP address in your Gamertag. In other words, the xResolver sniffs all information shared through an Xbox party chat connection. After that, it fixes their IP addresses at a party or anyone that games with you online.

A Sniffer software in your Xresolver is always ARP. It is this tool that helps to launch tracking and as well as a port scanner between all the shared game sessions. While using Xbox, port 3074 is often used to channel sniffed packets. They access information from Gamertag and IPV4 with the help of AI engines. Besides PlayStation and Xbox, it can also resolve IP addresses with the premium Geo IP lookup services.

2. Wannabe1337

Wannabe1337 Homepage for PSN Resolver

Wannabe1337 is a PSN resolver that can help you get an IP address or username of a PlayStation network user. It can convert the PSN to IP address and IP address to the PSN. This tool is simple to use; you only need to enter a PSN or your IP address and resolve. This tool comes with many advanced tools.

You can decide to use a DP lookup, PSN resolver, and many more. It is simple, effective, and free for anyone to use. This tool has a global traffic rank. The tool has been updated, and your personal information will always be protected to prevent bot abuse. In comparison, premium users will browse easily when they have API access. Their network is the backend.

Bootyou Homepage for PSN Resolver

Tootyou is also an online platform that offers the same PSN resolvers services. It also provides other online services besides PSN resolving. However, on their website, you can only access demo tools, but it can resolve a PlayStation username to the real IP address of the players.

They have different pricing plans starting at $4.99 monthly. You can purchase the VIP or pay for the membership to access more advanced features with reduced ads. They also sell API access which is important to send an attack on your website. Try them for free.

OctoSniff Homepage for PSN Resolver

Octosniff is a newcomer but available on the market. It is the best IP puller, mostly for gamers. This tool comes in 2 packages, ultimate and lifetime versions. It has many advanced features like server latency check, PlayStation user descryption, packet filtering, and a simple UI. It is thus easy to use.

However, it offers a limited number of games. You can only purchase a single license with no refund guaranteed. It can also help optimize the game connection. Again, they offer a free trial before purchasing premium packages. All this comes with IP to username resolver, advanced geo IP lookup data, and DDoS protection detectors.

PS4 Booter Homepage for PSN Resolver

This is the best booter service provider. You can use it to send denial attacks and other services. It can also boot people offline and pull as well as grab their IP address. They mainly focus on offering the best IP pullers, boosters, and grabbers for PS4 games.

It was majorly designed for PS4 gaming fanatics. They provide high-quality services and teach you how to utilize them effectively. You can as well learn many tricks and hacking techniques. But again, they also offer VPNs on the market.

Lanc Remastered for PSN Resolver

Lanc Remastered also works with the same principle as the xResolver tool.  This is a popular IP puller software on the market. If you have never used it, we urge you to try. It is a free PSN or Xbox resolver. It can easily pull in IP addresses from a Gamertag. But first, it sniffs and intercepts during the PSN gaming sessions. Besides IP pullers, they also offer the best IP grabber for gamers. It always updates and optimizes its techniques.

This is free software, easy to use both online and offline. It can work on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation as well, and it's growing exponentially. You only need to download, install and pull the IP addresses.

PlayStation Resolver

PlayStation Resolver is a powerful tool that allows users to resolve PlayStation usernames to their corresponding IP addresses. PlayStation Resolver uses a combination of proprietary AI engines and bots to crawl the web for relevant player information. With this tool, gamers can access a player’s location, username, and IP address by simply entering their Gamertag.

The system currently has over 1.54 million Gamertag/usernames logged, ensuring that users have access to a vast database of player information.

Alternatives of PSN Resolver

Wireshark Homepage for PSN Resolver

Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer tool. You can use it to analyze your internet connection up to a microscopic level but within the network packets. It is a handy tool to have at your disposal. This is because it is a free version. This tool balances the raw and visual data representations to simplify and be portable.

It can also capture and analyze data from an installed server on your desktop. But again, you can capture the target host's data and pull it for analysis. You can capture data directly and enter the collected data from a pcap file when you launch it. It can do both live and offline analysis and save your time. It is the most versatile packet capture on the market, compatible with various OS.

Grabify for PSN Resolver

Grabify is an IP logger tool. It works in three simple steps. It shortens your links, shares them with your users, and grabs their IP addresses when they click on the link. However, it is somehow passive due to the process involved.

But, it comes with advanced statistical data of all the clicks done on your shared links. Then IP logger links to access, analyses the information, tracks the location, and gives you the IP addresses. It has a URL expander besides IP grabbing links.

What They Can do with an IP Address

Some people never take serious note of their IP addresses. However, hackers use them to learn your location using your IP address and manipulate the device. For them, this is a waste of time. But you should note that when someone gets your IP address, they have the full potential of taking any action concerning your network connection.

Thus, we highly recommend keeping your IP address private. Hackers can block you from accessing a certain website when performing some activities; they also use it to learn more about your geographical location and combine it with other relevant data to trace your identity. They can also use it to perform a denial of service attack. They flood your network with more data which prevents normal traffic and overloads functionality.

How to Protect Your IP Address

Your public IP address can bring more dangers to your network connection. Therefore, it is good to protect your network using firewalls. But you can also go for additional protection. You can use VPNs to hide your IP address from online hackers. This makes it hard for one to crack your IP address.

Secondly, you can also use proxies. They offer different IP addresses, which you can rotate after a certain period. Hence, it becomes hard for a hacker to trace your location since proxies place you in different regions while shielding your real geographic location.


You can use various software to pull or grab someone's IP address and monitor their network. Some software is preferred over others. However, they all have similar objectives; tracking IP addresses. Depending on your network size, there are many free and premium options on the market. Premium tools are worth it when you need advanced world-class features.

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