How to Gain 30 days Free Access to SEMrush (Step to Step)

As a blogger, you already understand that creating content isn’t enough. One needs high amounts of search traffic on their blog or website to make more sales or maybe even just generate adequate amounts of revenue. The best way to do so is to rank higher in search engine results. This is known as search engine optimization or SEO, something you’re already aware of even if you have a mild interest in starting your own blog.

There’s a lot that goes into optimizing your site for higher traffic and one of the most important things in this regard is conducting a thorough analysis of search engine results. This involves monitoring and analyzing your site’s health as well as analyzing the strategies used by your competitors. Spying on your competitor’s highest-ranking keywords, which is within the ethical boundaries, and using them to your benefit can yield amazing results.

SEMrush is one of the most popular SEO tools that can do all this and more for you to a great degree of perfection. The SEO and competition analysis tool can help you boost your rankings, uncover golden keywords, and track your competitors for keywords and backlinks, eventually leading you to the top in search engine rankings!

What are the Advantages of SEMrush and why you should choose it?

Here are some of the biggest benefits of SEMrush at a glance.

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#1. Simple Keyword Research: SEMrush helps you in your search for profitable keywords that lie in the low competition range. You can simply enter your main keywords to obtain a list of new and potentially rankable keywords complete with search counts and cost per click data as well.

What’s even better is that you can use your competitor’s URL and the tool will respond by giving you all the keywords that are responsible for traffic on that site. You can then steal those keywords and use them to your own benefit.

#2 View Backlinks: Use SEMrush to quickly and easily check not only your own but also your competitor’s backlink profile complete with recent additions, anchor text data, page score and much more.

#3. AdWords Spying: If you’re working on a tight budget, then this feature could end up being quite useful for you. SEMrush’s PLA research tool lets you easily see what keyword phrase is the AdWords ad running for. It also gives you the option to track if a particular domain has done any paid ads, and then using that information you can bid for the same ads to gain the benefits.

#4. Position Tracking: Position tracking gives you insight into the performance of your keywords and how they are faring. Instead of blindly putting in time and effort, you can use this feature to analyze the rise and drop in keyword search rankings.

#5. Site Audits: Use this feature of the SEMrush tool to analyze and improve your site’s health. It performs a complete check of your website to identify any issues with either the site itself or your content strategy and then notifies you to rectify those problems.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Get the Free Trial of SEMrush

#1: Click on the button below to gain access to your free SEMrush Trial with Techuseful!

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#2: Now proceed further by clicking on “register” and set up a valid email and password to create your account.

create semruch account

#3: Clicking on create my account will lead you to the billing page. But don’t worry, as your discount code will already have been filled in. Proceed to fill in your billing details.

It is important to note here that SEMrush will charge your credit card a small amount to check and ensure your validity. This is not a cause for worry, however, as the cost will be refunded in no time.

This is an important step in confirming whether or not your account is legal. You can rest assured that you won’t be charged a single penny till the trial period ends.

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#4: Now you can start enjoying your free trial of 30 days. Use this trial period wisely to explore the many features and possibilities SEMrush offers to you. You will soon begin to see the brilliance of this tool at work.

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Commonly Asked Questions

#1: Can I cancel my SEMrush account after the free trial period to avoid charges?

That is exactly what this trial period is for. Should you, for any reason, not want to continue using the tool, you can surely and easily do so. You will have to terminate your account and the best way to do so would be to cancel it some time in advance before the trial period ends to avoid any inconveniences.

#2: I had already used the SEMrush free trial in the past. How do I upgrade my account to gain free access to the trial account?

Even after having used SEMrush before, you can still qualify for this exclusive offer. Simply clear all browser cache and then log in to your existing SEMrush account. After that, you can follow this link, add the necessary billing details and start your 30-day trial of SEMrush for free.

PRO TIP: The tool can be expensive for bloggers that are just starting out on their blogging journey, so the newbies should use this trial period wisely to stock up on keywords, backlink data, and as much competitor research as possible.

Deeply analyze the reports of your competitors to build up your own unique and high resource data set that will enable you to create and run a profitable site successfully in the long run.