What Are Big Money Slots?

Slots are some of the most popular casino games. They are available in most casinos, simple, and appropriate for players of all levels. Unlike other casino games, you don’t need learn complicated rules.

Slots are heavily reliant on luck. After throwing in your coins, all you can do is wait.

If you enjoy them, you probably know about Big Money slots. The fruit machine is stylish, and the chances of making huge winnings are decent. Big Money Game is a lot like traditional fruity slots. It is simple and filled with familiar sounds and sights. The gameplay is amazing and the graphics are inviting.  Here are a few interesting things to know about Big Money slots.

The Basics of the Game

Big Money has two games in one and they are both captivating. You start with the basic game and move to the top game after earning enough credit. The basic game is simple and appropriate for players with different skills. However, it doesn’t offer the biggest winnings. The graphics are large, and the rules are pretty straightforward.

The game has one payline that runs right through the three reels. You can win by simply matching the symbols in a row. There is a table at the right that instantly lets you know if you have won. You can win 100 credits if you land three 7 symbols. The basic game is a lot cheaper to play than the top game. You only need a credit per line. The potential profits are excellent as well.

The Winnings

The Winnings

Even though slots are fun, the possibility of winning some money makes them even more interesting. Big Money slots give you lots of opportunities to win. Once you have enough funds on your credit meter, click on the Start button, and you will be directed right to the top game. When you get in, you may play with 10 bets per spin, 5, or 10. Even though you will need more credits to play in the top game, the winnings are equally high.

The basic and top games are played on the same reels. However, there are more active paylines in top game, hence increasing your chances of winning with every spin. The Big Wheel bonus is activated when you line up three Z-bar symbols diagonally or horizontally. The Big Wheel gets right into action when the symbols line up across the reel. The number of spins you receive depends on whether you bet on 20, 10, or 5 credits.

If you are playing the top game, you can go back to the basic game whenever you choose. You also have the option of moving your winnings back. If you have ten Euros or more, you can collect your winnings at any point. Switching between the basic and top games is very easy. The flexibility adds to the appeal of the game.

Intuitive Features

This fruit machine slot has more intuitive features than similar slots. Most similar games are rapid and hard for beginners to follow. It can be difficult to spot everything at the same tie. You are likely to go so fast that you miss a trick. With the Big Money auto-hold function, you can freeze any reels that may help you win. The feature is smart and especially useful for beginners. You have lots of opportunities to get three in a row.

If you are an experienced player, the function gives you an upper hand, but you don’t have to use it. After clicking on the Reset button, the auto hold facility is released for your next spin. It automatically resets for future spins.

With the autoplay function, you don’t need to click each time you wish to spin. If you plan on spending lots of time playing, the autoplay function makes it possible to focus on the game. You don’t need to keep clicking. It makes the gaming experience smoother.

Big Money graphics are big and bright. The gameplay is simple and fun, and it is suitable for both new and experienced players. The set of reels is generally enjoyable.

Big Money Bonus Feature

Big Money Bonus Feature

The Money spins feature is one of the biggest attractions on this slot game. If you get three or more cash symbols, this round is automatically triggered. During the Money Spins round, you get respins that can help you land more symbols. If you meet the requirements, the Frenzy Spins feature is activated.

If the Frenzy Spins round is activated, you can get the demonstrated money value. After completing the round, players can go back to the Money Spins round. The Frenzy Spins can be retriggered.

The General Theme and Design

The theme of Big Money slots is just as impressive as other slots from BluePrint. It has visual appeal, and the soundtrack is amazing. It keeps players excited from the beginning of the game to the end. The developer also uses animations and impressive graphics to improve the appeal of the game. You can play Big Money on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Players have the option of customizing their settings to suit individual needs and preferences. Using the feature, you can adjust the volume of sound as you wish, the Big Money Frenzy video slot also comes with the Max Bet option that most players enjoy.

Big Money General Experience

The general experience when playing Big Money slots is pleasant. Since the theme is wealth-based, the narrative is promoted right from the time you start playing. Even though the extras aren’t as many as in other Blueprint slots, they are impressive. Most players prefer to have simple features that they can actually benefit from.

The Money Spins feature is considered a classic. If you land the Frenzy Spins feature, it can really rev up your performance. There is a real possibility of winning huge prices. The design is generally simple, and even the least experienced players can have fun. Whether you are chasing huge profits or simply looking to have some fun, Big Money is a great choice.

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