What are the Main Sources of Fake Money in the World

Counterfeit money is deliberately created to deceive the recipient and crush the foundation of an economy. Since counterfeit money is not legal tender, the real value of money decreases, resulting in inflation and various other issues.

Fake or counterfeit money is regarded as one of the second oldest professions worldwide. There are multiple sources of counterfeit money in the world. Let's understand the bogus money sources in detail, along with measures.

Paper Money

Paper Money

Paper money was introduced in the modern period to curb the spread of fake coins in the ecosystem. While the government that faking paper money would be difficult, scammers introduce various measures to imitate real currency and create counterfeit money. Counterfeit paper money is available in various denominations, and people mistake it for real money.

It is difficult to differentiate between real and fake paper money. However, the BC55 mixed denomination bill counter spots counterfeit paper money with advanced imagining sensors and technology. Whenever the machine spots fake money, it notifies the user with a beep sound. Even though the machine has different modes, you can easily understand the functionality with a minimal interface.

Super Dollars

In case you are not aware, super dollars are known as the highest form of counterfeit money that is not easily traceable. The counterfeit money type is created using an intaglio printing process or engraved plates. The US government uses the same process to print dollars and maintain the economy.

As for printing the notes, inkjet printers and laser printing are the most common means of making super dollars. If you wish to detect super dollars with naked eyes and hands, you must have appropriate knowledge regarding the different factors of detecting fake money. However, you can use the technology and make the process hassle-free. The mixed denomination bill counter BC-55 is a feasible option to detect super dollars.

The machine can easily detect fake bills using the latest technology. The advanced image processing scans the inks, ribbon, and material used in the note to ensure that counterfeit money does slip away in the process.

Plastic Money

Plastic Money

Plastic money is the latest form of currency launched to curb the spread of fake money in the market. However, counterfeiting has crept into plastic money, and you can barely tell the difference by analyzing the currency. Since plastic money is made from a mixture of materials and a substitute for polymer substrate, it generates a lot of static electricity.

When a normal machine is used to detect plastic money, the enormous amount of static electricity damages the components. However, BC 55 uses special conductive material to export the static electricity during the counting process for a hassle-free process. Also, static electricity easily overlaps the plastic coins and leads to re-sheeting. The BC 55 counting machine uses a CIS infrared transmission image to make re-sheeting identification which is 99.7% accurate.

Counterfeit money can be detected in two ways. One way is by using hands and eyes to analyze the currency and detect its legitimacy. Some of the factors that you can use to detect money using your hands and eyes are:

  • Watermarks
  • Serial numbers
  • Blurry borders
  • Red and blue threads
  • Ultraviolet glow
  • Raised printing
  • Security thread

Usually, fake money is sourced from different parts of the world. Tracing the exact source of fake money can be impossible at times. From drug cartels to terrorist groups, the fake money is printed at isolated places and distributed globally.

Since technology has advanced in the modern period, various machines are available in the market that detects counterfeit money. The reliability of counterfeit detection machines is better than using hands and eyes. Even renowned professional financial personnel are inclined toward the adoption of machines. Since ample choices are available in the market, picking the right machine with the latest features and a simple interface can be a daunting task.

To remove the confusion and provide a hassle-free option, we offer the multi-currency mixed denomination bill counter BC-55. The machine provides ample advantages over the same sized models available in the market. It makes counting of your bills simple and makes your work operations more efficient.

With two contact image sensors and a Linux system background, you can count and detect counterfeit money with ease. This is one smart product that lives up to its promise, and we'd be excited to have it in our business. BC-55 money counter also comes with a 3.5-inch TFT touchscreen that allows users to work on the machine without facing any trouble.

And the minimal interface ensures that all kinds of users can finish their jobs and detect counterfeit money at the end of the day. The machine uses advanced image processing to discriminate denominations and detect fake currency. With 1GB of memory for multi-currency detection, the machine is portable and does not burn your pocket.

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