What are The Roles And Responsibilities Of The Salesforce Developer? 

A Salesforce Developer is the one who designs, modifies, customizes applications on the Salesforce platform as per the company requirement. Essentially, the SF developer is also someone who knows the call-ins and callouts of the salesforce ecosystem and generates effective solutions for better customer experience and high-cost efficiency to businesses.

But, as understood that Salesforce is a well-built system that functions towards Customer Relationship Management, integrating company departments with the customer market and Salesforce consulting services of the company, then what does a developer do?

A developer means to be someone who is in the development side of software/ application/ system/ platform that is oriented and focused toward programming language with endless coding skills.

Of course! But, when businesses own license to Salesforce system, a salesforce developer becomes a bridge between company departments, business objectives, and IT team responsible for Salesforce system management

This blog will help you understand the roles and responsibilities of SF developers and the significance of a developer in enhancing business solutions through salesforce tools.

Before you start with the SF developer story, let’s dig deeper and understand what the salesforce development side has to offer!

So, Salesforce is a CRM solution that facilitates a single view of a customer- integrating business department; from manufacturing or services to sales and marketing, IT team, customer and also provide box solutions along with low code tools such as App Builder, Process Builder, Flow Builder, and experience Builder within clicks.

But, the pro code tools have customization features that an SF developer can write for app building and automation, and hence an SF developer is the prime locus of the SF ecosystem and essential to yielding the maximum benefit of Salesforce CRM.

So, moving further, let’s focus on the roles and responsibilities of a salesforce developer.

Roles and responsibilities of Salesforce developer 

A very prominent characteristic of a salesforce developer that differs from a conventional software developer is that, with the developer role, there are coding and non-coding responsibilities.

Roles and responsibilities

The Salesforce developer is certified and skilled to operate

  • Platform
  • Lightning web components
  • Java Scripts
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • APEX
  • System Integration
  • Web Services

If one master the aforementioned skills, then the salesforce platform becomes a cakewalk with effortless innovation for efficient business solutions.

Furthermore, a  salesforce developer is a challenging role with multiple responsibilities. Here is a list.

Salesforce Implementation of Package Development: Once a company gets the Salesforce CRM license, it would want to customize the platform as per their need and business requirement and so salesforce implementation.It will need a project manager, developer, and Salesforce consultant to coordinate the team and get businesses with the best possible result.

The implementation consists of integrating 8 steps and going live to use the system and analyze business input for better business solutions ahead. Here is a list of 8 salesforce implementation steps you should take note of:

  • Define Stakeholders
  • Define High-Level Goals
  • Gather Requirements
  • Prioritize Requirement
  • Build
  • Testing and implementation of feedback
  • Preparing change Management
  • Go live

The implementation of salesforce tools is to be ensured with regular maintenance, installation, testing, debugging, managing timelines, and the manufacturing of technical documentation.

Salesforce Development:  A developer has knowledge of

  • Developing custom applications as per the client’s requirement using pro code tools.
  • Designing processes for automation of business logic
  • Using app exchange guidelines for app development
  • Creating workflows and customizing applications as per business requirements

Salesforce Integration:: For a SF developer, client communication and IT team coordination start the day.

Usually, companies face difficulty to align the customer needs with CRM platform tools and wish to transform business processes through salesforce solutions. So, a salesforce developer will customize the SF platform as per the client requirement using app builder, use API to build custom applications, and incorporate complex business logic using low code and no code features!

  • API enables interaction between salesforce data with the external website such as search engines along with online maps, social media, and many more. All you need is a developer, that will customize salesforce and facilitate actions, buttons, and links
  • Web service call-outs help to access external data with salesforce connect. The SF developer has to simply enable the view search and modify data that is not stored with Salesforce but can be connected via web service callouts
  • The developer can utilize invocable action and provide interaction between flow and external API source integrating mobile phone for business execution

Salesforce Apex, VisualForce, and Lightning Component Framework: Developers are well versed with apex- object-oriented programming languages that use syntax like java and act as a database stored procedure. SF Developers use apex for

  1. Creating web and email services
  2. Developing business processes that are not aided by workflows
  3. Customizing logic for complete transaction
  4. Storage of custom logic to enable similar action for operations triggered from API or visual force page

Visualforce framework assists developers to design innovative user interfaces visible and viable on the lightning platform. It helps with the development of multistep processes and facilitates customized controlled flow through any app.

This helps businesses to utilize salesforce as per the company objectives and utilize the best of salesforce consultant expertise


The salesforce developer responsibilities are helpful, whether a salesforce consulting service, developer, or company willing to obtain Salesforce CRM

As a student willing to be a  salesforce developer, it is the best opportunity to complete salesforce certification and kickstart your SF career. With companies turning towards CRM and utilizing the technology-mediated integrated view of the market to yield profits, developers have more than 200% growth opportunity.

Furthermore,  With Salesforce Consulting Services, you can get the best of Salesforce Technology and multiple developers to your support, driving business solutions using market insights and company data.

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