Working Remotely As a Quality Manager

Uss Express, a well-known parcel delivery company in the U.S. and around the world, is looking for the right candidate for the Quality Manager position! Read the article to learn more.

Remote jobs have become extremely popular with the start of the global pandemic. They provided people with the possibility to make money from home. Even though the restrictions aren’t as severe today, many people, aiming to work in logistics, are looking for home packing jobs.

Uss-Express is a perfect employer for such individuals. This parcel delivery company is currently looking for specialists who will take the responsibilities of a quality control manager. This remote position allows getting a packing job at home even for people that have no experience in working in the delivery sector. Here’s what you need to know about this vacancy.

Working remotely as a quality manager

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What do I have when I'm hired as a quality manager at Uss-Express?

Shipping jobs from home might be different. Some require an employee to be experienced and flexible in communication, while others focus on business skills and experience in paperwork. Different packing jobs from home have their advantages and disadvantages for individuals. In this table, we tried to briefly display all the key features of this position at Uss-Express.

Salary (full-time)up to $3,200 per month
Salary (part-time)up to $1,700 per month
Working scheduleadjustable
How salary is paidbi-weekly
Work from home packing and shippingYes
Experience in management and logisticsIsn’t required
Work-and-life balanceYes
WarehouseYour house or any other appropriate building you have access to

There are not shipping job from home without downsides. Consider if you are ready to put up with them in favor of benefits and send an application through the website of company.

What are my responsibilities in this position?

  • Examine the requirements of clients and shipping partners;
  • Process packages;
  • Verify whether the inventory, inside the packages, corresponds to the requirements;
  • Photograph orders if required;
  • Change packing materials if it’s necessary to substitute the old ones;
  • Make the parcels with the required shipping label;
  • Send the parcels to the required address within the pre-determined terms.

What do others say about the company's reputation?

Whatever you do, it’s better to learn from the mistakes of other people. Explore the experience of other employees and find out what was positive and negative for them. To find out more about the reputation of Uss Express google information and scroll through the website of respectable media. After our research, we didn’t find any negative information. Or you may visit review platforms and see what employees write about this work-giver. We looked through a few sites and here are the basic testimonials of workers:

  • “Pros: the best place for part-timers – easy to apply for the vacancy – specialized qualifications aren’t required – competitive salary even for part-timers “. Cons: poor prospects for professional growth” – a quality manager from the US on Glassdoor.
  • “I have experience in a company. I would like to note a relatively free work schedule, a decent salary (very decent amounts came out on some days), excellent communication with managers (almost always in touch, you don’t have to be nervous because no one answers in the chat). I can recommend a job, really good conditions.” – Elena on Trustpilot.

Look for more testimonies of Uss-Express workers on other review platforms, including Ambitionbox, Indeed, BBB, and others. Learn from the experiences of others and do your best choice!

What do others say about the company's reputation

 I-Quality Manager

So what does it take to get a job?

If you are determined to get packing from home jobs in a quality control department of this parcel delivery company, you have to complete a simple algorithm:

  • Leave your contact info in the application form on the website. You will be asked to enter your first name, last name, state, email address, and cell phone.
  • Get acquainted with the requirements for the candidate and get ready for a job interview.
  • As a quality manager, you need to have a PC or laptop, a cell phone with a camera, a house or warehouse, and a printer.
  • Take a 10-minute job interview.
  • Get acquainted with the instructions and start work from home shipping packages for a trial period.

Basically, that’s all you should to know about this position in Uss-Express. If you want to be more aware of the real experiences of employees, find their reviews. Feel confident to apply for the job with the lowest entry-level for people without experience.

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