922 S5 Proxy Review

Are you looking to purchase proxies from the 922 S5 Proxy? Then you are on the right page as I will provide you an honest opinion of my usage and testing in this 911 S5 Proxy review.

When the 911 S5 Proxy (911.re) service was shut down, their customers were left stranded with a good number of proxy providers trying to pitch them. Out of all of the proxy providers that claim to be a good alternative to the 911.re service, only a few of them including the 922 S5 Proxy were actually credible alternatives that match the 911.re service feature by feature.

Currently, I wouldn’t even consider it a regular proxy provider as it offers some advanced tools and features you can only get from a 911.re-like service.

922 S5 Proxy

The 922 S5 Proxy service does offer a proxy client that supports its advanced features and a mobile app to enable usage on mobile.  I will provide you with a review of the 922 S5 Proxy so you know what to expect before purchasing proxies from this provider.

The review will be feature-based, picking on the different important features of a proxy and seeing how this provider stands in each regard. Before doing that, let’s take a look at an overview of the provider.

922 S5 Proxies

Overview of 922 S5 Proxy

The 922 S5 Proxy is strictly a residential proxy network with different types of it. It offers an ISP proxy service with limited IP availability and a static residential that offers a longer available duration of up to 30 days. There is also the rotating residential proxy that looks like the regular residential proxies meant for scrapping and other botting-related activities.

The most distinguishing feature of this provider from the other providers in the market is its proxy client otherwise known as the proxy manager.

Overview of 922 S5 Proxy

With this, you are able to use some advanced features including port forwarding and custom request headers, among others. Interestingly, you are not restricted to using the proxy manager app as you can get proxy details from the use dashboard as you would in regular proxy services. One thing you will come to like about this service is how pure and real its IPs appear.

This makes them legitimate and helps them unblock sites without getting detected and banned. I do have my issues with the provider though, with how clumsy its interface looks and feel as one of the key cons of the service.

I also do. Hope it does not get shut down as all 911-like sites keep getting shut down by the government.

Location Coverage

Residential proxies are used in diverse areas and in many of the use cases, there is a geo-locational requirement. This is what makes local coverage important. For residential proxy networks, it is not uncommon to see providers with over 100 countries supported. Where does the 922 S5 Proxy stand in this case? It does have support for about 195 countries.

I ran my test and discovered that it has IPs from some of the small countries in Africa too. However, the larger part of their pool is made of tier-one and tier-two country IPs including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Vietnam, Brazil Japan, Turkey, Hong Kong, UAE, and Indonesia.

Location Coverage

The location coverage which is excellent by the way, is not the most impressive thing here. What is even more impressive is its targeting option. You can target any country in the world and get IPs from there. Additionally, there is also support for city-level targeting, allowing you to choose IPs from specific cities.

get IPs

It is important you know that not all cities are supported. To find out the cities supported, you will need to use the target option and choose a country. In some countries such as the US, almost all major cities are supported. In some unpopular countries in their network, there are only a few cities or even just one supported.

Verdict: Compared to many of the top providers, I will say this provider has one of the best location support in the market and if your task requires you to use IPs from various locations, you will find this provider more helpful than a lot of the other providers in the market especially if city-level targeting is required.

IP Pool Size

Residential proxies brag about the size of their pool and the 922 S5 proxy service is not an exception. This is not far-fetched — the more IPs they have in their pool, the larger the kind of project they can be used for especially when talking about their rotating proxies for web scraping and general automation. There are over 200 million IP addresses in their pool.

I couldn’t remember any provider that has this IP pool size and after doing my research, there is no provider that surpasses this number. To put this into perspective, this is about the number of people living in Nigeria, the largest country in Africa.

Looking at this number and its location coverage, you can tell why it is the favorite provider for some users. Interestingly, the IPs are not distributed equally. There are locations such as the United States that are in high demand and the service has more IPs for such countries. Take, for instance, out of the over 200 million IPs in the pool, 25 percent of the IPs are from the United States. The less sought-after countries have fewer IPs. This distribution is more logical.

Verdict: Over 200 million IPs put this provider as the largest proxy pool operator and it is fit for large-scale projects, the kind handled by enterprises.

IP Source and Stability

Except for its static residential proxies, the 922 S5 Proxy does not own or have full control of the IPs in its pool. Instead, they are gotten via P2P networks. One of the reasons the 911.re service was shut down aside from being used for illegal tasks is that its IP sources are illegal, gotten via a hack. The 922 S5 Proxy service on its claims to get its IPs ethically.

What this means is if it is true is that the owners of the devices/IPs in their pool are aware that their device will be used as a proxy exit node and gave their consent. Are we able to verify this? No, there is no information suggesting the legality of their IP source.

But we do know they are from P2P networks and that is what makes their ISP proxies to be short-lived. For each of the ISP proxies, you can use them for a maximum of 12 hours. This is because they know that they don’t have control over the activeness of the IPs. Usually, the IPs assigned to you as earlier stated will last for up to 12 hours.

However, this is not always guaranteed. They can disconnect anytime without notice and when this happens you will have to use a different IP until they are back online. If you want more stable IPs to use,  you will have to use their static residential proxies that can last for up to 24 hours.

Verdict: ISP, their main product is not as stable as the other ISP proxies on the market as you can use them only for 12 hours and within this period, they can go offline without notice. Their static residential proxies provide longer sessions and will remain for up to 30 days.

Proxy Client Application

If there is one area in the 922 S5 Proxy that stands tall compared to most other providers is in the area of a proxy client. In fact, among the top providers, only Bright Data has a proxy manager. Interestingly, the proxy client offered by this service is more like that of the defunct 911.re service.

It comes with some advanced features like port forward, which you can use to access the proxy from devices you are on the same network with. There is also a feature that allows you to modify the request headers which is not something most other providers provide. Other features include the ability to clear browser cache, and smart routing, among others.

Proxy Client Application

The proxy client is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux as opposed to just Windows supported by 911.re. There is also an Android app available which you can use in other to use a proxy on your Android device.

Verdict: The proxy client is a great addition to the service and comes free of charge. It provides you with some features that make your proxy usage easy with support for some advanced features absent in regular proxy services.

Proxy Speed Performance

Speed is one of the features of proxies you will need to look at if your application is time-critical. And I must say this is not an aspect the 922 S5 Proxy stands strong. I did test their proxies and the speed I got isn’t impressive.

The testing was done using the online version speedtest.net tool. I first tested my Internet speed without using any proxy. Below is the screenshot of the result I got.

Proxy Speed Performance

From the performance test above, you can tell my Internet speed is not quite fast. However, this is enough for what I do online. Using this, let's see the result I got using the same tool.

performance test

As you can see from the above, the Internet connection speed is 7.44 Mbps download speed and 8.00 Mbps upload speed. This is below 20 Mbps which is considered the benchmark for fast residential proxies. For this reason, you can say that the service is a slow one. Looking at the ping rate, at 505ms is also not favorable and might not be the best for a good number of tasks that require fast speed.

Verdict: The 922 S5 Proxy is not a fast service though it gets your tasks done. If you need fast proxies, you will have to make use of an alternative provider such as Bright Data or Smartproxy.

Geo-Location Precision

Some tasks do not require IPs from specific locations. For these, you have no problem with the geo-location precision. However, if your task requires you to use IPs from specific countries or cities, then this becomes an important factor to consider.

I did an IP location test to see if the location of the ISP proxy they offer is actually from the specified locations. I did my test, using multiple IP addresses and the results were all correct. Let's use the IP from Detroit as a case study. Below is the setup from the user dashboard.

Geo-Location Precision

As you can see above, the country selected is the US and the city is Detroit. Now, using the IPInfo.io tool, I looked up the IP address assigned and got the result below.

IPInfo io

From the above screenshot, you can see that the city of the IP address is Detroit, the same as my configuration from the user dashboard. With this, you can be sure the service gives you IPs from selected locations. However, it is important you know that not all cities are supported as they can only provide you IPs from cities they have IPs from.

Verdict: The location precision for their proxy is correct and you are only provided IPs that meet your locational requirement. If a location is not present, you can’t even target it in the first place.


The pricing model for their proxies depends on the proxies you want to purchase. For their static residential proxies with a 7 or 30-day validity period, the charge is based on the number of IPs. Their rotating residential proxies are charged based on traffic or bandwidth usage in GB. Their ISP proxies, which are the proxies of interest in this article are charged based on the number of IPs. However, the validity period is 12 hours. The pricing starts from $44 for 200 IPs at $0.22 per IP. There is a discount per IP if you purchase a larger plan and you even get free IPs for some of these larger plans.


One thing you will come to like about this service is that its IPs never expire provided you haven’t used it. However, for each IP you began using, you have up to 12 hours before it expires. Unlike some other providers, there is no free trial — you will have to pay for it to be allowed to use. The payment methods are diverse as with most Chinese-based proxy providers. You can either pay with your card, via crypto, Alipay, or PayPal.

Verdict: Pricing is not pocket-friendly for small users as you need to purchase a minimum of 200 IPs. However, for those that need this number of IPs, they are a great and affordable option, looking at the cost per IP.

Ease of Usage

How easy is the 922 S5 Proxy to use? Well, there are two ways you can use their proxies, you can either get the proxy details (proxy host, port, username, and password) and configure them the way you will use regular proxies or use the proxy client. Talking about the user interface of the dashboard, it is a little clumsy for my liking. However, it gets the job done as you are able to get your proxy details with just a few clicks.

Ease of Usage

The major problem is in using the proxy client provided. If you have not used one before, you will find it hard to find your way around. This is because you will need to add your browser then configure and use port forwarding to get it to work. Some little errors can also creep up for non-experienced users. However, for those used to the client application, it is quite easy to use once you grasp how to use it.

Verdict: The two usage options provided are great — you can either use the proxy client or the proxy details. The proxy client has a learning curve you need to pass first. The proxy detail way is easier for most users.

Overall Verdict: Is 922 S5 Proxy Recommended?

The 922 S5 Proxy based on my personal test and usage is one of the providers that you will liken to the 922 S5 Proxy service. It does have its pros and cons but its pros outweighs the cons. The pricing model where IP never expires until used is a plus. The proxies are undetectable and can be used for a good number of tasks.

However, it is not one of the fastest in the market and at best, can be described as average. If speed is not a major requirement for you, then this is a great choice, especially if you are looking for an alternative to the 911 S5 Proxy.

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