24 Best Anilinkz Alternatives & Similar Websites in 2024

Anime is widely popular today, so what is the best way to watch all of the anime for free? There is an infinite number of great anime shows, are you sure that you watched all of them? You are interested in watching some new Ghibli movie, and you don't know where to find a free dubbed anime streaming site in 2024!

For anime lovers, you are probably wondering if it is safe to watch free anime online and what the best alternative to Anilinkz is! For all of those questions, we have the answers! We will provide you with some of the best anime streaming providers today!

One of the best-known anime streaming providers is Anilinkz! This provider has a large number of satisfied users and a lot of free anime just for you!

Here, you can find almost any anime, no matter what kind of anime you prefer! There are dubbed and subbed options, good quality and loading time, everything in one place! Anilinkz is excellent, but there are many better options for you!

We will provide you with the list of the best alternatives for Anilinkz in 2024! You should know them all because many streaming sites are getting shut down! New laws about the internet are not merciful, and your favorite streaming provider may be good as dead in the next several months. So instead of continually searching for the new alternative, why not have all of them in one place!

Here is our list of the Best Anilinkz alternatives!

1. Kissanime.ru

kissanime logo

The thing we like about Kissanime.ru is the dark mode that perfectly soothes the eyes of a viewer! The website offers a lot of streaming anime as well as manga for all you manga readers out there! You can register for this site but you don't need to do it to watch any anime, it is only there for those who don't want to have ads and who want to download anime. You can find them on Discord and have a disccussion with other fans about anime you like.

2. Netflix


We know that Netflix is not for free, but it is still great because, with one subscription, more than one user can watch its content! This thing is great for all of you that want to make sure that you are getting the best quality of the video, self-loading new episodes, and subtitles in almost any language in the world! Netflix mostly offers some of the most viewed anime out there, and it rarely has anime movies! So before paying for a subscription, be sure that your anime is on Netflix!

One more problem can be the geolocation blocking of Netflix. Many films and features of Netflix are not available to users due to the closed internal geolocation. The solution to this problem will be VPN, which allows you to make Netflix unblocked. So nothing will stop you from watching your favorite anime.

3. Hulu


If you want to watch some specific anime movie in excellent quality and for free, then you should try Hulu. Like Netflix, you need to pay for the Hulu’s services, but it also offers a free trial period that is more than enough to see two or three anime movies or even to watch the first season of some anime TV series. So if you are searching for the one-time deal only, Hulu is the best alternative for Anilinkz that you can get online!

But if your trial period is over and you don't want to pay a subscription, you can try additional totally free ways to continue watching your anime movies. One of the options is to download movies from the resources that provide this with a high quality. If some of them are blocked in your region you can think about should I use a VPN for torrenting? The additional bonus is the resolution of the picture might be up to 4K.

4. GOGOanime

Gogoanime logo

GOGOanime is free and you can watch all the anime you want; as long as you have a good connection, your episodes will load without a problem! This website is there to offer you various anime shows! You can pick dubbed and subbed versions of anime or you can select the option of viewing only recent uploads!

5. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is the online anime streaming provider who has is one of the best providers of manga and anime series! This site is suitable for both PC and Mobile watch which makes it even greater.

There is also a premium option that will allow you to watch any anime without ads.

6. Animeland


Animeland has a lot simpler interface than other sites, but it still offers you a lot of different anime series/movies and manga to view, read and watch! The most searched categories and anime series can be found on the right side of the webpage and at the top of the page, which makes the searching process a lot easier.

7. Because.moe


Because.moe is the ultimate search engine for the anime across the whole internet. It functions as a third-party site that offers all of the links to anime shows and movies that you can find on online streaming sites! If you are tired of the searching platform by platform, you can try using Because.moe and have them all in one place! The platform itself is impressive, it comes in the dark mode, and most of the columns are modernly done.

8. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

Popcorn is primarily made for movies, but there are still lots of anime movies that you can find on Popcorn Time! This website is good for various reasons. It comes in the great app, and it is modern. This provider is linked to the torrent links, and it serves both as a streaming provider and torrent downloader. Everything that you watch on Popcorn Time will be downloaded to your computer!

9. Justdubs


Justdubs is not just an anime streaming provider! It is also a community that has a lot of fans who use this website for more than just watching their favorite shows. So, if you are interested in something more than just watching a new anime, this would be a perfect place for you!

10. Animixplay

Animixplay Logo

Have you been struggling to find the best and most reliable Anilinkz alternative online but all in vain? Well, Animixplay gives you the perfect online anime streaming experience. as a customer, you are not here o pay for any of their services. You can also access free streaming services and high-quality anime content in Japanese and English subtitles.

Though they claim that their anime content does not come with annoying ads, we can as well attest to that statement. The platform offers you multiple options to play the anime, and you can select any format that is perfect for your case and enjoy the stream.

On their website, they offer multiple movies ranging from different genres. You can sort the movie based on the year, the season, most popular, most followed, movies, subtitles, dub, and even random from A-Z. they also allow you to schedule the anime on the platform.

Animixplay is compatible with both computers and smartphones. Still, to access different content on the platform, you must log in or sign up for an account using your email address. Therefore, you can decide what you want to watch. The site does not limit you to watching anime; you can also access movies, e.g., horrors,  action, adventure, and TV shows.

Also, some online reviews compliment that you can download and watch the content later. From the look of things, Animixplay is not saved on the server, but it seems to source its content from external sources. In terms of anime, you can get the subbed or dubbed High definition of anime.

One of their platform's best features is that it can work on any smartphone, Animax TV, without jailbreaking the phone. They also offer customers the natural additional or extra app, which guarantees you the best gameplay. Perfect alternative online that is worth trying out.

11. 9Anime

9Anime Logo

9Anime has a user-friendly interface. The site offers a vast database of different anime movies for anime fanatics to watch. The develop[ers are constantly adding both the recent, trending and old anime every hour to their movies library.

And on it, you can access almost everything besides Kissanime; they are now the leading in terms of the anime library database. These guys have top-notch streaming servers, and customer cans elect any which meets their needs and tends to be faster.

Again, 9Anime has encoded all their anime videos in the high-quality standard resolution, and you have the control power by accessing multiple quality features of your stream. This means you can enjoy the internet irrespective of the network connection. they offer regular but fast updates on their database every hour. This is one of the simplest sites to use, with a friendly user interface.

The platform is excellent on mobile and desktop, and from their website, it can still respond well even if you are using an old browser. Enjoy the anime at free cost from any part of the world with an advanced filter option or search bar. This is also an excellent Anilinkz alternative online.

12. AnimeDao

AnimeDao Logo

AnimeDao offers you free anime streaming. It guarantees a perfect streaming experience and is a great deal compared to the Anilinkz platform. On the platform, you have simple access to all the anime, ranging from the old, latest, and ongoing series, and you can also access famous shows online.

This is one of the simplest sites to navigate since it has a decent user interface. Speed and database library are their main concerns, and it ensures that you have excellent loading speed. They also guarantee you that you will not be able to get annoying ads.

We liked AnimeDao's organization of the content, as most customers have never had confusion selecting their preferences. Still, they use large thumbnails and large titles or details, including the upload time. While on the platform, you can filter the content based on various aspects. That includes the popularity, ongoing, latest, and others. By default, they arrange the anime based on the upload date.

Most p[eople have praised the AnimeDao since it allows you to stream high-quality anime, and you can still switch the streaming resolution, which goes hand in hand with your network connection speed.

The site doesn't even have a banner on the homepage, which means they have minimized the ads so that you can seamlessly browse the homepage. However, it is similar to Anilinks and Animaxplay as they share many common features. Any fan from around the world can have an easy time streaming any kind of anime they want.

13. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime Logo

Besides Anilinkz, Chia-Anime is the most preferred site where you can access all kinds of anime movies and stream them free online. We are humbled to state that, Chia-Anime is the perfect Anilinkz alternative to come across online.

Like others discussed above, Chia-Anime guarantees its customers the ultimate free anime streaming experience. Otherwise, it also provides you with multiple vital attributes, which are excellent while you stream your favorite anime on the platform.

Another thing, Chia-Anime comes with an interactive user interface, and anyone can stream on the platform without facing challenges. They have arranged the content, making it easy for users to locate the preferred content; Anime also sort by the episodes. one competitive thing about this platform is that they offer high-quality content.

They even go beyond and allow you to access the anime in the 4K UHD formats. The site is also compatible with the smartphone, TV, as well as other relevant tools as long as it is connected to the network.

Otherwise, the site offers an extensive collection of anime series, the latest and trending animes, from their database. Other than dubbing their content in English, the audience of any age can stream from their platform, and you can sort the content based on the alphabetical letters for easy navigation. No ads on their content while you stream; hence best Anilinkz alternative.

14. Animeowl

Animeowl Logo

Though still brand new, it is one of the best Anilinkz alternatives to have as your send option. Like the other streaming platform, Animeowl is a free site that offers free ad access to its anime broadcasts.

Therefore, if you have been looking for not only the Anilinkz alternative but also a free and secure anime streaming platform, we dare you to check out Animeowl. The site is well-updated and contains all the latest 2024 anime series on its database. It is a highly excellent streaming site online.

User can also select their favorite anime from the database in the numerous genres. The platform also comes with many extra advanced features. To mention a few, Animeowl allows you to save the watch history and MAL sync features which means you have the power to easily replay later the anime which you came across while signing in. that is awesome, and with a click without wasting time.

15. Animefreak.TV

Animefreak.TV logo

Animfreak.TV is one of the most reliable, free, and safe online amine streaming sites that you can find! There is almost no anime that you can't find on Animefreak.TV. Many users see it as a perfect alternative for Anilinkz.

Animefreak.TV usually has two links per subbed version of the episode and two links per dubbed (if there is a dubbed version of the anime). The quality of the video is excellent! There are some ads, but not too many, and the loading time of a video is excellent!

16. Anime Simple

Anime Simple

As the title suggests, Anime Simple is easy to use, and all of the needed information about anime updates, quality, and summaries are available on the front page! There is a large number of animes that you can watch, and the site is 100% free for all users.

The interface is done in a simple manner, and most of anime shows have more than one link that you can use! At the top of the page, you can find recently added episodes, and on each link, you can see if the anime is in dubbed or subbed version.

17. Darkanime.stream


Darkanime.stream is 100% free if you are willing to skip several ads. There is also a premium version that lets you watch your favorite anime in better quality and without ads. This streaming provider is attractive because its population of it is rapidly growing, and the style of the layout is more than reasonable. Most of the links run smoothly, and the video quality is reasonably good!

18. Baby Anime

Baby Anime

Baby Anime is our next stop! This provider of anime content comes in dark mode, and it is adapted to phone users that like to watch their anime on the road. On the home page, you can find all of the categories you may be interested in checking out! The content is continuously updated, and the quality is almost always excellent!

19. EXanime

EXanime logo

Most of the free websites want you to turn off your adblocker! EXanime will never ask you to turn off your adblocker protection, and that is the reason why we think it should be on our list of the best alternatives for Anilinkz.

EXanime now comes in a great new look, and you will like their content for sure. The shows are updated almost every day, and if the show that you're searching for is not on it, you can also make a request for anime, and they will get it in no time!

20. AnimeHeaven


AnimeHeaven is an enchanting world for anime enthusiasts who love to indulge in the latest and most popular anime shows without any charge. This website serves as an extensive repository of premium-quality anime streams, giving you access to many renowned titles as well as recently released series and episodes.

The content library on AnimeHeaven comprises both dubbed and subbed anime, and you can pick from a vast collection of titles that align with your preferences. Additionally, you can download certain sections of anime content through the XServer.

21. 4Anime


4Anime is widely known as a reliable alternative to Anilinkz for streaming anime shows. It has gained immense popularity among its users and continues to grow each day.

4Anime provides an intuitive & organized interface where you can quickly look for anime based on parameters like genre, season, status, year, type, and alphabetical order. Whether it's the latest shows or rare titles you're after, 4Anime is the go-to destination for all your anime needs.

4Anime is different from other streaming sites since it provides secure servers which protect your data, plus it also does not include any ads. This makes it a great choice for those who value their online security and want to watch their content without interruption.

The unique design of the platform is worth noting, particularly its transparent background. This enables users to get an idea of the homepage even when they are accessing a specific page, which makes for efficient navigation.

22. Funanimation


Funimation stands out from other anime streaming websites as it specializes in dubbing Asian anime content into English for those who prefer to watch their animated shows with audio from their native language. As it is owned by Sony, you can count on the quality provided by Funimation, making it a great choice for anyone looking to watch anime with English audio.

The website stands out with its intuitive & cool user interface which enables users to easily find their favorite anime by genre. The platform also makes it effortless to watch these shows.

Funimation is available in certain regions such as USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia & New Zealand. To explore what they offer you can take advantage of their free trial before committing to a monthly subscription. Investing in the premium version of the product will be advantageous as it guarantees an ad-free experience with high-quality content.

23. Anime-Planet

Anime Planet

Anime-planet is a leading streaming platform for anime shows. It has achieved tremendous success in its niche and has partnered with popular services such as Crunchyroll and Hulu to offer over 45,000 episodes for free. This website provides a variety of genres, such as horror, romantic, action, and more. Also, its high-quality streaming feature guarantees a lag-free and uninterrupted streaming experience.

Anime-Planet offers a great environment for anime fans with its active forums, Discord chats, and reviews of anime and manga. It brings together a large community of enthusiastic who are passionate about their favorite shows. You can view the most popular titles, get recommendations and top picks for the season and even create your own lists. Moreover, you can check out what other users are watching and find some new favorites.

24. AnimePahe


AnimePahe is a highly sought-after alternative website catering to anime enthusiasts who also frequent Anilinkz. The website offers a limited selection of subbed and dubbed anime. However, its homepage is devoid of ads and easy to navigate. AnimePahe exclusively showcases the latest anime releases on its homepage.

Compared to other free anime streaming websites, this site provides a satisfactory interface and user experience. You can easily identify the anime you want to watch by looking at its thumbnail and title, and the video will start playing once you click on it. Additionally, the video player is user-friendly with a clear interface.


Thank you for sticking with us until the very end! As you can see, there are a lot of options that can function as excellent alternatives for Anilinkz. We recommend that you try all of them and then decide which one would be your favorite. Keep in mind that most of these sites are 100% free and safe to use, so what is left is to find some good anime or manga and enjoy!

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