Viooz: Top Alternative Websites to Watch Movies Online Free

Most of us use our free time to watch some good movies or TV shows, but many people wonder where they can watch it for free! If you are a binge-watching fan, then you probably used, but where should you go now when is down? There are many exciting movies streaming websites out there, and we are here to help you choose your best one! We will give you the list of the best alternatives for in 2024! was at first glance, same as any other online streaming website! It had great movies that you could watch for free, and many users put their trust in it when it comes to the quality of a video! Still, with many changes on the internet, a lot of websites are down and will probably never be active again!

Such is the case with our, and even though there are some different versions of it, none of them are the same as Instead of going for something similar, why not try something completely different or better than! If you are a fan of online movie streaming or TV show binge-watching than this is a place to be!

We will provide you with only the best alternatives for in 2024! Don't worry, all of our choices are free and easy to use with numerous titles of movies and TV shows! If you want to watch trending movies like Frozen 3 just after release then you will definitely love these sites

Enjoy your journey through our list of the top alternatives for in 2024!


Putlocker is one of the most known online movie streaming providers out there! The problem with this provider is that you may not be able to access it! Your region can be the reason why it’s not working. Because of this issue, the providers made this Putlocker9 version for all of you out there that want to watch free movies online!

2. Movie House

Movie House

This provider is great for many reasons. It functions as a third-party link! You can easily click on the movie link, and you will be re-directed to a provider that has it in the best quality. There is also a movie calendar on the top of the page where you can see which movies are streaming that day!

3. Viewster (Now Midnightpulp)


There are plenty of genres on Viewster, but its specialty is old anime movies. There are plenty of comedies, plus you can find some video games! Viewster will provide you with many old, less known movies that you probably don't know, and most of them are worth watching!

4. Popcornflix

Popcornflix has more than 2000 titles you can watch! There are many different categories, and you will have no trouble finding the best one for you! You don't need registration, choose a movie, sit back, and enjoy it for free! It has a lot of content that is for children and family watching, which more than good!

5. Bmovies


Bmovies is one of the best websites for that according to the number of users using it! The number of TV shows and movies that you can watch is more than great! You don't need to register or login to use it. It is simple and updated continuously, so you can be sure that your new movie will be on it!

6. GOmovies


GOmovies is the opposite of the CouchTuner! Here, the main focus is on movies that are regularly updated with new content! You could find even your favorite TV show here, but the update of the episodes may be slower here than on other sites!

7. Watchserieshd


The quality of the video is excellent on Watchseriesd, and most of the videos are working correctly without any lags! The quality of videos is always on the cover of the movie, so you can be sure that you're getting the quality that is promised to you!

8. FMovies


FM movies is simple! The problem of the region is not present here since none of the users had that type of problem with it! FMovies may not be your first pick when it comes to alternatives for, but if other options are not good enough for you, why not try it! The interface comes in dark mode, and it is easy to use.

9. Free Movies Cinema

Free Movies Cinema

There are many categories on Free Movies Cinema! Action, adventure, animation, comedy, documentary, drama, fantasy, horror, science fiction, thriller, war, western, you name it! If you watch over their player, you can find movies related to the one you just watched, but also to share them on social media!

10. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is the name of the website that you probably already know! It is famous for its content and its modern interface. Still, there are many downsides to Popcorn Time. The movie will download to your computer whether you want that or not, and many of the films have a slow time loading!

11. Internet movie archive

Internet movie archive

The collection of Internet movies archive is extensive! You can find anything old that comes to your mind. Videos are all in the public domain, and it is legal to watch them.  If you don't know what to watch, there is a blog where you can search for an idea. The number of users grows daily, so you can rest assured that you are using the right alternative!

12. Vidics


Vidics is a provider of some of the best free movies and TV shows online! It has the TOP 100 movies category where you can find the most viewed videos and quickly decide which movie to watch! There is also an update notice where you can read about when the new episode of the TV show will be uploaded or when will new movie arrives on Vidics!

13. Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films is the streaming provider of the best documentaries that you can find! Everything you could see on the National Geography channel is uploaded here. These are all movies in the public domain, and they are sorted into categories: technology, society, science, politics, nature, mystery, history, conspiracy, environment, etc.

14. Megashare9


This website is great when it comes to categories! Megashare9 may not be your first choice, but it is sure worth checking out. It has a lot of categories that you can't find on any other streaming provider. You can pick the year, and all of the movies that they have from that year will appear to you! Loading time can sometimes be with several lags and ads.

15. 123Movies

123Movies Logo

123Movies is another famous movie streaming site online. They major in streaming movies but come in high quality. Besides ranking among the best movies site collection, they also regularly update with the latest in the stores. The platform has a friendly user interface, and they have subdivided their website from the recent movies, popular, and most watched for easy navigation.

Again, on 123Movies, users can use multiple metrics to filter the movies, such as the year, genre, country, etc., making accessing your favorite movie content simple. It offers numerous video formats, which means you can watch using any device. In the movies, they provide other options in which you can search for a movie based on the tyle, such as horror, action, animation, comedy, etc. this site is the best source of series and movies for online streaming.

16. Soap2Day

Soap2Day Logo

Soap2Day is also taking the market by storm. It is one of the popular streaming platforms exclusively designed for movie fanatics who want to access all the latest and new movies online. The site is compatible with any browser and guarantees high-quality and full-length movies. You need to note that the site gives you free access to movies worldwide, and they keep updating their movie library daily.

With over 70- different types of movies on the platform, they have categorized as action, horror, Sci-Fi, romantic, and animation. Still, you can access the premium features without paying these guys even a dime. You can also access the Tv shows with no strings attached to them.

Even though Soap2Day claim that they do not have ads and registration needed, we are yet to verify this as they also have to pay for the server, and on the first click, you will have a few popups on the site. But, the site is safe to stream Tv shows and movies of your choice anytime for free. We dare you to give them a click, and sure you will not regret it. You can sort movies based on the country or genre or even search with the keyword. The site also comes with the android app for easy access.

17. SolarMovie

SolarMovie Logo

Another great site to look for your favorite movies and TV shows for free is SolarMovie. It is just a click away, and you will have access to the comprehensive movies and Tv show library and get streaming for free, and no need to create an account. Their website has a simple UI, which means that even the newbies can access and start watching from the massive collection of movies. However, you must understand that all their content is hosted through a third-party site, where the site gives you a redirecting link to the content.

But the good news is that you can sort the movies and Tv shows based on the Top IMBbor sue the featured tool. If you have a series name, it is just a click away. They also guarantee you high-quality content from their site. But one disadvantage of this website is its annoying popups and notifications. Besides streaming, you can download the movie in any format with the link. You can also access the anticipated movies coming soon to the market.

18. Kiss Anime

Kiss Anime Logo

we would consider the Kiss Anime website as an unending animation movie reservoir. I f you are anime fanatsic, condier thsio site as well. This allows you to stream the movies and access anime series of your choice from the platform. They have all the latest anime movies and include attacks on titans etc. They also provide their customers with the latest news, which features the anime world.

Therefore, if you are searching for the Viooz alternative, Kiss Anime is the best option to go with as a unique streaming website. They guarantee you access to full HD anime. They claim they never allow the survey or download, but you must enjoy the premium streaming. They have a very responsive design coupled with a simple mobile user interface.

19. Vudu

Vudu Logo

One of the unique things about Vudu is that they are always up to date with the latest movies on their platform. It is one of the best options instead of Viooz. They have everything you need to improve the online streaming experience better. They even give you a feature to turn off the light so that you can have a smooth and stronger contrast to enjoy the accurate screen color at a go. The screen on this site is simple, and you can resize it with only a click while making it fit the device or bigger.

Unfortunately, Vudu features annoying ads, but you can click to remove them. And if that is not an issue, then you will never have any problem with this site. You can access a collection of popular and trending movies and recent ones. Again, they also have the TV show contents on their suite. They have categorized their movie contents into different subgroups for easy access to their favorite movies and TV shows. Besides that, they also have gift cards, and when you sign up for their website, you can receive points that you can redeem for other purposes.

Everything is exclusively free, and you are set to maximize your entertainment. They have all the comedy, romantic, action, horror and many more movies. While streaming, you can select the resolution of your choice based on the network connection. The site is also compatibelw othbthe smartpjone and iOS deviesc. Give it a try instead of Viooz.

20. StreamLord

StreamLord Logo

StreamLord is the best place to watch all the latest movies on the platform, all free of charge. This is superb. If you are keen on their website, these guys do not have annoying notifications and ads, especially when combined with the premium VPNs on any browser. The site is simple with an easy user interface. They also list their movies under different subcategories on the website to easily access the target movies or even series. Under each category, they have multiple collections of movies in store.

If that is hard to get, then StreamLord gives you a search option with the search bar to locate the movies and TV shows. Everything is available with only one click of a button. Still, you can sort out the movies and TV shows based on the genres, etc.; for the improved experience, they have the premium plan. The only issue with this website is that you must create an account to start streaming.

21. Tubi TV

Tubi TV Logo

Tubi TV is also a reliable streaming website with a vast collection of movies and tv shows. You do not need an active subscription to watch the movies on the platform; it is only a single click and gets started. This is because everything here is free access for enjoyment. Just like other discussed streaming sites, Tubi TV also has plenty of advertisements, which sometimes seems annoying.

But the good news is that they have the Tubi TV application, which is available on apple, Roku TV, amazon app store, and Google Play store. You can access all content from famous studios like Lionsgate, Paramount, and MGM. From their homepage, they even claim to be the most extensive library of free TV shows and movie streaming in the US. This means it is so unfortunate that their service is not available in the rest of the world unless you use proxies or VPNs to access it.

22. Alluc

Alluc Logo

Last but not least is the Alluc website. This is the first metasearch site to offer movie streaming services online. You only need to type in the movie title, and you are done. They have plenty of movies you can select from, and their website is so simple and made with modern technology that it is easy to operate. They not only have the movies but also contain their favorite TV shows, all the old and latest. You can access the contents from any device, ranked as the best Viooz alternative online.

The loading speed of Alluc amazes many customers online. No wonder how it is popular among many people around the world. Unfortunately, the website does not rate or arrange the video based on quality since many video contents support multiple languages.

23. CouchTuner


First on our list is CouchTuner! This streaming provider has a lot of different shows that you can watch for free! From oldies to new content and new shows! Yes, you can watch most of the movies here, but the main focus of this website is on TV shows. The downside of this provider is the large number of ads that can be annoying sometimes and several broken links!

24. SeeHD


If you are searching for the provider, who has only HD movies to offer than SeeHD is your perfect alternative to! The website is free and offers HD quality in both film and TV shows. There is also an option of streaming your movie and providing the other users with it!

25. Fandango now

Fandango now

Fandango is very similar to Cucirca,, and other alternatives that you can find online. There is an app that you can download on your smartphone. You can use it on both iOS and Android devices, but the region of your country may be the problem since it doesn't support all of the areas.

26. Snag Films

Snag Films

Snag Films has a catalog with over 10,000 movies! SnagFilms is best for new coming films, the best-rated films, and the most popular ones. You can log in via Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, and see what your friends are currently watching. It doesn’t have too many ads running! (Unfortunately, Snagfilms has shut down)

27. Cmovies

Cmovies Logo

CMovies from their homepage, you can tell a lot. The website contains multiple movies that are arranged based on numerous aspects. Therefore, you can sort movies or tv shows based on the country and genre, access the Top IBDb, and send the request t the servers. They even have a search bar when you cannot locate your movie quickly but know the name.

On CMovies, you do not have to register to access the content. Everything is free but guarantees you the HD quality format. You can recommend a movie if you find out it is not in the library and then later access it upon additional. Get it on any device and start streaming without paying anything. You must have a strong internet connection to access these contents otherwise.

28. IOMovies

IOMovies Logo

Before we summarize the list, IOMovies is also becoming popular among the best streaming websites. Like Viooz, you do not have to register on this site to be able to stream movies or TV shows. But one thing for sure is that you will have a comprehensive collection of Hollywood movies and TV shows from India. This is the right platform to access Indian movies if you are a fanatic. You can sort them based on multiple aspects like rating, the year, etc.

IOMovies ensure that you have access to high-quality video content from their website, and this does not need to worry you about the resolution as you can easily adjust it to fit your needs. Customers' best method to add more movies to the platform is to request. Once they add, the movies become available to everyone. Otherwise, these guys have all the latest movies from India and other regions arranged into groups for easy access.


No matter what kind of content you are looking for, some of the websites that we mentioned has it! We know that a lot of our favorite sites are long gone by now and that we will never be able to see them again. Still, with every online streaming website that falls down, another three kick in!

The sites that we mentioned to you are only the most visited ones and the ones that have mostly positive feedback from its users. We assure you that your best alternative for is somewhere in this list, so be sure to check them all before deciding. All that is left is to make some popcorns and enjoy your free streaming movies and TV shows online today!

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