10 Tips to avoid Identity Theft on the Internet

Who are you? Where do you live? What is your bank account number? These are just some examples of questions which you usually prefer not to answer, to strangers. Not only strangers, you won’t even declare your bank account details to your friends and family. So do you think this is enough? By just doing this much, are you safe? The answer is definitely no! The reason behind this is identity theft.

Reason Behind Identity Thefts

Identity theft basically means to steal your identity. In fact, accessing your details is easier than it used to be. The reason is not bad online security, but the reason is the number of people who are using the Internet every day. With this increase in usage of the Internet, people should also know how to avoid Identity theft.

What Should Be Done to Avoid Identity Theft?

Identity theft is actually a heinous crime and should be prevented at any cost. According to a survey, identity theft has affected over 9 million Americans last year, this is just the official data and just of the US. Think how big this problem should be all around the world.

Tips to Avoid Identity Theft


Examine your bank account statements monthly

The most common reason for Identity theft is to transact money from your account. So be updated with your bank account details weekly, if you can’t be updated weekly, then be updated monthly at least.


Safe storage of personal documents

The best way to store your personal and important documents is to keep it in a safety deposit box or safe. It could be anything, from birth certificate to passport.



You should always photocopy the content which is always there in your wallet. Photocopy contents like a credit card, ID cards and documents like driving license. You can also submit these photocopies wherever it is needed, to avoid other people photocopying your documents.


Be aware

Pickpocketing is the most common technique for Identity theft. Pickpocketing is very common in public places and you need to be aware of it whenever you are in such places. The best wallets are the ones which can be zipped or shut.


Subscribe to an Identity theft service

There are many companies which provide you with services to protect your identity. These companies also take care if you encounter some problem related to Identity theft.


Protecting your computer

Protecting your computer is a very important aspect. People are using the Internet and online transactions are a part of daily life now. So you should always protect your computer and phone from viruses and malware. Try practicing safe and anonymous surfing. Using a good VPN Service provider is also recommended.


Promotional lists

Promotional lists like credit card promotions and junk emails should always be unsubscribed. If a stranger gets his hands on any of your pre-approved credit cards, then it may cause you much trouble.


Password selection

Your password selection should be such that no one can even guess. Just not that, no one should be able to judge your password while you are typing it. You should not have repetition in your password, as repetition can easily be guessed and detected.


Do not reveal your personal information

You should not reveal your personal information on The Internet or while having a conversation online. This must be taken care as you never know who is spying on you.


Cancel credit cards which are not being used

The less number of credit cards you have, the lesser problems you will face. The other thing is that you will have to remember less number of Id number and passwords.


Safety is the first priority, whether it is the physical safety or virtual safety. People are becoming victims of Identity theft in huge amounts today, this should be stopped. If you take care of few basic things, then Identity theft can easily be avoided. So protect yourself and your family.