The Perfect Facebook Ad Spy Tools for 2023

 Market your online business effectively on Facebook with top class Spy Ads that offers the best users engagement and sales generation.

  • In digital marketing, your marketing tools are not yet complete without Ads Spy. Getting it right the first is very important if you want to achieve success in converting your marketing to rapid sales. Facebook is a marketing hub for more than 90% online businesses and this call for investment in quality Facebook Ads Spy for effective social traffic conversion. To advertise effectively on Facebook, you need these tools to help you get a new opportunity to achieve your campaign objective and target options.
  • Some Facebook Ads Spy may be expensive but still favorite of many businesses because of its high return on investment and precise targeting option. Ads Spy offers the quickest way to learn how your brand /business is performing with the audience globally.Product features
  • Competitor’s ads statistic
  • Traffic sources
  • Marketing strategies
  • Performing and selling ads

1. PowerAdSpy


It will be a miracle for a business to succeed without making use of ads spy to influence brand acceptance.

PowerAdSpy is one of the best AdSpy exclusively for Facebook due to its precise targeting options and accurate spying on competitor ads. It offers you access to use marketing data for your ad campaigns like trackers, ad type, keywords, landers, and creative ads.

With Power Ads Spy, you have a powerful tool that you can use to determine the performance of your competitor's ads in impression, likes, and comment to know what part to copy to boost your ads. An ads spy built by Affiliate, for Affiliate.

Features of PowerAds Spay
  • Access to usable data
  • Advance criteria search
  • Responsive User interface

Power Adspy have 6 packages

  • Basic package: $49/month
  • Standard package: $99/month
  • Premium: $149
  • Platinum: $249/month
  • Titanium: $299/month
  • Palladium: $349/month

A free package also available but limited.

 2. Ad Sector

Ad Sector

This Ad Spy tool is a productive tool that will surely increase the impression rate of your ad campaign. It offers a comprehensive search algorithm that allows you to spy into the millions of ads in the ads database. With the search mechanism, you can query for competitors' ads and data by using the specified keyword criteria like age, country, gender, religion.

Apart from being able to download landing pages all on a clean, simple interface, the in-built tracking feature makes it an even more attractive tool for affiliate marketers.

Features of AdSector Ads Spy
  • Advanced search and filtering
  • Bookmark and organize ads
  • In-depth analytics

It offers only one package which cost $249/month.



You cannot talk of Facebook Ad Spy about mention Ispionage that has been a front runner for quite some time due to its unique features and capability. It can function as an SEO tool as well as a Facebook Spy tool. With Ads sector you are getting a tool that grants you access to competitor’s Ad copies, list of overlapping keywords for ads campaign, targeted Keyword-driven Ads, unlimited search volume, and many more.

Features of ispionage Ads Spy
  • Competitor research
  • SEM campaign watch
  • SEO watch
  • Scheduled report
  • Starter package: $59/month
  • Professional package: $99/month
  • Advanced package: $299/month
  • Enterprise package: custom payment

4. Adbeat


When choosing Ad spy, it's important to look for a tool that has frequent updates and debugging to ensure a perfect working tool. Adbeat tool boasts the most updated tool. It also has well-updated extensive repository information on ads campaign. It focuses more on displaying marketing information rather than search engine optimization. The tool collects raw data through web crawling and simple data visualization which then breaks down into ads formats and proprietary native ad widget. It’s a tool that helps you decode an advertiser’s ad strategy and reuse it for your ad. Ad spy is compatible with desktop and mobile devices.

Features of Adbeat Ads Spy
  • Desktop + mobile Ads
  • Native networks
  • Keyword search
  • Downloadable reports
  • Standard package: $249.00/month
  • Advanced package: $399/month
  • Enterprise package: custom offer

5. Native Adbeat

Native Adbeat

With Native Adbeat, you have a spy tool with intelligence optimization. It allows you to spy on your competitor's Ads, landing pages, data visualization. Adbeat crawler allows users to turn raw Advertising data into the real competitive analysis. The native Ad feature provides users the option to customize the language and focus on English Ads. Native Ad Buzz is available in many major languages.

Features of NativeAdbuzz
  • Spy on competitors
  • Uncover top business models
  • Mobile and desktop ads
  • Save your favorite ads
  • Standard package: $47/month
  • Pro package: $97
  • Pro Annual:  $575/ annum

6. TrackMaven


This is another interesting marketing Ad Spy tool that is developed especially for big business and enterprise. Not only does it allow you access to rival’s ad content and campaign but also allow users to monitor their performance, likes, comment impression, backlinks on Facebook, and other social media marketing sites. It allows you to do a smart competitive analysis of your digital marketing ads and website analytics across multiple channels. TrackMaven has helped thousands of marketers from many brands by creating the right content for your audience, justify marketing spend, and drive results.

Features of Trackmaven
  • Real time benchmarking
  • Side- by side comparisons
  • Advance search engine
  • Search engine optimization
  • Data visualization

You would have to contact them through call for pricing as price is not available on their official website.

7. SocialPeta


SocialPeta offers one of the best ads spy tools with an extensive database. It provides users with an in-depth analysis of the market and competitors including analysis of your ad performance.

It’s a useful tool that helps you keep track of your content and activities. SocialPeta is a highly helpful solution for social media marketing especially Facebook.

Features of SocialPeta
  • Ads intelligence
  • App intelligence
  • Ecom and Brand Analysis
  • Ads inspiration

No provided on their website. You will have to place a call to the company for a custom offer.

8. Social Ad Scout

This spy tool is developed to provide an efficient Ads campaign by displaying detailed insights into competitors Ads, site ranking, and impressions. It is a comprehensive spy tool that identifies and logs similar ads campaign features on both the desktop and mobile platforms.  SocialAds grant users access to the target audience using advanced search criteria like age, gender, location, demographics among others.  A tool is a powerful tool that also attracts advertising types like your pictures, videos for better optimization.

Features of SocialPeta
  • Engagement level for Ads campaign
  • Call to action
  • Search engine optimization by keywords.
  • Target location for Ads placement.
  • Advance search filters
  • Live interactions with competitor’s ads.

Social Ad scout is available at a premium membership for $147/month.

9. Magic Adz

Magic Adz

You can expect a good return on investment if you go for Magic Adz simply because of the various features embedded in the spy tool. It’s a good tool for a marketer who wants to create an effective and engaging Facebook ads campaign by accessing the competitor’s overall ads analysis and measuring their performance against yours.

Features offered by Magic Adz are
  • Access to search affiliate ads by keywords.
  • Accurate analysis on competitor’s performance.
  • Live tracking of competitors ads
  • Advance filter type and engagement by audience.

Magic Adz start from $99/month and up to $749/month

  • Essential package: $99/month
  • Pro package: $199/month
  • Premium package: $299/month
  • Enterprise package: $749/month

10. Big SPY


Big spy is an ads spy tool that encapsulates all the features that a top-quality ads spy should have.  It offers in-depth insights and performance analysis on competitor’s campaign ads across multiple platforms like Facebook, Google, Shopify, and many others.

You will be getting comprehensive information and up-to-date marketing projection to help you better understand and make intelligent decisions.

Big Spy ad spy is a transparent tool wit an intuitive database that offers continuous insight of over 1 billion ads. The search engine is an important feature of a quality ads spy and big spy have got that. It also has the tracking feature to help users keep track of performance and scheduling preference.

Features offered by Magic Adz are
  • Insight to competitor’s ads campaign
  • Filtering functionality
  • Huge collections of ads to choose from

It offers a free package with limited functionality of 5 Facebook daily queries.

  • Basic package: It cost $9/month
  • Pro package: It cost $99/month
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