30 Hottest Guys on TikTok in 2024

Searching for the hottest guys on TikTok with large followers as influencers and models? TikTok is on the verge of trends and features multiple hot guys. If you want to learn more about the Hottest guys on TikTok, keep reading your article and find out.

Besides featuring girls as influencers,  guys are also nailing on the TikTok. There are multiple guys on the platform as content creators in various categories from around the world. Men have gathered large followers because of their personalities, like being fun and creative, and because of their entertaining content.

Therefore, the famous TikTok guys have scored millions of reviews on the internet, covering the changes in styles, dance, beauty, etc. Locating an ideal TikToker has become a challenge, especially one that matches the campaign. However, through this article, we will go through some of TikTok's popular and hottest guys that give rise to multiple trends.

From the hotter to the young and old, TikTok has over 1 billion active users. If you are searching for the attractive guys on the platform, let us delve into the  30 hottest guys on TikTok.

1. Luke Cook

Luke Cook


Luke Cook is more than just among the hottest guys on TikTok. He is an Australian director, writer, and actor. Who recently joined TikTok man, managed to gather millions of followers and the attention of many as an influencer. What makes him famous is the parody videos, which are often exciting and leave you smiling.

He prides himself on the ridiculous trends, performing the cringeworthy contents as well as thirst traps. He recently joined the talks about mental health and is one of the women's rights activists. She shares much about his private life with the family, making him rank among TikTok's top influencers.

2. Rahul Rai

Rahul Rai


The second on the list here is Rahul Rai, a popular media personality, actor, and professional dancer. Born in Mangalore, India, he moved to New York, Long Island, with his family. Besides being famous on TikTok, he is also a well-established YouTuber with millions of followers on the TikTok account, estimated at 4.1m.

Many chics are rooting for Rahul, especially on TikTok, for his content and videos exploring the guidelines for treating your girl. While men learn, women are busy crushing on the hottest guy on the TikTok platform.

3. Riyaz Afreen

Riyaz Afreen


With over 44 million followers on TikTok alone, Riyaz Afreen is a well-established TikTok influencer who is typically a young Indian hottest guy and actor. The love of the modern casanova and their youthful swagger make him more appealing to teenagers. He was born in India in September 2003 and has a sister who is still a TikToker. They collaborate to create videos.

In most cases, he creates lip-sync videos and engages in comedy. Though speeches are in native languages, the two are still great when presenting feelings, and language is never a barrier here as body language speaks everything. He clearly makes it public that with the famous tag DuetwithRiyaz, fans can easily collaborate with him and work together.

4. Jeremy Hutchins

Jeremy Hutchins


Jeremy Hutchins is more than just the hottest guy on TikTok; he is also an ideal social media personality based in America. He often gets more attention because of the boy band's appearance as well as his athletic stature. Due to his reputation, he has gathered over 10 million followers on his TikTok account.

Although still young, he was born in Ohio in April 2003 and is the only child in the family. Sometimes, he features his parents in the videos. Furthermore, Jeremy engages in creating entertaining as well as comedy TikTok videos covering the lip sync. He is among the Amp studio members.

5. Christian Collins

Christian Collins


This hottest guy on TikTok is not specialized in one area alone. He is an active Canadian actor invited to music and social media influencers and is a real-life businessman. However, the boy-next-door charm is a sensational figure, making him gain attention from over five million followers on TikTok. Born in April 1996, he has 3 siblings: Karisma, Kirsten, and Crawford. All these siblings are among the stars on social media, which serves as an excellent example of collaboration on TikTok.

Christian is famous for their exciting videos and cute through their TikTok account. While many are humorous, he also features fashion-related videos and musicals. Blending the cute and attractive appearance with the variety of content makes him rank among many TikTok influencers. The TikToker has featured in multiple films and released numerous albums. This makes TikToker well-versed in charismatic personality, which has promoted the success of the TikTok platform.

6. Maverick Baker

Maverick Baker


Another American media influencer on TikTok is Maverick Baker. He is also a singer by profession who ranks on the list of the hottest guys on TikTok for many reasons. Often, he sings in Maverick and duo Cash; in this case, Cash is the brother. Though the influences of the blue eye and the impressive blond hair he puts on to highlight the boy band style make him popular, many children wish to fall for him. Born in 2000 Dec, he also has sisters who feature on the platform as influencers.

Ideally, Maverick Baker lives in Oklahoma. The lip[ sync is what facilitated together millions of followers and popularity. He features multiple famous artists in the TikTok videos as well. Besides these contents, he also performs pranks targeting young people. He has over 1 million active followers on TikTok and is growing.

7. Faisal Shaikh

Faisal Shaikh


Faisal Shaikh is a cricket star, besides being one of the best and hottest guys on TikTok as a social media influencer. His personality status, rugged appearance, and mature nature have earned him the attention of millions of followers on the platform. He is among the internet's most influential and popular TikToker in India.

Although born in 1995, he is older than most people. He is friendly to multiple TikTokers who have already established their name on the platform. The content he posts uncovers the comedy aspects, but going into further details, Instagram content indicates his workout images and the private family.

8. Cash Baker

Cash Baker


He is a brother to Maverick Baker but 3 years younger. In the duet Cash and Maverick, the two sang together. Their famous song is titled ‘The Way You Move' and is available on their YouTube channel. Cash was born in Oklahoma in 2003 and has 3 other older siblings.

Like the brother, Cash also posts TikTok videos covering lip sync and the fandub. His TikTok account has gathered over 17 million followers, and some of the videos are siblings who feature. Another thing in the videos is the sports since Cash is a motocross enthusiast.

9. Marco Andre

Marco Andre


Though recently turned 46, Marco Andre da Silva is among TikTok's hottest guys and a famous social media influencer. At times, he is popularly called the TikTokMarco. Comparing the age and appearance, you will never believe it is real.

The hot male TikToker has gathered attention because of his impressive and charming personality and appearance. His TikTok account features millions of followers and likes, making him popular.

10. Merayad



We cannot just state that Meraad is a TikTok star but also a perfect German model. He has multiple things enabling him to get more attention on TikTok. Among these are their mature charm, piercing eyes, and dark complexion, which makes them more attractive and hotter among audiences of varying ages. Though he was born in Germany, this origin is traced to Turnkey. He joined TikTok in April 2020, and in the shortest time, he has gathered over 6 million followers on the account.

The TikTok videos portray his model profession because he is always in high-quality suits and features cats as the co-stars in most TikTok videos. From the account, many people are amazed at the funny content, and he is always in the sight of sore eyes.

11. Oliver Moy

Oliver Moy


One of the social media stars we would like to mention on this list is Olver Moy. Although he is American, his Asian charm blends with his ragged hair, and he is a hotter and more attractive guy on TikTok among many teen ladies. Most of the followers in over 11 million counts are teen girls. Born in Florida in March 2001, Oliver has two brothers as well. They often collaborate; hence, he was born into a family of social media influencers.

In fact, through collaboration, Oliver and Sebastian have a TikTok account, The MoyBoyz. Oliver focuses on the lip sync content. He participates in duets with followers who are TikTok stars. Outside TikTok, he is a perfect photographer, and his Instagram account shows everything in his line of work.

12. Sora Simmons

Sora Simmons


This is another hot TikToker guy who is attractive from the sight. He gained popularity from acting as well as perfect storytelling skills. Among the black males on TikTok, Sora ranks among the lists for funny characters. The male TikTokers feature over 6.9 million followers.

What makes him more famous is the lip-sync video content and the combination of comedy content alongside the skirt. If you are not impressed, find out more with only a click on the account.

13. Martinez Twins

Martinez Twins

https://www.TikTok.com/@olivermoy?lang=en  and https://www.TikTok.com/@emiliomartinez?lang=en

This is what we state: double the hotness as well as double the cuteness. Usually, these twins spend time together and produce joint TikTok video content.

The twins were born in Spain in May 1999. About every individual has a channel besides the joined account. They also have a sister who is a social media influencer named Rebeca. In most of their videos, the twins are featured in the content. Previously, they belonged to the Web group Team 10 but changed to Team Ken in August 2020.

14. Alejandro Rosario

Alejandro Rosario


This is another of the hottest TikToker on the platform. This 20-year-old TikTok is traced to come from New Jersey and, within the period, has effectively gained its reputation and popularity through relatable and hilarious TikTok video content.

Still, he also participates in almost all the trending challenges, which range from lip-syncing on all the famous and trending songs to displaying infectious humor. Through his activities on TikTok, he has managed to get over 5.2  million loyal followers on the account.

15. Arthan Khan


Through The Cyber world, you can call him the Lucky Dancer. In reality, he is a dancer, social media influencer, actor, and model from India. He combines these professions with characters like curly hair, ideal abs, and piercing blue eyes, the features on the lists of the hottest guys on TikTok. Coupled with impressive and smooth dance moves, he is never resistible targeting girls' attention globally.

Born in September 2002, his origin is traced to New Delhi, India. You can access photos of the family through his Instagram account. Otherwise, the guys engage in collaboration with profound TikTokers as well. Today, he held the dance workshop on top of the private dance group. His followers' statistics are incredible.

16. Lakota Johnson

Lakota Johnson


The unique cutie and hottest TikToker Lakota Johnson is one more from the Land Down Under. But he is the first guy on our list featuring a short haircut. The haircut enhances the charm of TikTok. Though a professional model, he has millions of followers on TikTok with a promised increase of 200,000 monthly followers. Born in Australia's Gold Coast in 2001, he previously played basketball, as indicated in the TikTok videos, using his athletic body while in high school.

As portrayed in the video contest, he is a master in lip-syncing as well as an expert dancer. The TikTok account features multiple humorous as well as engaging funny clips to get your attention. With millions of followers, he is worth credit as the hottest guy on TikTok.

17. Sebastian Moy

Sebastian Moy


The other American social media stars on the list. For some reason, he is popular on TikTok and ranks among the hot guys as, like other males, he also has blond hair, coupled with the Asian boy charm. On TikTok, he has over 10 million followers, an increasing number of whom he manages to feature among the hottest guys on TikTok 2024.

Born in Florida in April 2003, he also has 4 brothers. Among them, 3 are still social media influencers. With the brothers, they have even joined the TikTok account TheMoyBoy, which they often sing. He shares primarily humorous videos on the account, and his YouTube channel is also popular because he often hosts shows alongside multiple influencers. He is also a TikToker to watch.

18. Patrick Ramirez

Patrick Ramirez


Patrick was born in the US in April 1994. Though with few TikTok followers, he is ranked among the TikTok stars based on the cause he is fighting. He is the hottest guy on the platform, as well. His brother, Zachary, is also a popular media influencer and star.

Patrick shares much about the family, a video featuring their lifestyle, and exciting pranks. Most of the content features Zach, well-known for his Down syndrome. Currently, patericks engage in multiple activities that are linked to Down Syndrome and charities. Link up in a click and collaborate with this socialite.

19. Sam Hurley

Sam Hurley


Sam is an American born in September 2003 in Texas, though he lives in Arkansas alongside his brother Hootie. These guys are all famous TikTokers who, in most cases, are well known for their active presence on multi-platform. They are not just paying much attention to TikTok but are also very active on their YouTube, blog as well and instagram,

Young man charms make Sam the center of attraction, mainly when you focus on his lovely smile; it becomes hard for any girl to resist his Instagram account. Sam clearly shares photos while athletes are involved in baseball, athletics, and basketball photos with related events. Sam is famous and hot from the TikTok account for its pranks, music, and lip-sync content.

20. Jacob Sartorius

Jacob Sartorius


Jacob was born in October 2002 in Oklahoma and is famous for his pop music. He is also a profound social media influencer with over 25 million followers on TikTok. Though young, he has seized the breath of so many girls on the platform, mainly because of the love songs. For the TikTok offers, Jacob is among the hottest guys in 2024.

The song that took him over the internet was “Sweatshirt,” which was released in 2016, and then through work, in 2017, he published the first EP well known as ‘The Last Text.' He is doing fine and emerging to the front on TikTok with his pop songs and challenges.

21. Mamma Mia


Angelo is an Italian and famous TikTok star when it comes to the hottest guys on the platform as we usher in 2024..= what makes him insane in the industry is to gain more followers and focus on providing fans with viral Italian recipes and menus. In whatever he presents, he likes terming it as a super sexy recipe.

He is also a multi-talented artist who shares multiple not only super easy but delicious and unique recipes from Italy; he is also a professional ballet and contemporary dancer. Lastly, he is the most impressive actor you would ever meet who combines all these characters. It's worth the credit for the hottest male TikToker of 2024.

22. Michael Le

Michael Le


Some people call him JustMaiko. Michael is another top and trending man on TikTok list among the hottest guys. He is half-cast Asian-American on the platform as a professional choreographer as well as a dancer. Through the attractive moves and dancing videos, the boy has become famous.

Michael has also shown the world unique dancing skills and talents through the video content of dancing with friends. Because of this, Michael has gathered over 51 million followers, and most of these fans are ladies impressed with the looks rather than the content.

23. Cole LeBrant

Cole LeBrant


Cole LeBrant is also a perfect and trending guy on TikTok for many reasons. Though he is a famous vlogger sharing lifestyle content, including the family and wife, the TikTok videos also consist of random content from goofy dances to picture collages and vacations. In addition to being the attractive guy on TikTok among many teen girls, he is also well-established on other social media platforms like Instagram with millions of active and real followers. TikTok account has 22.5 million followers.

24. Zach King

Zach King


This is the king of what we call the muzzled wolf in Zootopia. He is more than the hottest male TikToker of 2024 but extends the profession into filmmaking and illusion. The boy has established a strong reputation and famous name due to the innovation coupled with mind-boggling TikTok content.

From his TikTok account, Zach is famous and attracts more teen girls because of his professional magic trick performance, playing with ingenious visual effects as well as optical illusions. These alone leave millions of fans happy and impressed, let alone entertained. He always refers to the videos as the digital sleight of hand, and through the hard work facilitated by the hotness or handsomeness, he has over 80 million followers.

25. Chase Hudson

Chase Hudson


The next hot guy on TikTok is Chase Hudson. he is a one-of-a-kind social media influencer as well as a famous entertainer born in 2002 in California. Judging from the videos, he is not a typical hottest TikToker because the content presents that he often wears designer outfits and masks. At a time, He is in rock star attire, which gives him more attention.

TikToker has a whopping over 32 million followers on TikTok. To an extent, he is a singer, on top of being involved in the Hype House of 2019 as a member. His siblings are also famous TikTok stars of the time.

26. Brody Wellmaker

Brody Wellmaker


He is a cutie TikToker who started the TikTok journey by creating impressive comedy content and was involved in parody videos linked to Twilight movies.

He decided to expand on the outreach and content because the audience was growing very high on TikTok. He also got to work with other host TikTok influencers and socialites to come into the limelight. Besides directing the ADXM, he is among the hottest guys on TikTok in 2024.

27. Manjul Khattar

Manjul Khattar


Manjul became the hottest male TikToker because of the amazing and entertaining content. Venture into topics like lip-syncing on Hindi music and speeches and creating comedic videos.

Though Manjul creates content based on the regional language, he has gained attention and millions of followers over time. The Indian-born TikToker prides himself on the perfect and dreamy hairstyle alongside the flirty eyes. In addition, he also plays guitar and sings to get more girls who need extra content. He is the Indian king of duet in lip-syncing content.

28. Evan Lamiscella

Evan Lamiscella


Evan Lamiscella joined TikTok in October 2019, still new but taking over the platform by storm. He has millions of followers, which many claim is attributed to the hot nature portrayed through the athletic and curly hottie body.

The American boy born in October 1999 is traced to have origin in Vietnam, seen from the exotic hue appearance. He loves creating challenges and dancing on TikTok; lip-syncing makes him the hottest male TikTok of 2024. from the video, you can also attest that Even has a robust sense of humor.

29. Josh Richards

Josh Richards


TikToker is more than just a social media star. Another Canadian actor, Josh, is a popular musician on the platform. At 13 years old, he founded the first Hockey Merch company. Besides being the businessman on the horizon, he is also the hottest guy on TikTok to watch. Although he was born in Toronto in January 2002, he moved to the USA in 2020.

Josh was engaged in multiple movie acts and produced numerous diss music. He has created countless videos from the TikTok account, ranging from profound skits to lip-syncing and dancing content. From over 25 million followers to date, large proportions are teenage girls after his hotness.

30. Gilmher Croes

Gilmher Croes


The other hottest guy or social media socialite to mention in our article is Gilmer, a famous social media influencer who has established a happy fan base on TikTok. Over 35 million followers on his TikTok accounts love his content, which encompasses lip-syncing. He also presented multiple short but comedic pieces, which gave him the highest engagement.

Besides Being a professional model, he is also a profound actor. Through most of the videos, he features Jayden, who is a brother. They also actively engage on the YouTube channel titled CroesBros as a collaboration.


In the above article, we have discussed the best and the hottest guys on TikTok 2024. In the above article, we have ranked based on the number of followers and the trends on the cutie pie look. Indeed, fashion plays a part in linking modern and old. Thus, explore the above selection for the hottest male TikTokers and influencers and choose the one you wish to hang out with. Within a click, you will have a whole profile and video content to enjoy.

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