How Much Does Publix Pay?

Are you considering working at Publix and wondering if the company hires  14-year employees or how much Publix pays? Well, we have everything you need to know besides the expert answers.

Many would love to work for Publix in 2024. It ranks among the largest employee-owned firms in the United States, has been in operation for decades, and is a famous household name.

Though numerous factors led to the popularity and development of the Publix company, we do not aim to explore them today. Instead, we intend to answer the question; How much does Publix pay? If you want to know how Publix works, the payments for each occupation and more, then this is the right place for you.

We have done extensive research, and to dispel your doubts, let's get started finding out about Publix payment rates and more.

How Much Does Publix Pay?

Publix pay

The hourly payment at Publix Company varies depending on multiple factors. Some of the determinants of Publix's wages include the position, experience of the employees, and location. Ideally, Payscale indicates that Publix pays an estimated $14.34 hourly rate.

The above rate is the closest estimate for the job post of working as the deli clerk at Publix. This means we will highly depend on this hourly payment as the basis of everything until we go into details. Also, keep in mind that all the pay estimations don't account for taxes, medical leaves, paid days off, and other variables. The above variables tend to differ from the state as well as from one employer to the other, which is subject to the location of the Franchise business.

You can proceed to evaluate the differences between gross and net pay for a finer analysis. Meanwhile, let us dive deep into the information, estimated weekly and bi-weekly payments and more.

Does Publix pay weekly or bi-weekly?

Based on our research, we have found that though some supermarkets pay bi-weekly, multiple Publix stores send the paycheck on a weekly basis. Suppose a deli clerk works 40 hours a week at an hourly rate of $14.34; you can easily arrive at a $573.6 weekly payment, which translates to a $114.72 daily payment.

For the bi-weekly payment, they are likely to double the above figure to $1147.2. Note that the above illustration only indicates the gross pay and not the net salary at the end of each working week. If you want to find the net salary, then calculate it with the Take-Home pay calculator and factor in the variables.

Publix is popular because it pays its employees weekly. From that payment, you can easily estimate the expected monthly income so that each individual can understand the expenses and account for them. When the average deli clerk at  Publix works for 40 hours, earning $14.34 per hour, then the monthly salary is estimated to be $2778.

Going with the same parameters, the team member will also earn an annual salary that is approximated to be $29827.2 as the gross pay. That is 40 hours a week, a rate of $14.34 per hour and 260 days a year. In the above estimation, there are a few days off, as well as sick leave. The above payment doesn't account for the taxes.

Does Publix Hire at 14?

Does Publix hire at 14

Publix is a unique company, and because of the opportunities it creates for people, the company is totally different. It even gives youths job opportunities. Not only adults but even a 14-year-old youth can get to work at Publix. But, you only have a particular job position based on eligibility. Among these job posts are the Cashier, bagger as well as floral clerk. However, positions that require expertise and responsibilities are meant for employees aged 18 and above.

Publix is the largest supermarket chain with over 200,000 employees, including teens aged 15 or 14. These teens are mostly young students with work permits or who hold a future position while doing research. In the next section, let us find out how much they pay these teens and other benefits for them.

How Much Does Publix Pay 14 Year Olds?

As clarified in the above section, the hourly rate of payment at Publix depends on the job position. For the teens aged 14 holding a particular entry level, they have a special average hourly pay rate. If, for instance, they are baggers, the rate of $11.60 is the same as the adult bagger. The only issue here is that youths are not allowed to work the same hours as adults, which lowers their pay.

Also, based on the information sourced in May 2024, Cahier Teen was getting a rate of $13.74 hourly, and the produce clerk earned $15.75 that is based on the information obtained from Indeed. However, there are other variables which still affect their hourly pay rates, including the policies.

Note that when Publix is in demand for workers, they are willing to pay higher rates. Employees who possess the expertise and experience in the field earn more regardless of age. Those who are able to work on shift differentials over the weekend and at night and have more flexible schedules will end up getting more payment than normal workers. Though you might also benefit from the bonuses, Publix stores do not apply to all the stores.

Publix Full-Time Hours

At Publix, full-time hours, especially among full-time workers, start at 32 hours a week. However, these hours are determined by the management of the employees' schedules. Some employees might call out for sick leave, which requires someone to fill in for their position.

Most Publix chain stores put their best employees on the sales floor, which optimizes the work toward achieving the goals. Hence, if you are gifted, experienced, and expert, you are expected to work at Publix for at least 40 hours a week. The more hours, the more pay.

How to Get Promoted at Publix from Part-Time to Full-Time

How to get promoted at Publix from part-time to full-time

Two people are involved in the workers' promotion at the Publix chain store. Directly, you will get the district managers as well as store managers who determine part-time workers' promotion to full-time status.

Thus, as long as you have a good relationship with these two, even without confirmation, you can easily get promoted.

Ideally, there is a formal procedure that one goes through to get the promotion at Publix. The store manager and district manager, in a meeting, make a decision. With this, the team member must prove to be a reliable worker who is exceptionally ideal for the position or to be noticed. You can get a simple promotion when the manager gets to know you and how exceptional you are. Communicate it to management and let them know that you want to be promoted to full-time.

Average Hourly Pay Rate Per Position at Publix

The salaries at Publix vary significantly based on the department and specific role, with management, healthcare, and skilled positions like meat cutters being among the highest paid, while entry-level roles like cashiers and baggers are on the lower end of the pay scale. The highest-paying jobs include Pharmacist Manager ($84,461/year), Team Leader ($39,097/year), and Warehouse Selector ($36,393/year). Here's a breakdown of some key positions:

  • Cashier/Bagger: The hourly rate starts at approximately $11.60. This role is one of the entry-level positions, reflecting the lower end of the pay scale.
  • Refrigeration Technician: A skilled position that commands an hourly pay of up to $34.07, highlighting the premium paid for technical expertise.
  • Warehouse Clerk: Typically earns around $14.42 per hour, this role involves responsibilities in the warehouse setting.
  • Meat Cutter: According to PayScale, meat cutters earn an average of $17.19 per hour. This position is skilled within the grocery department and is among the higher hourly wages for non-management roles.
  • Packer: In the warehouse department, a packer can make as much as $39.12 per hour, one of the higher hourly rates, reflecting the skill or demand of the job.

Other Benefits for 14 Years & Adults at Publix

Other Benefits for 14 years old & adults at Publix

Before highlighting the benefits, keep in mind that not everyone is entitled to enjoy these Publix benefits. As long as you meet the eligibility criteria, you can go ahead to claim. Ranging from full-time to part-time, there are different special benefits. some of these benefits are as outlined below:-

  • Paid parental leaves
  • Credit union membership
  • Stock ownership plans at no cost
  • Holiday bonus annually
  • Free flu shots yearly.
  • Group plan for healthcare
  • Weekly pay for the hourly associate
  • Service awards
  • Tuition reimbursements
  • Assistance programs
  • A promote-from-within policy for the advancement
  • 401(k0 retirement plan

And if you are a full-time team member at Publix, then understand that many other benefits are exclusively meant for you. some of these are:-

  • Disability insurance-long term
  • 6 paid holidays
  • Holiday exchange
  • Pay for jury duty, vacation & bereavement.
  • Life insurance.


Publix is a popular supermarket chain with a solid reputation and multiple job opportunities, and it adheres to the perfect traditions. Publix pays employees based on their education, experience, job position, department and other variables. Ideally, many employees have shown salary satisfaction and access to attractive benefits packages. Based on the state or location, you can seek Publix employment with the option of getting a future promotion and higher hourly pay rates.

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