Risk Payment on Facebook – How to Avoid

In online advertising, particularly on platforms such as Facebook (FB), risk payment (RP) issues can sometimes arise, resulting in payment blocks on ad accounts. This can be a significant hurdle for advertisers looking to effectively promote their products or services.

What is a Risk Payment on Facebook?

Risk Payment on Facebook is a procedure implemented when your account is suspected of irregularities or unauthorized payment-related activity.

FB may request additional information or verification from you in such cases to ensure the security of your account and prevent fraud. This is a precautionary measure that helps protect you and your account from potential financial risks.

What are the most common reasons for risk-payment blocks?

Insufficient funds on the debit or credit card used for payment is one of the most common causes of payment block. Meanwhile, PSTNET offers the best cards for Facebook. No more RP bans or other payment problems, thanks to the decline rate and success rate monitoring system from PSTNET.

  • Each card has a transaction limit. If this limit is reached, additional payments may be declined.
  • Occasionally, a card may not be processed due to expiration or other issues with the card information.
  • Incorrect entry of card data may result in payment failure. The transaction may be rejected due to an incorrect card number, expiry date or CVV code.
  • Online payments require high levels of security. If the location of the card used for payment and the location of the account do not match, it may raise suspicion and result in the payment being blocked.
  • The Bank Identification Number (BIN) is the initial six digits of the card number that identify the card-issuing bank. It is important to note that certain BINs may be associated with a higher level of risk, which could result in payment refusal.
  • International transactions may be blocked by some banks for security or other reasons. If your bank does not support international payments, this may result in your Facebook payment failing.

To unblock the payment system and resume advertising on Facebook, advertisers may be required to undergo a verification process or provide additional information to confirm the legitimacy of their payment methods. This may include verifying the Billing Identification Number (BIN) associated with the payment account or providing additional documentation for verification.

Now you know the main reasons for RP on Facebook. It's important for advertisers to stay informed about Facebook's payment policies and guidelines to avoid having their ad accounts blocked. By following the platform's rules and regulations, advertisers can minimize the risk of RP issues that could disrupt their ad campaigns.

However, how can we avoid such problems? What are the main payment methods on FB, and how can we avoid risk payments?

First of all, you can use PSTNET cards for Facebook.

use PSTNET cards for Facebook

The service offers favorable conditions for both new and regular users. And the unique PSTNET Private Card will amaze you with its advantages in the virtual card market in 2024!


  • 0%transaction fee
  • 0%fee for declined payments
  • 0%fee for withdrawal from the card
  • 0%fee for unsuccessful payment attempts.

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The other advantages of the service include:

Unique BINs

With unique Bank Identification Numbers (BINS), PSTNET ensures seamless and secure transactions, adding an extra layer of protection for users.

Unique BINS

Unique BINS

Unique BINS

3D Secure is available

By offering 3D Secure, PSTNET enhances payment security, reducing the risk of unauthorised transactions and ensuring a safe online shopping experience.

Instant issuance

PSTNET enables instant issuance of cards or accounts, allowing users to access their funds or make transactions immediately without delay.

Top up your account at your convenience

Users can conveniently top up their accounts using various methods supported by PSTNET, providing flexibility and easy access to funds.

Track your spending in real time

One of the key features of PSTNET is the ability to track spending in real time, enabling users to manage their finances efficiently and make informed decisions.

So, if you want to avoid RP in your professional and everyday life, PSTNET is the best choice for you!

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