Top 20 Travel Influencers for Diverse Life Experiences

While we might not always have the opportunity to traverse the globe and marvel at its myriad of stunning landscapes, the emergence of travel bloggers has opened up a window for us to experience breathtaking journeys from the comfort of our own homes.

As technology progresses, the internet continues to expand rapidly. A notable trend within this growth is the rise of influencers—individuals with significant persuasive power. Consequently, numerous brands are leveraging influencers for promotion, branding, and marketing efforts.

Given the diversity of niches influencers operate within, our focus today narrows to travel influencers. To save you time, we've conducted thorough research and identified the top 20 travel influencers worth following.

Travel influencers do more than just explore the globe; they play a crucial role in promoting tourism. Let's delve into an overview of the most dedicated and passionate travel influencers in the industry.

1. Chris Burkard (@chrisburkard)

Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is an American influencer who is popular not only in landscaping but also in scenic photographs, especially in beautiful attention in cold places. Chris is currently based in the California central coast region. He even goes beyond to photograph the lifestyle, travel subjects as well as outdoor activities. He is ranked among the top best travel influencers around the world.

In the bio, Chris Burkard describes himself as a filmmaker and photographer. He previously worked as a freelancer for profound media outlets like Water magazine. Through his photography skills, he is able to present a blend of nature and beauty. It is hard to reproduce Burkard's photos because he takes the photojournalistic approach by utilizing various media to obtain humanizing scenes. Currently, his Instagram account features 4 million followers.

2. Jimmy Chin (@jimmychin)

Jimmy Chin

As a travel influencer, Jimmy Chin has over 3.5 million followers and is renowned for his filmmaking and photography skills. He is also an impressive American skier and mountaineer who enjoys sharing his breathtaking outdoor snaps on Instagram, including videos not only on the mountains but also at the sea and in the northern lights. He gives his followers the chance to enjoy the dream come true.

Because of his perfect photography and adventure, he is one of the influential people on social media with national geographic photos, including animal photos on the NG network. He showcases everything for the travel, including scenic and majestic mountains on the platform.

3. Murad Osmann (@muradosmann)

Murad Osmann

Murad Osmann is a Russian photographer and a reputable travel influencer with a score of 96 based on the Klear influencer marketing platform. He has been popular through his photos and the Follow Me project since 2011. He shares photos holding his wife facing the background that has gone viral around the world.

From Instagram, Murad Osmann has gathered over 3.3 million followers and is one of the pioneers of the popular photo trend on the platform. The couple are ranked as the top travel influencers around the globe. They have visited multiple places, including Greece, Moscow, Jordan, etc, and are featured on Forbes as top travel influencers.

4. The Bucket List Family (@thebucketlistfamily)

The Bucket List Family

The other well-known travel influencer on the globe is The Bucket List Family. They started their journey in 215. However, it was Garrett Gee who made the family successful and famous after selling his mobile app to Snapchat for about $54 million. Historically, in 2015, they sold their house to travel around the world, which paved the way for them to enter the industry and step out into the world.

They are documenting their lifestyle, as well as their journey, on various media outlets. From Instagram, they have gathered over 2.9 million followers. They also share their experiences on other media outlets like  TikTok and YouTube. From the contents, you can grab travel tips that consider kids as well. The Bucket List Family is made up of the couple Garrett Gee and Jessica, alongside three kids. The kids have become popular due to sharing their adventurous lifestyle. They have travelled to over 65 countries and are still counting.

5. Jennifer Tuffen (@izkiz)

Jennifer Tuffen

Jennifer Tuffen started exploring photography when she first bought an iPhone. Her origin is traced to Britain. What facilitated her journey into becoming a famous travel influencer is her two mobile photo editing apps, DeluxeFX and Izkiz Cam. She successfully designed these apps, which have been ideal throughout the journey.

Bright photos featured on Instagram are testimony of the skills and love of photography. She currently has over 2.7 million followers on Instagram. The Instagram platform has testimony of multiple beautiful scene photos from around the world in countries like Holland, Turkey, Seychelles, etc.

6. Jack Morris (@jackmorris)

Jack Morris

Jack Morris has 2.5 million followers on Instagram, where he has established a reputation as Doyoutravel. He is an influential travel influencer who features on the top list. He began the journey at 21, including backpacking with the savings obtained from the Manchester carpet job. With the tagging and posting, Jack Morris made money that facilitated his travel plans.

Jack Morris has visited many places, including Egypt, Indonesia, Greece, and Dubai. He has built a mansion-like home in Bali that contains a pool specifically meant for indoor photography. He is an iconic travel influencer with stunning travel and adventure skills.

7. Lauren Bullen (@gypsea_lust)

Lauren Bullen

Lauren Bullen is next on the top list of travel influencers. Professional, he is a dental assistant traced from western Australia. With a passion for travelling, adventure, and visiting more places around the world, Lauren Bullen got inspiration from her twin sister on Instagram.

Today, she has gathered over 2.1million followers on the Instagram platform. Because of their popularity, many brands locally approached her for trip promotion and advertisements, including other deals. Before meeting Doyoutravel in Fiji, Lauren Bullen also explored countries like  India, Seoul, UAE, turkey, etc.

8. Alex Strohl (@alexstrohl)

Alex Strohl

Alex Strohl is a French photographer based in Montana. He is also a perfect storyteller and visual artist who takes over adventure and landscaping photography skills. He is also an author of Alternative Living. Besides being our tip travel influencer, he is also ranked as the go-to photographer on XXLPIX.

With 2 million followers, Alex Strohl has a beautiful travel experience framed in serene landscape photos and his book. He has shared a lot of photos from the Poland visits as well as Iceland visits. To get detailed insights into how to live with people outside your home, read his book Alternative Living.

9. Louis Cole (@louiscole)

Louis Cole

Louis Cole is not only popular on Instagram but also on YouTube. From the YouTube channel Funforlouis, he has recorded 1.99 million subscribers, while Instagram has over 1 million followers. He documents everything you need to learn based on real-life experience in travel and adventure around the world.

Louis Cole is a top travel influencer from the UK who started the blogging journey in 2012. He has also partnered with many brands like Sony, Land Rover, etc. Other than travel vlogging, he is also a well-established filmmaker and musician. With the Beyond Border travel projects, he has explored multiple cities featuring his pilot friends. He has still inspired social change by working with the BBC network and Discovery.

10. Mark Wiens (@migrationology)

Mark Wiens

Mark Wiens is more than a travel influencer. This is because he has established a strong reputation as a food vlogger, YouTube personality, and writer. In his professional content, he explores different cultures around the world based on the cuisine.

According to the current statistics, Mark Wiens has gathered over 1.9 million followers on Instagram. On the other platform, he also features a substantial audience. He is another go-to travel influencer who helps promote brands and travel activities, access insights, and much more marketing.

11. Emilie (@helloemilie)


Emilie is another top travel influencer on our list today for many reasons. She has over 1.3 million followers because of the beautiful and impressive landscape clicks. As an author, she has written a popular book, ‘ Forever Wondering,' which contains all the insights of her adventures and explorations around places.

Through the book alone, you can actually feel the real connection between the natural ecosystem and nature. It highlights the ideal lens through which the beauty of nature is concerned. The travel influencer is taking the internet by storm.

12. Altug Galip (@kyrenian)

Altug Galip

As a very popular photographer around the world, Altug Galip is also a top travel influencer who features over 1.2 followers on Instagram. If you browse through his Instagram handle, be sure to see his breathtaking photographs.

Altug Galip is also among the ambassadors of the T+Ls who still possess four countries of citizenship. This alone has facilitated his travel journey and plans. While behind the lens, he has been able to capture beautiful scenic photos of places like  Cuba, Qatar, Bhutan, and Moscow.

13. Drew Binsky (@drewbinsky)

Drew Binsky

Drew Binsky, with 1 million followers on Instagram, is among the well-established and famous travel influencers and vloggers. Through content creation, he has been able to hold his name and embark on the goal of travelling, exploring, and travelling around the world.

With the content on Instagram and other platforms, Drew Binsky documents the travel experience in the form of photos and videos.

14. Wil Dasovich (@wil_dasovich)

Wil Dasovich

While we know that Wil Dasovich is one of the cancer survivors, he has been ranked as a travel influencer through his inspirational journey and entertainment content. Other than Instagram, which has 864 thousand followers, he also has a well-established YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers.

He has been able to venture into the entertainment industry because he has a lot of experience. At the same time, he was also the winner of the best vlogger of the year when he became cancer-free. Wil Dasovich is technically a top travel influencer for marketing, advertisement, and travel promotions based in the Philippines.

15. Helen Janneson-Bense (@helen_jannesonbense)

Helen Janneson-Bense

Helen Janneson-Bense is featured on this list because she has been ranked as the most impressive influencer since 2016. Instagram handles feature posts and delightful content about the heavenly journey experience, including fashion and lifestyle.

Helen Janneson-Bense has over 692k followers on Instagram, which contains the visual feast of the globe trolling experience as well as breathtaking travel photos around the world. She has everything to rank above-average travel influencers.

16. Brooke Saward (@worldwanderlust)

Brooke Saward

Brooke Saward focuses on blogging much more than using social media platforms. She has a famous website, World of Wanderlust, and her Instagram handle has over 524k followers. Brooke Saward is an Australian-born travel blogger who is also well-established because of the trending celeb in travel and iconic photographs. Among the famous bloggers, you will definitely find her, and so she is also featured on our top 2o travel influencers.

17. Kiersten Rich (@theblondeabroad)

Kiersten Rich

Kiersten Rich, popularly known as Kiki, is among the travel blogger pioneers that left his career in 2011-cooperate wealth management. She joined this travelling plan with a soul-searching goal of exploring more than Australia but also going beyond Bali, New Zealand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, etc. The goal opened her eyes to the lucrative solo travel journey.

With real experience, she turned her passion into a platform, and today, her Instagram features over 514k followers. She has explored over 70 countries so far. She aims to find happiness and peace in a unique adventure. Currently, she is among the professional travel influencers and a writer on YouTube.

18. Where To Find Me | Maz (

Where To Find Me Maz

Maz is a professional hotel appraiser. Through the travel experience and content, she explores multiple beautiful places around the world that she finds ideal to work at. She shares everything on her Instagram account, which currently has over 437k followers.

Many people are impressed with the adventure experience. Likewise, she also has curative and attractive tiktok content that keeps you coming for more on a daily basis. If you need travel influencers in the hotel industry, Where To Find Me | Maz is for deals or promotions.

19. Eric Stoen (@travelbabbo)

Eric Stoen

The mastermind behind the famous Travel Bobbo is Eric Stoen, who has the ideal transformative experience in the travel industry. Though health care by profession, he has a passion for adventure and the travel industry. He left his job in 2014 to start travel blogging with the family.

Though Eric Stone has few followers on Instagram, about 368k followers, he is a worldwide influential travel influencer as arab naked by publications like Forbes and Fodor. Across the seven continents, he has been able to explore over 97 countries and over 62 countries with children.

Eric Stoen's bio indicates he is a traveller and writer who explores crazy scenes and places like Italy, Greece, the Maldives, etc. his passion for adventure is not inspired by seeing new places. Still instead, he aims to create a lasting and deep bond with kids through the shared travel experience. His travel site features impressive travel insights and a roadmap.

20. Brian Kelly (@briankelly)

Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly comes last on our list of the top travel influencers, with over 324k followers on Instagram. He is the founder of the popular The Points Guy which is iconic when you think of loyalty points, travel experience as well as credit cards. Brian Kelly lives his life on the road and has managed to create a TPG  platform where he posts content on adventures, travels, and multiple destinations around the world.

He has revolutionized the way we perceive the travel experience. In his journey, he is one of the celebrated top travel influencers with significant recognition and honour. This is because he is ranked as the first travel blogger or influencer on Forbes and is acknowledged for his Travel+ leisure. He is a smart and more accessible travel influencer.


Travel is a vital industry for thousands of people. Through travel influencers, many people have seen amazing and crazy places to make it simple to plan and prepare for travel trips around the world.

In the above article, we have highlighted the top 20 travel influencers who have a passion for adventure, nature and the world at large. Through their travel experience, you can bank on them as a roadmap to your travel, marketing and travel promotion.

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