Should Smartwatch Developers Do More to Integrate Online Casino Games?

The smartwatch industry has been going for as long as smartphones, but it has failed to reach anywhere near the same success. The turning point for these wearables was in 2015 when Apple released the Apple Watch, but unit sales are still in the low millions in the USA.

Developers seem to have gone all-in on health and fitness but have ignored a huge sector that helped boost the smartphone market. Online casino games were a massive aid to smartphones, and it’s strange that they haven’t had the same effect on smartwatches.

Online Casino Games are Hugely Popular

The online casino industry emerged in the mid-2000s, but it really began to take off when the smartphone market blossomed in the 2010s. This was further helped by the advent of HTML5, which enabled online casino games website developers to streamline their offerings so that they worked perfectly on desktops and mobiles. Now, when players log on to online casinos to play games like Gold Strike Bonanza, they will notice that the game adapts to their smartphone perfectly.

It's a chicken and the egg scenario with smartphones and online casinos, as both sectors had a positive impact on the other. Over the last ten years, they have both ballooned in value and are now worth approximately $500 billion combined. The same can’t be said for smartwatches, however.

Smartwatches are Still Failing to Become Essential

There’s no disputing that smartphones are now essential items, with over 300 million users in the USA alone. Smartwatches are way off the mark, though, with just over 22 million users in 2022. There’s no way that the wearable devices could be considered essential items yet, and it’s a wonder as to whether they’ll ever be able to reach that stage.

Smartwatch developers promised that they’d be multifunctional devices in the same vein as smartphones, but many prospective users still don’t see the advantage of owning one. If the marketing was clearer about the varied ways they could be used, developers may be able to reach more people. Also, they should look to leverage the power of influential industries like the online casino sector, as this could help them replicate the success of smartphones.

Companies Going All in on Health Tracking

Companies like Apple and other tech giants pushing smartwatches are going all-in on the fitness side of things. They do now come with several handy features such as heart rate monitors and blood oxygen level readers. The fitness industry is booming, so it makes sense to try to get involved with it.

However, this method won’t serve everyone. Some users won’t be interested in fitness, and the developers need a different way to reach them. By streamlining them with gaming more effectively, smartwatch companies could reach another massive audience.

Smartwatch developers are missing a trick by failing to integrate casino and mobile games on wearable devices. This synergy was key to the success of smartphones, and it could easily have the same effect on smartwatches.

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