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Wondering if The Social Proxy offers reliable and anonymous 5 & 4G mobile proxies for automation? If you want to manage your social media accounts using mobile proxies, it's worth checking out The social proxy. Please read our review to the end and make an informed decision.

Many proxy providers are online and normally tend to sugarcoat their services. That is the fact, and you are aware. But remember that only some of these providers offer what they claim to have in store for you. They are many things that these firms keep a secret until you try the services.

Therefore, all providers are perfect, but for you to evaluate the effectiveness, you must get the premium package. While The Social Proxy sounds like a new provider on the internet, the company has come with multiple promises. Due to the demand, we are delighted to present you with an honest The Social Proxy review and help you gauge if you are going for them.

Before you commit to the Scoal proxy services, you must read our review and deeply understand what they offer and what you need to expect. Let us start by checking out the background of the company.

The Social Proxy Overview

The Social Proxy Logo


The Social Proxy is a proxy provider company that offers customers high-quality and reliable 4 and 5G mobile proxies. Though the company is still new, we have traced, and from the data online, it's based in Israel. These mobile proxies come with multiple advanced features, which we will look at in the next section about well-known social media automation because they are compatible with many bots.

The Social Proxy is a unique company that offers customers complete control of the system since these proxies do not rely on the P2P network. Our research seems they are sourced from the 5g and 4G LTE devices.

Though this 5 G and 4G mobile private proxies are well-known for social media management, they are also effective in many use cases. These include brand protection, price comparison, data scraping, web testing, SEO monitoring, travel aggregation, and quality assurance. The proxies are made for automation.

Coupling perfect geographic targeting and friendly pricing plans, unlimited or untouched feature-full mobile connection with limit-free traffic is making the company take over the market by storm. Recently, the company added the US location in Texas and New York, besides covering Israel, Germany, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The proxies come with awesome speed.

On top of the excellent customer support, the company also supports HTTP(S) protocols, and for extra security, they offer you user-pass authentication. However, the pricing is based on the package; speed is good with the option to request IP replacement and a favorable return policy alongside the REST API enabled. Still, customers have live access to the logs on the go.

With that in mind, let us go into detail about the pros and cons of The Social Proxy before diving into the features in the next section.

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The Social Proxy Overview

The Social Proxy Pros

While The Social Proxy is still new to the market, it offers many advanced features and is developing day and night. It's among the few firms offering proxies supporting all the use cases. Besides high-quality proxies that are raw and sourced from real devices, we will now give you clear information on what you need to expect to enjoy with these proxies. Here are some of the pros.

Excellent Customer Support

The Social Proxy customer support is ever-present and very responsive. Although they have recently introduced live customer support services, you can always contact them through email or get the support ticket online. The team is ever-present and responsive. On top of that, they also offer support through their social media platforms. Thus, you can get them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., without forgetting they have detailed information, guides, and FAQs to give you an overview.

Raw 5G and 4G Mobile Proxies

The company claims they have raw and unaltered mobile private proxies, guaranteeing a high success rate and anonymity. They are sourced from real users with owned equipment. The company does not count on P2P proxies but relies on real devices for secure connection and excellent speed. Still, it is hard for the web to detect the proxies, and it goes ahead to provide the anti-proxy detection systems for confirmation.

Excellent Social Media Automation and Other Use Cases

The Social Proxy, though very well known for its social media automation, also now goes beyond to support all proxy use cases. The prices are compatible with many software programs and designed for multiple uses.

They have also recorded a success rate in social media management and account automation. These proxies have made the proxy use simple and effective and offer the IP rotation and the capability to configure the proxy through the API to get real-time or live logs. This is vital in managing and evaluating blocks while you surf the internet.

The company has engineered the proxy that can aggressively work on any use cases from Instagram and other social media accounts to other cases such as marketing management, brand protection, sneaker copping, price comparison, data extraction, and business development.

Stellar Connection Speed

Many companies develop multiple features that interfere with the proxy connection speed, especially when re-rerouting is among the services. You might get blocked, detected, or impatient with the task when speed is poor. The Social Proxy mobile private proxies are fast, and the configuration is excellent without interfering with the connection.

Based on our test, the speed was good for both the download and upload. The result was excellent for a typical mobile proxy provider. Their high speed is part of the result that this firm does not rely on P2P proxy routing. Therefore, we highly recommend The social proxy for the reliable and stellar mobile proxies on the market.

Easy to Understand Pricing Plan

The Social Proxy Location

While the company offers you a 24-hour free proxy trial, they also give you access to premium proxies. The pricing model is simple and based on the package rather than the bandwidth, as other competitors do. The only thing you will be paying for is the port, whose pricing plan starts from €89 for Texas, Australia, and the UK.

You can purchase the proxies based on the target region. But all packages have the Enable IP rotation, REST API, multiple carriers, multiple-location licenses, and connection speed between 100 to 400 Mbps.

Still, they accept multiple secure payment methods. These include PayPal, visa, American Express, and many more. The packages guarantee you the highest trust score, and we can attest to that.

The Social Proxy Cons

The above part has covered the pros of The Social Proxy. In the country, we also intend to share a few of the comebacks you can expect to experience with this provider. Therefore, here are some of our weaknesses based on our experience.

Only Mobile Proxies

The company is famous for its 5G and 4G mobile private proxies. These proxies are effective for all use cases. However, they have yet to offer other proxies to supplement the mobile proxies. If you are looking for residential or data center proxies and mobile or ISP under one roof, there are better choices than this.

Does'ot Offer IP Authentication

The Social Proxy company only offers customers user-pass authentication. Therefore, once you purchase a package, they give you the username and password; you can use these proxies.

Unfortunately, the company does not use the advanced authentication method, sometimes called IP whitelisting. This is the simplest way a customer can easily authenticate proxies using any software if you have the port and proxy address. If you prefer IP authentication, The Social Proxy does not support it.

Limited Geo-Location Targeting

This is one of the drawbacks of The Social Proxy over other alternative firms. When writing this review, the company only offers geo-targeting regions based in the UK, Australia, Israel, and Germany. Lastly, they have added the US, specifically New York and Texas. Therefore, you are unlucky if you search for the 5G and 4G mobile private proxies targeting other regions beyond the above. There is another best alternative on the market for you.

Bright Data is one of the reliable mobile proxy providers that bases its routing on the P2P network and offers a large geo-location coverage. When purchasing The social proxies mobile Ip address, you must first decide on the target region and choose from the packages on their web page. You can also request the IP replacement or switching, which is only available twice a month.

The Social Proxy Features

The Social Proxy Feature

While proxies have pros and cons, they also come with amazing features. You will realize that the test done on these proxies results come with flying colors, but the features again will surprise you. Here is what we have collected for you to weigh and make an informed decision.

Unlimited Bandwidth

The Social Proxy Pricing

This is one of the largest features that might surprise you from The Social Proxy firm. While most firms restrict the traffic, this provider is irrespective of which package and location you select on the site; they also guarantee unlimited bandwidth. This gives you the capability to have full power on social media automation, sneaker copping, and multiple account management without issues.

Free Trail and Discounts

The company uses this feature for marketing its proxy packages. Besides the free trial, which is available for all the packages you select for 24 hours, they also give you a 3 days window for the refund option if you are not satisfied with the proxies.

Besides that, free proxies enable you to test the performance for a day before committing. When you purchase over 10 ports, the company guarantees discounts on such bulk orders. Reach out to them for more details on the discount case.

REST API Integration Enabled

Enabling API is one of the basic features of all proxy providers. However, you can access The Social Proxy's robust REST API integration. You can enable it so that you utilize these proxies to carry out multiple services. This is why the proxies are effective and support all the use cases, from the sneaker copping to the social media account management or automation. The integration also gives customers numerous options and control power. These are setting the duration of rotation, changing the IP or rotation, etc.

Live Customer Support

If you encounter a problem, The Social Proxy customer care is always available to help you. They have live customer support for instant and remote guidance. In addition, they also provide support through email or rather connecting with the team on the social media handles such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Social Proxy Performance Evaluation

The Social Proxy Performence

We also evaluated The Social Proxy's performance, and the results make the firm stand out. It is always a good move to test what you want to purchase. They claim to offer excellent connection speed, and experiments considering speed and latency gave us good download and upload speeds.

The result showed a reduction from 16Mbps to 6Mbps and 17.26 Mbps to 3.05 Mbps, respectively. This is a stellar speed for mobile proxies. With no serious lag compared to typical residential, the outcomes indicate the stability level for these mobile proxies.

The load-balancing capability also gave us pleasing results. The uptime percentage was on another level. The network connection stability, therefore, was reliable and more stable for all-purpose cases such as account automation, SEO monitoring, data scraping, sneaker coping, etc. Our test evaluation consisted of various sites and speed tests, mostly done using the Speedtest tool.

The Social Proxy Customer Service

The Social Proxy Customer Support

The Social proxy company has recorded responsive and efficient customer care support. They have introduced multiple methods of contacting the support team. To start with the latest, the company now offers live support services for urgent and efficient cases.

Previously, the firm offered customer support through their official email address by individual ticket. The result indicates a positive response. Their website details API documentation, blogs, and an FAQ section to answer all the issues.

If that is not enough, you can also connect with the support team on social media accounts. The staff is available on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. follow, and they engage with them for any issues. The customer support is top-notch.

Do We Recommend The Social Proxy?


Though they have minimal cons, the benefits are more and outweigh the few weaknesses we have discussed from our experience. Therefore, The Social Proxy is a unique 5G and 4G mobile proxy provider for automation and other use cases. We highly recommend it for all purposes but consider the weaknesses before committing to the premium packages based on your target region.


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