Top 7 Trends in Software Product Development for 2023

The integration of cutting-edge technologies and the application of new development methods in accordance with customer requirements are key indicators of where tech talents and companies should focus their efforts.

Every year there are new trends in software development and IT careers – standing still is not an option. Conversely, being at the forefront of current software development trends is the only way to stay ahead of the competition and meet your customers' needs.

At Axon, we conducted an analysis of the software product development industry to find out which software trends will dominate in 2023.

1. Focus on the cloud

Focus on the cloud

The years 2021 and 2022 have shown the importance of cloud services being able to either scale up or down as needed. While some industries have thrived during the COVID-19 pandemic, others (e.g. tourism) have seen a sharp drop in demand. Companies with cloud-based platforms avoided paying for data center services they didn't need.

Therefore, in 2023, many more companies will probably move their operations to the cloud – cloud architects are more in demand than ever.

2. A wave of low-code/no-code development

The need for software engineers is greater than their availability, making low-code/no-code (LCNC) programming a must for organizations that can easily drive new initiatives.

This type of software also allows people without development training to create databases and other applications to support agile processes. This ability is becoming more commonplace and will continue to grow in 2023 and beyond. Find more info here.

3. The rise of Python and JavaScript

Programming languages that are easy to learn and use are becoming increasingly popular, which is why Python and JavaScript should still be in demand in 2023.

Python is widely used in data science (by data scientists and data engineers) and in a number of other fields, while JavaScript remains the most popular language, especially for beginning developers.

4. Advances in using modern languages

Modern development languages are also capable of meeting the needs of today's software developers. Languages like Rust, Go, and Kotlin are growing in popularity due to features like type inference, null safety, expressiveness, and conciseness.

Some experts predict that Rust will finally break through in 2023. Both Microsoft and Amazon recently announced significant investments in Rust.

5. Upsurge in native app development

With the increasing spread of mobile devices, mobile apps and, thus, mobile developers are becoming more and more important. To build apps with the most flexibility and best performance, software development teams at companies that can afford it are opting for native app development, i.e. H. creating two or more separate versions of an app for each major mobile operating system (OS).

6. Increase in progressive web apps

Increase in progressive web apps

Progressive web apps (PWAs) combine the best websites and mobile apps to provide users with a streamlined experience without requiring companies to develop separate mobile apps for specific operating systems.

They are built using languages such as JavaScript, CSS and HTML and can be used on any web browser platform. Because PWAs can enable cost savings while improving customer retention, their usage is likely to increase in 2023.

7. Spread of Edge Computing

Edge computing that powers the IoT is happening closer to the point of data creation. For example, utility companies can deploy edge devices to collect information about devices and process it nearby, sending only relevant information back to headquarters.

Software developers must ensure that such devices take advantage of the computational speed and processing efficiency of which they are capable, while paying special attention to security considerations.

At Axon, we believe that a software product offers potential customers added value that makes them willing to pay for it. If you want to launch a new software product, our company is at your disposal. As an experienced outsourcing provider, Axon can form a self-organized dedicated team for your project and accompany you through all phases of the life cycle of your software product.

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