Is There Any Way to Transfer Data From iPhone to iPhone Without Erasing Data?

Do you wish to transfer data to a new iPhone without removing data? This guide will highlight a reliable method through which you can transfer iPhone data in a proficient manner.

Some conventional ways require shifting data from one platform to another by resetting the devices. It can cause you to delete all the valuable data on your old iPhone. In contrast, some professional data transfer tools do not require factory resetting your iPhones. They use advanced techniques to transfer files from Android to iPhone without overwriting the existing data.

If you are willing to learn about credible data transfer software, you are at the right place. This guide will discuss detailed instructions on how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone. Thus, keep exploring this article to find the best data transfer methods.

Part 1: Why Transferring Data from iPhone to iPhone is More Preferred Without Reset

Moving data from iPhone to iPhone without reset is preferred for many reasons. This section will highlight the major reasons for transferring data without a factory reset.

  • Convenient and Saves Time: Resetting your iPhone requires time and effort. Thus, moving data without performing a factory reset is more convenient. Without unwanted delays, you can shift the desired data to another iPhone.
  • Keeping Device’s Settings: One of the significant disadvantages of resetting the device is removing the personalized settings. Hence, you can preserve the app and device’s settings without resetting the iPhone.
  • Minimizes the Disruption: You may disrupt your workflow while resetting the iPhone. You would need to sign into accounts and reinstall applications from scratch. Therefore, moving data without a factory reset can help you continue your daily activities.
  • Preserving App Data: Many apps save the user’s data on the device's internal storage. Moving data without resetting makes sure to keep the app’s data. It can include user preferences, game progress, and other notes.

Part 2: 2 Ways to Transfer Data Without Erasing Your iPhone’s Current Data

There are two simple ways to send data from iPhone to iPhone. To discover them, let’s jump into the details below:

Way 1: Wondershare MobileTrans

Do you want a safe way to move data from iPhone to iPhone? Wondershare MobileTrans uses over 98% privacy protection to keep the user’s confidential data intact. It has helped more than 5 million users to transfer, restore, and back up their data. The Phone Transfer feature can help you move selective data from iPhone to iPhone.

To select the data, check the boxes of respective data files. Afterward, you can move everything to the new iPhone with a single click. The best factor about this software is that it can be launched on Mac and Windows. Moreover, it supports the widest coverage of smartphone devices. With such diversity, global users can try this data transfer tool.

Key Features

  • Import to Phone: Sometimes, people create a backup of their precious data on the computer. This transfer feature will assist you if you wish to import this data to your phone. Connecting the phone to the PC lets you easily import data into it.
  • iCloud to Phone: Are you shifting from iPhone to Android? You may worry about your iCloud data while moving to Android. However, this tool allows you to easily synchronize the iCloud data to Android devices.
  • Export to Computer: Storage issues on mobile devices are common. In this scenario, you should export the phone’s data to the computer. To do so, the phone transfer feature can minimize your manual efforts. You can move data from your phone by establishing a connection with the PC.

How Do You Move Data From iPhone to iPhone With Wondershare MobileTrans?

Do you know how to use this platform for data transfer? If not, this guide will help you shift the selective data from iPhone to iPhone.

Step 1: Install MobileTrans and Select Phone Transfer 

Go to the official website of Wondershare MobileTrans to download it. From there, follow the given instructions to complete its installation. After that, open this tool and click “Phone Transfer.”

Install MobileTrans and Select Phone Transfer 

Step 2: Connect the iPhones to the PC 

Click on the “Phone to Phone” option from the Phone Transfer feature. Now, the tool will require connecting both iPhones to the computer. So, Apple-certified relevant USB cables to connect them. Once the software detects your iPhones, choose the data to transfer. Check the boxes of the data you want to transfer from the iPhone to the iPhone. Once done, click the “Start” button to initiate the transfer process.

Connect the iPhones to the PC 

Way 2: iCloud Sync

iCloud Sync is a valuable feature of Apple that allows users to move data between iOS devices. Through this feature, users can transition to their new iOS devices smoothly. Before starting, ensure that both iPhones run on the latest iOS versions. Moreover, your iPhones should have a stable internet connection for a successful iCloud Sync. After fulfilling the requirements, follow the below-simplified steps:

Step 1: On your new iPhone, sign into your iCloud. Ensure that you log into the same iCloud enabled in the old iPhone. Now, open “Settings” on your new iPhone and tap the “Profile” icon. From there, select “iCloud” to proceed.”

Step 2: Choose the “Show All” option under the “App Using iCloud” section. Now, turn on the toggle of apps like photos or contacts whose data you want to synchronize. This way, the data from your old iPhone will be synced to the new iPhone.

Choose the Show All option

Part 3: In-Depth Comparison Between iCloud Sync and Wondershare MobileTrans

Do you know the best method between iCloud Sync and Wondershare MobileTrans? This section will compare these two solutions to help you choose the best way.

FeatureWondershare MobileTransiCloud Sync
iCloud to AndroidYesNo
Storage RestrictionNoYes
WhatsApp Backup in HTML or PDFYesNo
iOS to Android or Android to iOSYesNo
Transfer AppsYesNo
Transfer PlaylistsYesNo
Google Drive to iPhoneYesNo


Moving data from iPhone to iPhone is technical work for beginners. So, you must research authentic data transfer solutions before moving data to the new iPhone. This article has disclosed two ways to share data from iPhone to iPhone.

However, the most reliable solution is Wondershare MobileTrans, which ensures the fastest transmission speed. Moreover, it does not require factory resetting the iPhone for data transfer.

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