Useful Tech Solutions To Make Truck Drivers Safer

Trucking is essential for the economy. Trucks deliver more weight than ships, trains, and planes. According to the US Census Bureau, trucking is one of the most common jobs in 29 states. Unfortunately, this job is very dangerous as well.

There are an estimated number of 500,000 accidents involving trucks in the US each year. Some of these accidents are caused by cars, but there are other causes as well. Other causes include driver fatigue and careless operation of the vehicle. Some accidents are caused by pre-existing truck defects, such as those affecting brakes, tires, steering wheel, and even the engine.

This problem can be solved through communication and familiarization that is already implemented in companies like MigWay.

Luckily, modern trucking technology is evolving, thus doing the protocols that increase safety for drivers everywhere. Here are some technological solutions that you should consider investing in!

Trucking Software

A GPS fleet management system, which includes GPS tracking devices for the trailer fleet, allows you to see the location of your trailers across the entire fleet in near real-time. This reduces the likelihood of theft and the associated financial losses.

Tracking the location of your trailer can also aid in the recovery of stolen valuables by allowing you to notify law enforcement authorities in a timely and proper manner. Another benefit of the trailer tracking software is an overview of all your assets.

The software offers a PC version as well as a smartphone app, so you can keep track of your trailers and fleet at all times. You may also monitor the temperature of the cargo in your trailers, ensuring that it is carried in the best possible condition.

You get more than just reliable trailer monitoring with a GPS fleet management solution. Furthermore, you also get near-real-time security alerts, which help prevent unauthorized use, such as when the doors to a trailer are opened. You can respond faster to alert authorities and assist protect your important cargo if there is any questionable activity.

Smart sensors, integration possibilities, and a list of clever new tools can make your business more profitable. Customers can use this platform to track assets in a variety of asset management applications, including industrial markets, transportation and logistics, government, supply chain, oil and gas, and construction.

Trucking Software

Alert systems

Drivers are only allowed to drive for 11 hours at a time under federal laws. Despite this, research reveals that many drivers break the law on purpose. Driver tiredness occurs due to human error, even among drivers who follow established protocols.

As a result, driver alert systems can be essential in averting accidents caused by fatigued drivers. As technology grows “smarter” through the use of algorithms, these systems will be able to more reliably detect a driver's fatigue and alert them to take a break.

Electronic stability control 

ESC, like driver alert systems, tracks tire movement and steering wheel activity over time. Instead of measuring a driver's level of drowsiness, it looks for signs of slippage or loss of traction.

When a defect is detected, the system can immediately execute tasks such as lowering the vehicle's speed or engine power.

Rearview cameras

Reverse cameras are small, wide-angle cameras mounted in the back of a vehicle and linked to either the infotainment screen on the instrument panel or a small monitor in the rearview mirror.

When the driver begins reversing, the camera screen automatically appears to show the vehicle's rear. Some systems use lines on the screen called “moving parking guidelines” as a guide to show the path of the car's direction to help the driver reverse more accurately.

Rearview cameras

Visual limitations are a source of concern, particularly among large truck drivers. Cameras, thankfully, provide a simple solution. Cameras aid in the assessment of blind spots on the road by providing the driver with a clear view of the back of the truck.

Vehicle reversing cameras not only save money by decreasing minor accidents, but they also save lives by allowing drivers to see more clearly behind their vehicles. This allows drivers to be more aware of their surroundings, particularly children and small animals.

Artificial Intelligence

Fleet and staff management are among the most important tasks that AI can perform. AI can help derive key insights from large pools of data collected from all the trucks in a fleet trip by analyzing large pools of data collected from all the trucks in a fleet. For example, after analyzing the behaviors of drivers in a fleet, AI can identify which drivers are struggling to meet safety protocols and recommend that those drivers receive remedial coaching. Self-driving trucks are another AI application that is gaining popularity.

One issue you may experience is driver’s acceptance of new technology, particularly with truckers who aren't used to incorporating modern technological tools into their trips. This problem can be solved through communication and familiarization.

In the long run, you'll save money by avoiding the financial repercussions and tragic loss of life associated with truck accidents. Furthermore, having a fleet that is less prone to accidents can do wonders for your organization's reputation.

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