The Different Ways To Listen To Music And How To Choose

Every day, people listen to many types of music. Whether it's a song on the radio, classical play in an orchestra hall, or even Beethoven on their smartphone as they ride the bus to work, there is a different way for everyone to enjoy music. Here are descriptions of 5 different ways that people can listen to music and tips on how you can choose your favorite method.

Listening through vinyl records

One way to listen to music is by listening through vinyl records. Vinyl records are the opposite of mp3s which are compressed audio files that can often take up three times their original size on a computer or iPod.

Listening through vinyl records

Listening to music through vinyl records has many benefits because it takes the audio file and ‘uncompresses' it so you can hear it more closely how the artist intended for us to hear their song. When listening to vinyl with headphones, the warmth in the sound, not only makes for better quality but also gives your ears a break from all of today's modern technology where everything sounds digitalized, artificial, and similar sounding.

This doesn't mean that if you have an appreciation for this type of thing then you will love listening to vinyl but there are some people that just feel a sort of nostalgia that makes them enjoy listening to vinyl more than mp3s.

Using a speaker

Using a speaker can be great when you want an immersive and reverberating sound. It can be awesome to play your music loud and proud, but it's not the only way to listen. When listening to good speakers, it is easy to get carried away with the volume, which may lead to hearing loss in later life. There are other ways to enjoy your favorite songs than blasting them at high volumes.

If you're listening on speakers, consider using earphones instead for a more contained sound that limits exposure to potentially damaging noise levels.

Listening on earphones

Listening to music through earphones is a good way of enjoying your music as it often makes you feel closer to the song. The downside is that some people do not like using them as they claim it reduces their concentration levels and affects productivity levels.

Other things one needs to consider before buying an earphone are price, comfort, length of the cord, and type of jacks used. Earphones can be divided into four main types on the basis of these criteria:

  • A. In-ear earphones: They fit inside one's ears for a comfortable experience. It also cuts out background noise effectively which enhances the quality of the listening experience. These are mostly available for iPods or MP3 players with standard 3mm jack size.
  • B. Wired earphones: These are cheaper than the wireless ones but can affect your listening experience as you may encounter sound leakage while using them. Most standard 3mm jack MP3 players come with these cordless earphones.
  • C. In the ear canal: These come with noise protection which enhances the quality listening experience. The bass may not be as high as compared to other types of earphones but it is a good choice for people who listen to music while working on desktops or laptops.
  • D. Canal earphones: They are perfect for traveling as they are light in weight and do not cause discomfort even after being used for long periods of time. They are ideal if one wants to enjoy listening to music while commuting or working out at the gym because you can quietly listen to music without attracting any attention from people around you.

Listen through Spotify

Another way you could listen for free is through Spotify, an online music streaming service that offers free and paid features. You can listen to any song or album you want and create your own playlists, much like how you would on a normal mp3 player such as iPod.

There are also many apps such as Spotify's app for iPhone or Android where you can download the songs onto your device so you don't need WiFi when you want to listen to it. The only downside is that not all songs will be available in this format and it won't be free forever, but this is still a good alternative if you're looking for one.

Listen through YouTube

Listen through YouTube

Another way of listening to music legally that doesn't require money would be through YouTube which is another great platform for artists that allows them to directly connect with their fans. On this site, artists can upload their music onto YouTube where it is freely available for people to listen to.

Many times, these songs are uploaded by the owners themselves or through their record label which will often feature the latest releases. This is great because you can get an opportunity to listen to new music that you wouldn't be able to hear otherwise and with just one click of a ‘subscribe' button you'll be able to stay up-to-date on your favorite. Artist's newest release without having to buy anything at all!

This article has explained how there are many different ways to listen and it's up to you which way works best for you. Keep in mind to choose well from these options, as we all have different tastes in music and styles on listening.

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