Angel Sleeper Pillow Review: Who Is It Right for?

Are you looking for a comfortable pillow for back and side sleep position? Or are you looking for a unique therapeutic pillow to maintain a neutral position of your spine? Angel sleeper pillow comes with ergonomic specifications t offer you the comfort you need. This blog will get into details to help you understand everything about angel sleeper pillow.

Overview: Is It Worth It?

The sleep industry is introducing many products to curb your sleep disorders. Posture pillows have had extreme growth in popularity recently. While the standard pillows can be ideal, posture pillows are healthy alternatives. To be more specific, the angel sleeper pillow feels even better for back and side sleepers seeking for perfect rest and recovery.

Angel Sleeper Pillow

The unique design seen on the angel pillow helps to maintain a neutral position for your spine. You can also protect your neck and shoulder from developing pain, thus creating a comfortable sleep environment.

The materials used to manufacture the angel pillow provide extra support to the upper part of the body. Polyurethane foam and polyester fiberfill are the common materials used in the angel pillow. Other angel pillow models have air pumped into them to offer extra comfort. The ultimate goal of the manufacturers is to promote a healthy sleeping position. Experts in the therapeutic industry argue that angel sleeper pillow is good for the spine.

Angel Sleeper Pillow design

People suffering from sleep apnea and pregnant women can find angel pillow a perfect alternative to the standard pillow options. With the ergonomic features like free airflow and soft feel, back and side sleepers find the product amazingly useful. The tilt design of the angel sleeper pillow gives comfort and reduces your chances of waking up with sores in the morning. The pillow also does offer reduced pressure on your body. You can also find different sizes of angel pillow that match the size of your body.

Who Is It Right for?

Angel sleeper pillow is designed to comply with side and back sleepers. Its unique design is tailored to give back and side sleepers a proper spine and neck alignment. If you already experience sleep disorders or spine pains, resting on the angel pillow will help to reduce the stress and will enhance recovery.

angel pillow back sleeper

For the back sleepers, the pillow offers excellent support to the neck, head, and shoulders. However, the pillow should be placed in a reverse position for maximum support and comfort. Unlike other standard options, the angel pillow does not exert pressure on the body. side sleepers with angel pillow Side sleepers can also enjoy better night sleep and an energized day after. The cradle design offers optimal support to side sleepers while the rest their arm on the unique cutout on the side of the pillow. That way, the sleeper can avoid unnecessary numbness that usually results from sleeping in an uncomfortable position. Typically, the sleeper experiences reduced pressure on the side when they use the pillow.

How Angel Sleeper Pillow Works

Angel sleeper pillow works best for both side and back sleepers. It has a custom design that is not only good for reducing pain and stiffness on the neck but also gives a relaxed and comfortable sleep. The pillow does not need to be used in a specific orientation. You can choose any direction, depending on your sleep style.

Let’s have a look at how the angel sleeper pillow is crafted, and the sleep experience it offers to the consumer.

Angel sleeper pillow comes with a unique cover. The manufacturer has used copper-infused polyester materials to craft the cover. This specific material can prevent moistures and eradicate unwanted odor that might affect your sleeping experience.

The angel sleeper pillow is designed uniquely to form a wedge shape. One end tends to be wider than the other so that it can be easily adjustable to accommodate both back and side sleepers.

To ensure you get the best sleeping experience, you should use the angel sleeper pillow correctly. For side sleepers, ensure the broader part of the pillow is facing the head of your bed. This will provide a comfortable space to support the head upright. The manufacturer designed the pillow with some small cutout where you can rest your arms naturally to keep comfortable.

On the other hand, back sleepers need to flip the pillow in a way that the wider part faces the direction of your feet. This way, the pillow will provide enough support and cradling to the neck.

The angel sleeper pillow can take around 5 to 10 days to form to your head. The first nights might not be ideal, but you need to keep trying the pillow out.

Angel Sleeper Pillow Specifications

Angel Sleeper Pillow Features

  • The pillow comes with a unique shape that is good for both side and back sleepers.
  • The design of this angel sleeper pillow is adjustable; thus, it can fit your head naturally after a few nights.
  • The pillowcase of the angel sleeper pillow can be machine washed and dried. The manufacturer uses hypoallergenic materials for the pillow.
  • The pillow is considered to be therapeutic since it can help the consumer to reduce the pressure as well as boost recovery from pre-existing pain.

Disadvantages 0f Angel Sleeper Pillow

The angel sleeper pillow does not have much of the excellent part to talk about. The drawbacks discussed below indicate that there are better options out there. Here are the major disadvantages of the angel sleeper pillow.

The price tag of the angel sleeper pillow is relatively high. You can get a lot of better options for the $40 and $ 60 that you spend on this particular pillow. If you compare the features of the angel sleeper pillow with its rivals, you will realize that the price does not match.

The manufacturer does not offer a warranty or sleep trial for their product. Consumers are only granted a 30-day return policy.


The angel sleeper pillow may sound like a useful option as it promotes an excellent sleeping experience for some consumers. The support it offers to both side and back sleepers is relatively fair. Even though the price is high, the angel pillow delivers an appreciable performance in promoting a healthy posture. Before you purchase one, you might want to consider personal preferences. Otherwise, a lot more pillow options out there come with way more features that you can invest in.

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