Clean Zone CPAP Cleaner Review: Is It Worth to Buy?

CPAP equipment is a lifesaver for people suffering from sleep apnea. Like any other medical equipment, CPAP requires regular cleaning to eliminate contaminants. Clean zone CPAP cleaner is a significant device to help with the cleaning. Read on to learn more.


Patients with sleep apnea can improve the breathing process with the help of CPAP equipment. The device can be used daily. Thus, microorganisms are likely to build up. The CPAP accessories such as filters, humidifiers, and masks can create an environment for breeding the microbial.

sleep apnea with CPAP equipment

Typically, you will not want to suffer from respiratory diseases caused by the harmful microorganisms found in used CPAP equipment. Thus, you need to potentially keep your breathing device safe using the clean zone machine.

CPAP accessories

Manual cleaning can work, but you are not guaranteed complete eradication of the harmful microbial. Similarly, the process can be time-consuming. Some people may find it challenging to adhere to the correct procedure for cleaning the CPAP accessories. The introduction of the automatic cleaner like a clean zone brings a hassle-free alternative.

What is Clean Zone Cpap Cleaner?

The clean zone is a device that uses ozone instead of water and detergents to clean CPAP equipment. The cleaner is considered a more effective cleaning alternative. The potentially dangerous microbes, such as molds, bacteria, and other viruses, are eradicated at a rate of 99%.

Clean Zone Cpap Cleaner

The cleaning device is designed with a portable design and can be rechargeable. People who travel a lot can use the cleaner to thoroughly cleanse and disinfect the CPAP equipment and use it after a short time. This means that the device is capable of sanitizing CPAP accessories with minimal efforts. Further, time is saved, and the patient can use their CPAP device almost immediately after cleaning. This is unlikely when these breathing assistants are cleaned manually.

Clean Zone Key Features and Specifications

Clean Zone Features

  • The summary below highlights the significant features of the clean zone.
  • The device has a relatively quiet cleaning process.
  • The clean zone comes with a lithium-ion battery that can be rechargeable.
  • The clean zone can eradicate up 99% of microorganisms inside the CPAP equipment.
  • The cleaning process can take up to 30 minutes.
  • The clean zone machine does not require chemicals or water for cleaning.
  • The clean zone machine is compatible with most types of masks. There is no need to disassemble the CPAP equipment before cleaning.

Is the Clean Zone Right for You?

People with obstructive sleep apnea are the most likely to use the CPAP device. If you are one of those, you need to prevent yourself from health risks caused by germs and bacteria inside the device. As such, you need a clean zone machine to practice an easy way to clean and sanitize your CPAP equipment.

Clean Zone CPAP-Cleaner

Unlike the traditional cleaning method, the clean zone is an alternative that requires less time and effort. With this cleaner, you are guaranteed to eradicate 99% of the microbes. You may also need the device to improve your overall health. Adapting the cleaning process will keep you safe and less prone to respiratory disorders.

How Does the Clean Zone Work?

Once you have purchased the clean zone CPAP cleaner, you might fail to understand its operation at first glance. The cleaner is a game-changer as you can accommodate and clean most types of CPAP machines. Check out the following simple steps for using the clean zone CPAP cleaner.

Step 1: Before putting the mask into the cleaner, disconnect the mask from the tube. Connect the correct adapter to the tube and attach it to the cleaner.

Step 2: upon pressing the power button, a 30-minute cleaning cycle will begin. The cleaner uses ozone or activated oxygen to eradicate the germs and bacteria inside the CPAP equipment. The ozone is pumped into the tube and reservoir to kill the microorganisms. The cleaning process is automatic; no action is needed in the process.

Step 3: once the cleaning cycle is complete, the cleaner will shut automatically. This happens after a 30-minutes cleaning cycle.

You can opt for the sanitizing bag to clean the mask and reservoir both inside and outside.

Why Activated Oxygen is Used: Safety and Efficacy

Activated oxygen, also known as ozone, is significant in the cleaning process of CPAP equipment. Activated oxygen is derived from normal oxygen. The clean zone machine breaks down normal oxygen into three molecules, termed as ozone. The molecules kill the germs and bacteria when they come in contact.

Activated Oxygen ozone

You understand that the CPAP device creates a warm environment. The condition inside the device is a favorable breeding ground for harmful germs and bacteria. Ozone plays a crucial role in disinfecting the CPAP, thus killing about 99% of these microorganisms.

The respiratory therapists and reports from extensive research recommend activated oxygen. Hospitals use it to sanitize medical equipment, while water purification firms use ozone to eradicate harmful microbes. Therefore, activated oxygen can be promising in the cleaning process carried out in the clean zone machines.

On the other hand, ozone can be dangerous if not handled correctly. The clean zone machines ensure that all ozone is used or converted back to regular oxygen to reduce harm. If released, ozone takes around 20 minutes to convert into regular oxygen. Patients can also find ozone so irritating and can worsen pre-existing lung conditions.

Clean Zone Vs Handwashing

  • Effectiveness

The clean zone is an automatic CPAP cleaner that cones with promised convenience and effectiveness. Unlike hand washing, the cleaner is time saving and effortless operation.

The level of performance demonstrated by the clean zone device is appealing. Activate oxygen can potentially eradicate all harmful organisms inside the CPAP. Hand washing might not guarantee complete removal of germs and bacteria from the CPAP equipment.

Plus, hand washing involves the usage of chemicals or detergents. This can increase the risk of contaminating the CPAP. Similarly, some cleaning products can compromise safety in varying capacities if they are not used cautiously and correctly.

CPAP equipment manually cleaning

Hence, clean zone machines are recommended CPAP cleaners with significant results than hand washing. This comes with the benefits of reducing the chances of suffering respiratory disorders and other health issues caused by germs and bacteria.

  • Efficiency

When you clean the CPAP equipment manually, you need to disassemble it first. You will probably need a long brush to clean the tube. After the cleaning process, you will wait for a couple of minutes for the CPAP accessories to dry. The entire process can be tedious and take like one hour.

clean zone Efficiency

A clean zone eliminates the hassle, thus saving your time. Setting up the device is simple, and you can use the CPAP device after the 30 minutes cleaning process. A reasonably least amount of time is used to wash the device.

Who is the Clean Zone Machine Suitable for?

Forgetful individuals may find it hard to remember the cleaning routine for their CPAP equipment. The clean zone could be helpful as the device can be cleaned and be ready for use almost immediately. One can clean the device at any time, including around bedtime, without much hassle.

Sleeping with cpap machine and copy space

You are mindful of convenience than price: if you hate the tedious hand cleaning process, you can opt for the clean zone CPAP cleaner as a quick alternative. This is despite the price tag of the cleaner, which is around $99.99.

Who Is It Bad for?

Patients with pre-existing respiratory conditions

Patients with pre-existing respiratory conditions: ozone can be dangerous to patients with pre-existing lung conditions. Breathing large doses of ozone can deteriorate respiratory disorders and cause symptoms such as coughing and irritation. Healthy persons are not exceptional from the risks associated with ozone. Caution should be taken when handling the ozone levels in cleaning The CPAP equipment.

Possible Drawbacks of Clean Zone

Besides the excellent performance, clean zone CPAP cleaner has possible drawbacks. Let’s look at the flip side of using this cleaner.

Clean Zone Cpap Cleaner Unpleasant odor

Unpleasant odor: the clean zone machine comes with an unpleasant odor. Once you unbox the cleaner, a strong odor is realized and can make it uncomfortable for most users to operate the machine.

Some CPAP devices, such as ResMed, are not compatible with the ozone sanitizing technology. The activated oxygen can degrade the ResMed CPAP machine. Thus, users cannot benefit from the clean zone machine.


The clean zone is a useful alternative for cleaning your CPAP equipment. Comparable performance is guaranteed as the cleaner is fast and efficient, unlike the long process experience during hand washing of the CPAP equipment. In summary, the clean zone machine is a valuable cleaning option for CPAP users.

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