Top 10 Best Hair Color Remover & Color Corrector

Stripping your hair of semi-permanent party colors can be a challenge sometime. However, not anymore. Here are the best 10 hair dye removers you need to try out.

There are myriads of reasons people hair dyes. Besides, the fun and style, hair dyes also give a sense of youthfulness. Who wants greys when there are options? No body. If you are in the habit of using hair dyes, once in a while you’ll need to clean up the hair for a whole new set of dyes. So, how exactly do you do that? Good hair dye remover is all you need.

Try these top-10 hair color remover when you want a new makeover. Using hair dye remover is not an easy job. Even celebrities and trend setters get their hair dye and style wrong sometime. With the right hair color remover, you should be able to get rid of just about any dye on your hair. From party lovers purple or flamboyant pink to the deep black color, here are some of the best color removers in the market.

Why use a hair color remover?

There are countless reasons you may want to undo yesterday’s hair dye. May be you’ve got a new party coming up or just getting ready for some corporate meeting or assignment. In other instances, the dye may not have been mixed well. As such, you get certain sections of the hair more deeply colored than the rest. You certainly don’t want to look weird.

Whatever the reason, you need a safe and effective hair dye remover to help out in such instances.  So, which is the best hair color stripper for you? The answer to this question will come shortly. In the meantime however, you need to note that these products are infused with different ingredients. You should avoid brands that have bleaches and ammonia as one of the ingredients.

The reason for this is because such ingredients aren’t safe for your hair. They are known to damage hair strands and the scalp. And that’s not all. Hair dye removers with ammonia and bleaches also remove the natural hair color.

That aside, there are many brands of good hair color removers out there. The main challenge may be choosing what works best for you.

Overview - Top 10 Best Hair Color Removers

  • Best wide range color remover: Colour B4. Hair Colour Remover “Colour B4. Hair Colour Remover is an affordable and effective product. It lets you remove all hair color tones from light to dark.”
  • Best for deep red and dark hair dyes: L'OrealEfassol Color Remover “L’OrealEffasol color Remover is great and works well. Use this product and remove any color from your hair.”
  • Best for indigo and Purple colors: Celeb Luxury Gem LitesColorWash “Celeb luxury gem Lites color wash offers several benefits. It can stop the shades from fading, it boost the color and it is a depositing shampoo. It is 100% vegan and is sulfate and cruelty-free.”
  • Best one step hair dye remover: Joico Color Intensity “Joico color intensity removes direct-dyes and permanent color in one-step. It conditions and protects your hair.”
  • Best for exotic dyes: Splat Color Remover “Splat is among our best top ten hair color removers because it's ammonia-free. It has the ability to remove direct dye and fantasy colors effortlessly.”
  • Best zero bleach dyer remover: Framer Kolor Killer Wipes “Framer Kolor killer wipes remove all tones of hair colors from light to dark. It can even remove dye stains from hand, face, arms, and neck.”
  • Best budget: Schwarzköpf Professional Bond Enforcing Color Remover “Schwarzkopf's professional bond enforcing color remover is an excellent hair color remover. It includes a sleek tint applicator brush for easy application and professional results.”
  • Best bio advanced formulation: Color Oops Hair Remover “Color oops hair color remover is used in all types of hair emergencies. The amazing formula not only removes the dye but also treats your hair. It is perfect for all types of hair.”
  • Best for permanent and semi-permanent colors: Color track Hair Color Remover “Color track hair color comes with an excellent color removing formula. It is gentle on the skin and generates effective results. ”
  • Best non-runny application dye remover: Salerm color reverse “Salerm color reverse is another good option for any sort of hair emergency. It removes synthetic stains rested within the hair, restoring the hair's structure as well as its natural color.”

In this review, we have some of the best brands recommended by hair color experts and stylists. Check them out!

How does hair dye remover work?

The working mechanism of all dye removers is one and the same. If not for a few exceptions, most hair color strippers work by undoing the bond between the hair shaft and hair shafts. That makes any synthetic color readily washable from the hair using ordinary shampoos and detergents. A good remover rids the hair of all synthetic colors without compromising the health and integrity of the strands.

So, no damages to the hair or harshness to the scalp. It’s important to note the clear difference between hair dyes and bleaches. The latter permanently changes the hair color. If you’ve ever used hair bleaches in the past, restoring the natural hair color may never be possible. That’s why it’s advisable to dye rather than bleach your hair.

Hair dye removers only strip your hair of dyes used previously. So, you natural hair color is spared. According to some expert hair stylists, a good hair dye remover should strip things back to a clean slate.

The best way to deal with hair color strippers is to consult a color specialist. These professionals should be able to advice on the best dye removers. That done, you can choose to have the dye stripped by an expert or do it all by yourself.

Things to consider when buying hair color removers

When it comes to buying the best hair color removers, there are a couple of things to consider. Here are some.


Some hair color extractors are harsh on the scalp and hair. That is to say, they potentially predispose to hair damage and skin burns. You don’t want to be a victim of such unfortunate events. The best way to stay safe when buying hair color strippers is to check the composition of the formula.

Though some manufacturers conceal some of the details about composition, you can check out key pointers like bleaching agents and ammonia. If you come across such on the ingredients section, that’s enough reason to avoid the product. You can also consult experts and friends on the best hair dye removers.


Hair color extractor differ in effectiveness. Some are very effective while are not quite. A better way to choose what suits you is to go with established brands. Because of trust and reputation, you can never go wrong with such brands. A good hair color remover provides an easier way reverse undesirable color.The effectiveness of the hair color remover also has to do with the time it takes to achieve the results.

Some are fast acting. Such products will strip the hair of semi-permanent or synthetic hair colors in minutes. Typically, they get the job done in under 15 minutes. On the other hand, there are the slow acting varieties that take hours. In case you aren’t sure of what’s best for you, this collection is all you need. We have rounded up some of the best brands just for you.

Constituent ingredients

The composition of the hair dye remover is critical. This aspect determines effectiveness, ease of use, and safety. Be sure to check the ingredient’s section for the details. However, as aforementioned, look out for ammonia and bleaches.

They are not good for your hair. In fact, hair dye strippers containing these ingredient have been implicated in many cases of hair damage. However, hair dye removers that are infused with ammonia and bleaches are often fast acting. That is to say, they remove the synthetic hair colors in seconds. However, they do not stop there. They also interfere with the natural hair color.


You may also want to check the products price. Even though quality often comes at a high price tag, paying too much is no guarantee of the best performance. If you are in love with a particular brand, you might be a victim of price exploitation without knowing. It is always advisable to compare prices between brands. That way, you get the best product at an affordable price. Lucky for you! In this review, we have sampled only the best quality hair dye removers that are also affordably priced.

Ease of use

There are different hair color removers out there. Because of the sheer volume, it is important to know which ones work for you and how exactly to use them. Some removers are best used by experts while others can be used by anyone right there at home. So, depending on your preference and taste, you’ll choose appropriately.

Top 10 best Hair Color Removers Reviews

Colour B4. Hair Colour Remover

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It’s a highly effective product that removes the color of your locks without affecting its natural base. Use this product for the removal of unwanted shades (dark tones and color build-ups) or multiple color applications.

It shrinks artificial dye molecules in the hair and simply allows you to wash them. It only removes the dyed layer without touching hair pigment, so you are left with the color beneath the synthetic shade. Your hair will return to their lightest shade.

When you apply a lighter shade than your natural color, the natural pigment of your hair chemically lightens. Even if color B4 removes the artificial shade, you will notice your hair color has lightened. Here are some easy tips for applying hair removal.

Comb your hair apply color B4 and leave it on your hair for 60 minutes. Now rinse your hair to get rid of the artificial color. It’s free of ammonia and bleach. Always read instructions provided by the product before using it.

To minimize damage to your hair, it is advisable to minimize the use of dye removers. It is important to note that this applies to all products in this listicle. Be sure to use hair relaxers and conditioning oils to minimize hair brittleness and breakage.

  • It is free of ammonia and bleach
  • It does not touch your natural hair pigment
  • Perfect for all hair types
  • You might need 2 boxes for thicker hair
  • Dries your hair
  • Its smell is terrible

L'OrealEfassol Color Remover

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IThis product works amazing and was awarded the best Efassol color remover 2019. Therefore, it has made to our list of top ten best hair color removers. It completely removes all hair color spots from your hair. The only concern about using color removers is they damage your hair, but Efassol comes with extra conditioning formula. It will leave your hair beautifully conditioned and ready for recoloring.

The product removes all artificial pigments from your hair. It does not restore your hair to natural color it only removes build-ups and muddy-looking tints. You can use this product with water or a developer.

Washes away all artificial permanent hair colors. Carefully read the guide that comes with the product and strictly follow the instruction. Shake before you open the packet and keep it away from damaged areas and face. Use the entire content once you open it.

  • Removes all artificial pigments from your hair
  • Comes with extra conditioner
  • Effective on all types of hair colors and texture
  • Needs to packets for healthy or long hair
  • In some textures does not work good on green colored hair
  • Contains some bleaching agents

Celeb Luxury Gem LitesColorWash

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It’s a sulfate-free color depositing shampoo that is 100% Vegan. You can use it right after fresh color. Continuous use of this shampoo won’t let the color of your hair fade and it effortlessly covers grey hair or regrowth. If you have faded hair than use, using Celeb Luxury Gem will boost color tones and give it an overall neat look. Use it to cleanse your hair and residue color.

Take a small amount of shampoo applies it to wet hair. Massage for two minutes and leave your hair for 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Its extra soothing and conditioning properties for an instant nourishing formula add extra shine and fill moisture to your hair.

Keep it away from the eyes and do not dye eyebrows or eyelashes with this product. Follow the instructions mentioned on the bottle before using it. It works on natural, blond, red, brown and any other tone hair color. Its instant nourishing formula will add shine and replenishes moisture for the gorgeous hair and its color posit technology helps bring out caramel blonde tons.

  • Boost color tones
  • Gives extra shine and moisture your hair
  • Sulfate-Free
  • Boosts Color Tone for faded hair
  • Contains chemicals that irritate some skin types
  • Using on eyelashes can cause blindness

Joico Color Intensity


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It is highly effective for removing semi-permanent colors and direct dyes in one-step. The product has multiple color collection and is loaded with nourishing, protective ingredients. To ensure easy application, the product comes with a Sleek Tint Application Brush.

 It is the bestselling expressive and bold color line in the USA. Its shampoo collection includes 5 to 20 shampoos. Which one to use, depends on the shades, starting level and condition of your hair. The product works without any developer.

Its breathtaking collection includes Rose Gold, Violet Pearl, Blush, and Silver Ice. Follow these steps to apply the product. Apply on clean dry hair. Keep it at least ¼ inch away from the scalp. Leave it for 20 minutes then rinse it thoroughly. Always use gloves to avoid staining. It offers endless mixing choices for inspiring looks.

  • Have multiple varieties of colors
  • Does not harm your hair
  • Removes semi-permanent colors and direct dyes in one-step
  • Lift your natural color
  • Works like a bleach

Splat Color Remover

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Splat Color remover is an excellent quality product and it is perfect for your hair. With Splat color remover, you will never again have to worry about removing direct-dye and fantasy colors. It not only removes the unwanted color but also preps your hair for recoloring.

These products contain chemicals that might irritate some skins so make sure to make the preliminary patch test.  Apply a small amount of product on your skin and leave it for 24 hours if you face any sort of irritating, redness or inching than you are allergic to it. 

Using the product on eyebrows or eyelashes causes blindness. Follow these steps to apply the product. Wear the gloves from the kit provided with the product. Drape towel on the soldier to avoid itching. Keep it away from the scalp and avoid new hair growth. Apply color on all hair than cover them with a plastic bag.  Leave for one hour then rinse.

  • Remove all eyelashes spots
  • Do not damage hair
  • Can’t use on eyebrows or eyelashes
  • Cause irritation on the skin

Framer Kolor Killer Wipes

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Another great addition to our top best hair color removers is Framer Kolor Kiler Wipes. Excellent quality wipes that remove color stains from your hand, face, arms, and neck. They will remove even the toughest hair color on your skin. The product comes with safe formula, thus it suitable for all skin types.  

You will not feel any type of irritation while cleansing. It has a nice mild fresh scent smell and leaves a smooth feeling on your skin. The product comes in a compact container that provides 100 wipes.

It is a perfect addition to your salon equipment. Framer Kolo Killer removes even the toughest stain without causing any problem to you skin. Gently rub the wipes to remove all the unwanted color.

It is an excellent choice for hair colorists, artists, estheticians, or cosmetologists. It has a soft texture with a mild gentle smell.

  • Good smell
  • Remove color without irritating
  • Compact container with 100 wipes
  • Wipes are small not very thick

Schwarzköpf Professional Bond Enforcing Color Remover

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This product is created to quickly remove artificial color to build up while retaining the quality of your hair. Its Fiber bond technology strengthens and protects your hair fibers and makes it prepared for a new color service for your hair.

Its Color Remover makes the Bond Enforcing technology dilutes artificial color effortlessly and effectively. Unnatural pigments are can be lightened up to three levels. Vital colors like blue and green are skillfully dissolved. If you want the best result, then use both A and B parts.

Always follow the instructions on the guide provided by the product. Mix its both parts A and B with a 60ml of the developer. Apply this mixture on dry and clean hair with a brush. Start your color application from the darkest area. Leave it for 20 minutes. Wash your hair and dry it with a towel then apply Professional Bond Sealer and leave it for 10 minutes. Now wash your hair dry it with a towel and your hair are ready for a new color. Keep one thing in mind do not use shampoo when rinsing the color remover. This will leave a protection shield of oils on the scalp and will protect it during the next color service.

  • Removes all artificial pigments
  • Protects and strengthens your hair fibers
  • Quick and Efficient results
  • Not allowed to use on eyebrows and eyelashes
  • Contains a small amount of ammonia

Color Oops Hair Remover

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Color Oops hair remover is among the best hair color removers. It gently removes permanent or semi-permanent hair colors. Instead of completely bleaching your hair, it will bring forward its original color. It is an excellent product for those who want to get rid of all artificial pigments on their hair.

Color Oops hair remover does not contain ammonia or other bleaching products. It takes only 20 minutes to remove all tones of artificial color spots on your hair. It does not damage your hair texture, it's safe and effective.

Always patch test before applying the product. Use the product on a small area behind your ear or elbow and leave it for 24 hours. If you feel any type of redness, itching or irritation than avoid this product, you might be allergic to it. Mix both its parts 1 and 2 and use this solution on dry and clean hair leave for 20 min then wash. Do not apply it to eyebrow or eyelashes. If contact with the eyes wash it thoroughly and consult a doctor.

  • Remove all artificial pigments from the hair
  • Takes you back to your original hair
  • Ammonia-Free
  • Treats the hair
  • Results are similar to as bleaching

Color track Hair Color Remover

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When getting a hair color application, there is a high probability that some amount of color falls onto your skin. Therefore, you need a great product to remove the unwanted hair in an efficient and effective manner.

The product removes all types of color form your skin without causing any irritation. This professional color wipes give you a clean, polished look and are perfect for use in the salon or at home. They wipe all stains from your skin and soothe the affected area.

These pre-moistened wipes come with a fresh and pleasant scent. 100 wipes are present in every container with a mild scent. This product is excellent for both home and salon use. Aloe vera present in this product soothes the effective skin and remove color stains. These moist non-irritating wipes easily remove hair color stain from your skin with a quick wipe and without irritation.

  • Does not irritate the skin
  • Give a soothing effect to the skin
  • Contain Aloe Vera
  • Lightens the skin a light
  • Removes hair from the face

Salerm color reverse

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Use this product and say goodbye to dull, faded and lifeless hair. It will extend and infuse colored liveliness into each line of your hair.   Its excellent formula will enhance, hydrate and make your hair smooth.

Since regular dyeing can have an adverse effect on your hair, thus you need this product. It comes with extra conditioner and smoothing properties. Its formula includes Deionized Water, Hydrosulfite, Fragrance, Polysorbate-80, Cocamidoproplhydroxysultaine, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Citric Acid and Xanthan Gum.

The product is capable of removing artificial pigments on your hair. It will not harm your natural hair color and hair structure. It is the safest and delicate product for removing oxygenation color from the hair. Its packing includes two bottles. Mix ingredients of bottles 1 and 2 and make a solution.

Use this solution on dry and clean hair and leave for 20 minutes. You can have better results if you use it with extra heat. Wash it with a purifying shampoo. Now your hair is ready for a new color service.

  • Remove stains without damaging hair
  • More effective on semi-permanent hair colors
  • Restore Hair Structure
  • For thick and long hair you have to use two bottles
  • Removes dark colors in two or three attempts

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