The Best 16 Shopify Stores for Inspiration in 2023

Have you been wondering if Shopify is the best platform the host your store? Seeing is believing. Check out these successful Shopify stores and perhaps you might be able to arrive at a decision.

Shopify has created a huge platform where millions of businesses can conveniently host their stores and market their products to the outside world irrespective of the business sector. Shopify platform empowers businesses and entrepreneurs to manage their own online space while selling their products with marketing tools and services made available on the Shopify website.

Shopify has greatly enhanced eCommerce shopping experience and below are the top revolution E-commerce stores on the Shopify platform.

1. Alrugaib furniture

Alrugaib furniture

When it comes to furniture and interior decorations, Alrugaib is the queen of the Shopify platform. The Saudi Arabia based online platform popularity has grown over the years. It offers a lot of classic furniture and exquisite interior design bringing style, quality with unbeatable prices.

They are a Shopify brand that prides itself on quality service, prompt delivery, and customer satisfaction.

2. Partake Foods

Partake Foods

Partake Foods is a catering Shopify store that offers various delicious cookies that are gluten-free, vegan certified & allergy-friendly. They sell cookies with careful considerations to health implications.

Currently, their products are not available for international shipping and only available in the US market. You can order for partake cookies through their Shopify store. All orders are processed via USPS Priority Mail within 3 business days.


The California based online cosmetics store was founded in 2014 by seed Beauty. They sell various quality beauty products for the lip, eyelids, eye shadow. You can easily order their products and have them shipped to your preferred address within a few days. Colourpop also offers various discounts, promos, and vouchers especially when you purchase cosmetic products in bulk.


JB HI-FI is an Australian based home entertainment retailers that deal with various electronic gadgets like computers, TVs, headset, smart home, mobile phones, drones, camera, and many more unique products. It is regarded as one of Australia's largest retailers of the world’s leading brands. You can easily find your choice at the cheapest price in the online store.

JB HI-FI is a very strong brand because of its effective product marketing strategy, competitive pricing, and consumer engagement.

5. is a fitness clothing and accessories brand that produces fitness sporting wears for both sexes ranging from workout vests, hoodies, T-shirts, and leggings. You can order directly from their website or through their social media platforms most especially Facebook and Instagram. They also offer a 90 days return policy that makes purchasing from the site even more attractive. is an international brand and they ship to many countries of the world.


Cettire is a Shopify online fashion emporium that sells a wide range of luxury products from many designers at discount prices. You can order online via their website. They ship overseas and all orders are processed quickly so you can be assured to get your orders in time. is a user-friendly Shopify site that allows you to easily select your preferred choices from a variety of designer products.ct from many designers at discount prices.

You can order online via their website. They ship overseas and all orders are processed quickly so you can be assured to get your orders in time. is a user-friendly Shopify site that allows you to easily select your preferred choices from a variety of designer products.

7. is an online footwear platform on Shopify that market comfortable wears engineered and crafted from natural products like wool and tree. They also produce socks and underwear with Tree and Merino.


Collis offers a wide range of teaching aids and books for educational purposes. Be it education, revision, curriculum, dictionaries, atlases, short stories, time =book, ELT, and many more. They are a TOP UK renowned publishing company with a huge social media presence. Wethe you’re I preschool or in the university, Collins has a product for you.

9. is a UK-based fashionista. An online store created to sell unique, trending, vintage-inspired designs. They combine eccentricity and style given a perfect blend of a confident woman. They sell varieties of embroidery designs to match today’s style and glamor.


Mvmt is a US-based online shopping store that sells quality body accessories watches and sunglasses for both males and females. They offer free shipping worldwide and also a free return policy worldwide for orders above $50. All products at have a 24-month warranty.


Fab online e-commerce store trades in fitness, health, and wellness products. Their superlight fitness products are known to give fantastic results when it comes to losing weight, burning fat, building muscles, toning up, or any other fitness goal. Fabs portable gym is a preferred product choice for many young people.


Blendjet is known to produce portable blenders that are unique in every sense. The portable blending machines manufactured by Blendjet have powerful batteries that can produce 10-12 cups per charge by simply charging via a port for 1-3 hours before initial use. You can place orders directly via their Shopify store and qualify for an instant 10% off your blend jet.

13. is a digital online marketing store that provides optimized and attractive Shopify store building services/ they are the go-to expert with high conversion guaranteed. With over 30,000 global customers and raving reviews, you can be certain that your Shopify business store is in good hands.


Hulkapps is a global Shopify expert brand that focuses on building fully personalized eCommerce experiences with native Apps, web design, and web development services. With over 1.2 billion page views and 20,000 customer reviews, they are without an iota of doubt a preferred and trusted Digital marketing brand.


This Shopify store is into fashion and offers a variety of fashion wears for both sexes with a focus on season’s latest prints, styles, and trends. You can find exquisite collections of today's styles on their website. They offer free shipping to the US and Canada for orders above $75 only. On fashionista, you can track your order to be sure when your order will be delivered.


Puravida is an online site that deals with products like bracelets, jewelry, Anklets, toe rings, rings, style packs, necklaces, and body accessories. Their products are produced with style and comfort for the consumers. I f you register in their monthly bracelet club with $14.95, three exclusive styles are shipped straight to your door.

They have wide collections of styled packed current faves to choose from. The brand has grown exponentially and its playful designs, accessible price point, and robust and engaging online presence are what set them apart.

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