Best Tools to Know for Aspiring Entrepreneurs 

There are so many tools in the available apps and websites that can make daily life much easier for aspiring entrepreneurs. These tools are essentially broken down into three categories of organizational tools. There are communication platforms, project management platforms, and information sharing platforms.

Aspiring entrepreneurs are often looking for easy-to-use programs that can be used by a few people up to a large organization for the least amount of future adaptation. That is why we’ve asked some industry experts for their opinion on the best platforms to use from the get-go.

Communication Platforms

Communication Platforms

Using a communication platform can help people stay connected and prevent missing a message. It’s important to remember how your business is going to communicate with others as well. Do you want to be able to video chat with clients or suppliers? Keeping those things in mind as you choose a platform will be helpful in the future.

“We made sure we had a platform that not only allowed for text communication, but video chat as well,” says Jeff Henretig, President of Apothecanna. “Microsoft, Google Suite, and Apple all have platforms that let you call your coworkers or message them privately or as a group chat. This has helped us keep everyone on the same page.”

“Microsoft Teams has been essential to our business since going remote,” says Brandon Adcock, Co-Founder and CEO of Nugenix. “Not only internally to stay connected with each other, but also externally with our customers. We’ve been able to see customers more frequently and have developed great relationships with continuous face-to-face contact.”

“Having a reliable platform that everyone can turn to for communication is great,” says George Fraguio, Vice President of Bridge Lending and Vaster. “Spam emails are rampant so having a platform that you can connect to every device and receive alerts means you’ll never miss an important note.”

Project Management Platforms

Project management platforms are a must-have for any entrepreneur looking to become more efficient in their ventures. These tools help in organization and management and are especially useful when starting a business.

That’s because it saves the time that it would normally take to meet with each individual to make sure they’re on target with goals and working in the most efficient way. Now, managers can quickly log in and see what their team is working on and what their goals and progress seem to be.

“The Google Suite is fantastic for managing projects and people alike,” says William Schumacher, Founder and CEO of Uprising Food. “The organizational possibilities within the programs that are available can help with project management, scheduling, communication, and even project completion and storage.”

“Finding a project management tool that connects with your calendar was a game-changer for us,” says Amanda E. Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer for HIDE. “Asana helps us keep an eye on everyone’s progress without needing to call frequent meetings and saves everyone time.”

“Hive is a great project management tool that has all of the features an aspiring entrepreneur might need. If used efficiently, you can use this platform to take your business from a start-up to an established brand,” says Charlie McKenna, Chef & Founder of Lillie's Q. “This platform also communicates well with other apps you might be using.”

“I liked that Basecamp is really set up to be a communicative project management platform,” says Michael Waxman, Co-founder and CEO of Sundays for Dogs. “Basecamp gives you a lot of those advanced features that the more expensive platforms would charge more for which is great for entrepreneurs who are just getting on their feet.

They also give you a pretty lengthy free trial to make sure it’s the right choice.”

Information Sharing Platforms

Information Sharing Platforms

Information sharing platforms are taking the place of email updates and outdated newsletters within an organization. These platforms have the ability to give the entire organization access to the information that they need to see whenever they need it. These platforms make working in the office and from remote locations a breeze.

“Evernote is one of the best platforms because it’s easy to sign up for, easy to train new people to operate, and easy to use with other platforms,” says Rym Selmi, Founder of MiiRO. “When we first brought this program into our office, I was a bit skeptical because change can cause problems, but it’s one of the best things to happen to our organization’s organizational skills.”

“Information sharing platforms kind of serve two purposes. They’re great for sharing information and files, but they also act as a backup server for data and information in case someone’s computer dies or you have staff turnover,” says Lisa Odenweller, CEO and Founder of Kroma.

“Dropbox made our lives easier because we’re able to see information that’s been uploaded by current and past employees so all of our information is in one place and anyone with permission can access it.”

“Losing information is one of the scariest things that can happen to an entrepreneur,” says Rahul Khatri, Co-Founder and CXO of Stoggles.

“Using these databases that backup your information while also allowing you to share documents and notes with your staff is such a wonderful tool for entrepreneurs to take advantage of as they’re starting their venture.”


Project management platforms, communication platforms, and information-sharing platforms all exist to make the management of an organization easier. According to our experts, it seems to be beneficial to jump on these platforms sooner rather than later as you are starting your venture so that you can create a standard of performance and implement these programs with each new employee’s training.

Entrepreneurs are no stranger to hard work, but why work harder than you need to? Take advantage of the technologies that are available and utilize these platforms to elevate your entrepreneurial efforts to the next level.

We hope you have learned about a new software or type of platform that can make your future efforts more successful with less stress involved for the entire team. Explore the links that are included in this article to learn more about the platforms that are available for entrepreneurs looking to use the best tools for their future ventures.

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