Difference Between SOCKS and HTTP? – Socks Proxies vs Http Proxies

It's easy to differentiate Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Socket Secure (SOCKS) through proxy ports. port 8080 or 80 is HTTP proxy,1080…is Socks Proxy. Socks Proxy just like a tunnel is more versatile than even an elite http proxy like use proxy for Internet marketing. But what's the real difference between SOCKS proxies and HTTP proxies?

What is a Socks Proxy?

Socks proxy is quite complicated for being setup, but its concept is very simple. The proxy acts as a simple relay among the points that are completely blind to protocol. SOCKS Version 5 (known as Socks5) adds additional support for security and UDP. They don’t understand what is passing forth and back. This provides benefit and enables to work with many other systems with ease. However, simplicity prevents all of them from doing in the optimization way.

socks tunnel proxy

What is HTTP Proxy?

Http proxy includes some perks to it because it is able to relate customer privacy over the web. It is not flexible as socks, so the tight integration among the proxy as well as the protocol for supporting more advanced things with the streamed data. As an example of http proxy, the different proxies perform numerous functions that are quite useful and act as a relay. It is able to handle the cookies, strip advertisements from various pages, along with un-animated animated GIFs.

http tunnel proxy

Socks Proxies vs http Proxies - Main Differences

A socks server is a proxy server that is used for some general-purpose for establishing TCP connection with another server on a client's behalf after it routes traffic back as well as forth among the server and a client. It can work for every network protocol with any port. Socks proxy version five – socks5 will include traffic among the server and the client in any of the way as well as can be used often as the clients are just behind the firewall unless the proxy does it by the server of socks.

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And the HTTP proxy is quite similar and can be used for the same purposes whenever a client is behind the firewall as well as being protected from making any of the outgoing connections of TCP for serving outside the firewall. However, unlike the server of socks, the http proxy understands along with interpreting with the network traffic which will pass among the downstream server and a client, and named as the http protocol. Just because of this reason the http proxy is used only for handling http traffic but it has to smartly done.

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Advantages of Socks and http Proxies

Some of the advantages of socks proxies’ vs http proxies are as follows:

  • Socks proxy has a simple operation method which promotes large support whereas; http proxy is highly optimized for the traffic of http.
  • Socks5 proxy can be easily used for proxy service on non-web and the http proxy has the possibility for functionality that is advanced.
  • One can send the DNS queries by socks proxy and http proxy expose the sender.

Disadvantages of Socks and the http Proxies

  • Being a protocol that provides blind details, socks proxies includes some limited optimization potential, but the http proxy works only with the http traffic for most of their parts.
  • Sometimes socks proxy will provide few false senses of security unless one can take precautions for preventing data leaks with DNS, and the http proxy required explicit support for the software.
  • Socks proxy needs the support of explicit in software and the http proxies also do the same.
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