How to Increase Engagement on Instagram: In 5 Powerful Steps

When it comes to picking the best and most powerful social media platform of our times, Instagram emerges as a clear winner. With an interesting interface and brevity of function, Instagram has grown into a giant social network. No wonder, the platform has come to be a favourite for both individuals and business ventures.

In such a scenario, it becomes increasingly important to have a solid footing on the platform to be able to stand out of the crowd. Whether you are looking at Instagram as a possible channel for marketing your products and services, or simply for garnering popularity, what you should pay focus on is on building greater engagement. Now, this does not come easy and suddenly and requires a lot of patience and strategy instead. Therefore, we have tried to make things easier for you with 5 powerful steps on how to increase engagement on Instagram.

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Keep an Eye on the Trends

When it comes to social media, you cannot afford to not follow the latest trends. This includes not just people and events in news but also trending memes, music clips, challenges and so on. The idea is to base the content you are posting on your account around these trending topics. After all, people are more likely to relate to what you share this way and there is the added possibility of your content growing viral and gaining more engagement.

To do this, it is best to keep an eye on the latest trends from as many sources as possible. You can watch out for your competitors and their latest content. You can refer across platforms to understand trending hashtags and hence topics. At the same time, you can keep exploring Instagram to gain knowledge about trending memes, videos and challenges.

Plan Content around Photos, Videos and GIFs

Videos on Instagram

It would be much wiser to strategize and schedule your content before you post them. This calls for careful distribution among different type of content – photos, videos, GIFs and so on. Besides, you should also be smart enough to divide your content between posts and stories.

How does this help increase engagement?

Firstly, videos are known to be more engaging than still pictures on platforms like Instagram and draw more and more people to your account directly. This increases views, likes, followers and thus engagement.

Secondly, posting stories often, say a few times every day, ensures that people always see your name on top of their feed, something which builds loyalty and fan following in the long run. This also has an impact on prospective followers and shares to make you more popular.

Get More Followers

get more followers on instagram

One of the simplest but most important ways to increase engagement on Instagram is to get more followers directly. After you have begun putting trends to use and planning and posting your content regularly, the next step would be to build an impressive follower base. This is because you would want people visiting your page to see numbers that impress.

You can refer to some of the best sites to buy Instagram followers for this purpose. In a matter of a few clicks and with a guarantee of safety, you can easily buy followers on Instagram for your account. Try referring to only the best and trusted sites to buy Instagram followers, so that they are genuine and can henceforth engage with your content directly.

Watch out for Target Audience Bases

Target audience on instagram

If there was a single secret ingredient to success on social media, it has to be the power of a niche audience. As long as you are a generalist, without a targeted approach to building content online, you cannot expect to gain high engagement. However, with a target audience base and strategically curated content, you can hope to get much higher attention from far and wide.

Therefore, once you have set out on the path of taking an Instagram account to new heights, focusing on a niche is a must. You can either have a niche in mind right from the start, or you can work it out after spending some time on the platform and judging what goes best for you. To build a loyal following, you can take help from the site to buy followers on Instagram.

Upon entering the niche of your choice, which can be as varied as from fashion to travel and books to dogs and so on. The website will return genuine individual accounts who are interested in your content and will further help boost engagement.

Believe in the Numbers

If there is one proof of popularity on Instagram, it has to be the numbers, right?

Top Instagram Trends

After all, the number of followers of an account or number of views and likes on a post suggests how popular the content is. Therefore, when aiming for better engagement, you must pay attention to positive growth in numbers.

However, this does not come very swiftly right from the start. When adopting an organic approach, there is bound to be lots and lots of time to reach even 1000 followers, which is also far from your goal.

Therefore, you can take help from professional platforms to buy Instagram followers. The idea is to have some level of engagement and reach already as a base before hitting out organically to larger pools.

Higher numbers on your account, post, or comments will also trigger others to engage with your content out of curiosity and interest.


Instagram has emerged as one of the most popular platforms today when it comes to building a brand. Whether as an individual or organization, you can be sure of being able to reach out to larger audience pools with the help of Instagram.

This is because the social networking giant has managed to lure millions of users to enjoy its simple yet effective interface that blends entertainment, information and connections.

Therefore, as someone who is looking to use Instagram to gain popularity, you cannot ignore the power of higher engagement on the platform. The key is to understand that this is not a single-day, single-step process.

It takes time, effort, and strategy together to build a successful Instagram account from scratch. We have tried to list above 5 of the simplest but most powerful steps you can follow to increase engagement on Instagram. Let us know how you managed to do it!

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