7 Effective Natural Sleep Remedies

Are you having trouble sleeping? If so, worry no more; there are natural sleep remedies that include non-prescription medicine and lifestyle/habitual changes that will help you combat your poor sleep state

Sleep is essential to all human beings. Getting sufficient sleep at the right time is as necessary for survival, just as food and water. If you have disturbed sleep,  the content below will guide you through remedies that will enhance your sleep and give you a restful night.

Mechanisms behind natural sleep?

Natural sleep occurs in cycles, non-REM sleep, and REM sleep, respectively. During the first cycle, the body goes in through four different stages. The early-stage comes between wakefulness and falling asleep.

natural sleep Mechanisms

The second one is the light-stage, where your cardiac frequency and breathing regulate while temperature drops. Lastly, stages three and four are combined hence creating deep sleep.

stages of sleep

The REM involves rapid movement of eyes inside close lids, increased breathing, and temporal body paralysis as you dream. Given that you are not disrupted, you can go through these cycles 3-4 times.

How will poor sleep impact on you?

It will Reduce productivity and concentration

Reduce productivity with poor sleep

Sleep plays a crucial role in brain functioning. This includes concentration, productivity, and cognition. When it comes to productivity during the day, poor night sleep will cause sleepiness, negatively impacting your work output.

Increased inflammation

poor sleep and inflammation

Poor sleep inhibits inflammatory responses in your body. It is prominent in activating starting points for inflammation and cell damage. If you have suffered from inflammation before, poor sleep will trigger a recurrence.

Memory loss

Memory loss with poor sleep

Sleep precisely deep is associated with incorporating the information obtained during the day into your brain as a new memory. Poor sleep is, therefore, attributed to fragments of memories and total non-reminiscence.

Natural Sleep Remedies

Natural Sleep Remedies

When it comes to natural sleep remedies, you can use either lifestyle solutions or Non-prescription medical solutions.

Medical remedies

This hormone helps regulate the internal pacemaker, which coordinates the sleep and wake cycle. The pacemaker controls the timing and drives for rest by cooling down the body temperature, causing drowsiness, and putting it the body in sleep mode. Melatonin will not only induce a night of peaceful sleep, but it will also help you fall asleep faster. Melatonin is taken orally, usually before bedtime.

Benefits of using melatonin:

  • Counteracts inflammation
  • Boosts immunity

Negative impacts of melatonin:

  • Irritability
  • Stomach cramps

Valerian is obtained from the root of the valerian plant. It has been used for edges to promote peacefulness and sleep. Valerian contains valerenic acid, which interacts with gamma amino-butyric acid (GABA), a chemical trigger that regulates the nervous system. Low GABA levels in the brain result in poor quality sleep and anxiety. However, valerenic acid inhibits GABA break down thence, ensuring calmness and tranquillity.

If you consider using Valerian, consider combining it with hops, lemon balm, and other herbs.

Ways of using Valerian

  • It can be swallowed, if in capsule form.
  • You can mix it with tea.

Benefits of using Valerian:

  • It eases menstrual and stomach cramps.
  • Reduces muscle and joint pains
  • It alleviates the rate of depression and headaches

Downsides of Valerian:

  • It causes headaches and irritability.
  • Continuous use of it may cause impaired thinking.

Lavender is a fragrant plant, commonly used for oil, medicine, and perfume manufacturing. Its calming property induces sleep.

Ways of using lavender:

  • Rub its oil near your nose and onto your forehead
  • You can apply its oil on your pillow.
  • You can use Dried lavender for scented bags or tea.

Benefits of using lavender:

  • It relieves pain.
  • It improves your blood circulation.
  • It Alleviates respiratory difficulties.

Lifestyle remedies

  • Keep your sleeping zone peaceful

peaceful sleeping zone

The state of your bedroom defines the kind of sleep you will have. Random clutters, the pile of clothes and other unnecessary bumped materials on your bed will perturb you emotionally and lead to sleep disruptions. It will be wise if you to consider:

Wearing pajamas as this will help your brain get the bedtime signal.

Ensure your bedroom is in line with your homeostatic functioning. That is regulating temperatures between 54F – 72F.

Darken your room by doing room-darkening shades installation. If not, you can eye covers to block light from the streets and LED displays.

  • Do exercises

exercises for deep sleep

According to national sleep foundation research, doing daily-based exercise for only ten minutes will improve your sleep at night. Sufficient and sound sleep is associated with low body temperatures, so you have to exercise in the morning. That's because exercise increases your body temperatures, and it may take up to seven-hour to drop back.

  • Avoid bright light exposure before bed

As benevolent as it may seem, that last email you send before going to slumber may be an obstacle towards a natural goodnight sleep. The light from your electronic gadgets suppresses melatonin release, and without, you won’t get any sleep.

  • Avoid caffeinated drinks

Caffeinated drinks have stimulants; taking them before bedtime will trigger more brain activity and extent your falling asleep time.

Disorders associated with poor sleep and their remedies

Sleep apnea

In apnea, regular breathing while you are sleep pauses and resumes. The cause is due to blockage of air  from entering the respiratory tracts.

Sleep apnea in children

Even though apnea detection is problematic due to prevalent symptoms, one can conduct a night sleep study (polysomnography). Whether you have it or not, The course will unravel, and if you are on its resurgence, treatment and prevention from the other disorder can be undertaken.


Sleep problem with Insomnia

when it comes to Insomnia, the afflicted find it hard to get sleep. This is typically due to stress, low sleep environment, inconsistent sleep timing, and excess mental unrest. Nevertheless, Insomnia can be treated through lifestyle changes, including having a consistent sleep schedule and forming an ideal sleep environment.


In retrospect, natural sleep is significantly the starting point of good health and productivity. Having a good night's sleep will increase work output, decrease social apathy as well as autism. If you have a night of inadequate sleep, you have to make a smart move of considering the above remedies.

Should they fail to combat your sleep problem, seek medical evaluation from doctors in the relevant field as they may be able to identify the reason behind your disturbed sleep, and pertinently advice!

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