Is It Possible to Strategize with Online Roulette Games?

Part of the reason why roulette has remained a mainstay in the gambling world is because of how simple and unpredictable it is. Unlike, say, poker, there is no element of skill involved in a round of roulette. All you can do is what the dealer spins the wheel, and hope that fortune shines in your favor.

However, in the digital roulette space, there are some things you can do to increase your odds of success and ensure that you get the most out of your online bankroll. Here's what you need to know about online roulette strategy before you play.

Roulette Games

Know your bets

This is the most important thing to keep in mind. Different roulette wagers offer vastly different odds of success, so it is important to strike the right balance between good odds and good payouts. As this guide to online roulette in UK casinos explains, one of the statistically best options on a roulette wheel is to opt for two “dozens” bets.

With these, you cover 66% of the wheel in a single wager, with a guaranteed profit if one of your lucky numbers comes up. Conversely, betting on a single number gives you a mere one in 35 chance of success.

Choose your game wisely

Did you know there are different types of roulette wheels out there, including at online casinos? The main distinction in the world of roulette is between American and European roulette wheels. With the American variant, there are two “zero” pockets, which put the house edge up to 5.26%.

Meanwhile, the European wheel only has one “zero” pocket, which represents a much lower house edge of only 2.7%. By choosing European online roulette, your odds of winning any given spin will almost double.

Choose your game wisely

Implement bankroll management systems

Any professional online roulette player will tell you that it is essential to have an airtight bankroll management system in place before you play your first game. Essentially, this is a plan for exactly how much you plan to spend and how you spend it.

Always set a pre-determined spending limit before you play. This limit is your bankroll, and it should never be more than you are 100% comfortable losing. Consider playing your games in short, pre-set sessions of, say, 10 minutes at a time. At the best online casino platforms, you can automate your bankroll management system with player control features.

Choose surrender

Some online roulette games will have a “surrender” function built into the game, which allows you to claim back a losing wager in certain circumstances. For example, ‘la partage' roulette allows you to get half of your wager back if the ball lands in the zero pockets during an even-money bet.

Meanwhile, the ‘en prison' rule allows you to put your wager “in prison” in these circumstances, where you can spin the wheel once more and try to win it back. In the aggregate, choosing games with these rules will help you get more out of your bankroll over time.

There is nothing you can do to influence where the ball will land on the roulette wheel. However, these online roulette hacks will get you better odds however you play.

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