What are the Best Parsehub Proxies for Scraping?

Scraping tools are becoming really famous and, Not to mention, Really useful these days. It can take days or even weeks to write scrapes for a dynamic website. With these scraping tools, You can sit back and enjoy scraping websites automatically. Talking about scrapers, Parsehub which is a visual extraction tool, aka a scraping tool, Has been used increasingly nowadays.

However, Proxies must be used with these scraping tools for various reasons, and that is why today we'll be putting together a couple of best proxies to use for scraping tools like Parsehub. But before that, Here's a quick introduction to Parsehub for the newbies!

What is Parsehub?

Parsehub, as mentioned before, Is a visual extraction tool or a web scraping that is usually used in data harvesting and other uses. Web scraping can be both legal and a crime depending on how it's being used. Legitimate cases include data harvesting with bots to gather data and information about the website, and then using this particular information to rank the website on different search engines.

Technically, One can easily access any website and gather information about the websites using an API. However, If the websites are dynamically poor and do not provide an API, You will have to manually web scrape the websites to harvest data.

Now, this can be done manually as well, but here's the twist. It can take several weeks to manually harvest the data and there's a lot of HTML coding involved which every coder knows how painful it is.

That is where Parsehub comes in. This scraping tool has been particularly designed to work with websites that support Javascript. Parsehub presents itself in a browser extension, So from there, You can easily use it to scrape data on different websites, Save the data in a spreadsheet or a Wordpad document and there you go! Data harvested!

Why Use Proxies for Parsehub?

Ok, we all know what proxies are. We also know the basics of Parsehub as well. The question that remains now is that, Why should we use proxies for this tool?

Let me explain.

Whenever you're using a web scraping tool, What is does is that it makes multiple and concurrent requests to the websites using different headers to gather and harvest data from the website. The problem that arises is that websites nowadays have several restrictions regarding IP's and multiple requests. If there are a few too many requests from a single IP address, Your IP address will be blocked from the website that you're currently scraping. You will be completely locked out of the website and won't be able to continue scraping.

That is where proxies come in. Usually, we use proxies to mask our IP address or to unblock a website that doesn't work with your IP address. For scraping tools, You will need a proxy which has a large IP pool and the proxy needs to keep rotating between these IP's.

Moreover, These IP addresses need to authentic ISP's as well. IP addresses without any Service Provider will end up being banned as well due to the higher level of security on the websites nowadays.

What Type of Proxies to Use?

Now to address the heart of the matter, What proxies should you use for Parsehub? The answer is simple. Backconnect Residential proxies. Why is that? Let me explain.

  • Residential Rotating proxies have a large IP pool
  • These proxies keep rotating among the IP's of their IP pool after every request or given time
  • Since they are residential proxies, They are backed up by genuine ISP's.

Hence Backconnect Residential proxies fulfill all the criteria for being used with Scraping tools like Parsehub.

Best Proxy Solutions for Parsehub to scrape online

The following are a couple of best proxy solutions to use with Parsehub and other scraping tools as well!



Luminati proxies Luminati is undoubtedly one of the best proxy solutions to use when it comes to scraping. Residential proxies from Luminati fill all the criteria that must be fulfilled to be used for scraping websites.

Luminati has an IP pool of more than 35 million residential IP's from over 195 countries from all around the world. Moreover, Luminati provides its customers with an API and a chrome extension that you can use while scraping. You can insert their whole API into scraping tools like Parsehub. Additional features like head-generator and presets for proxy configurations make them the best proxy solution to be used with Parsehub!

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SmartProxy Smartproxy is the last but not the least proxy solution suggestion on our list. To begin with, SmartProxy has an IP pool of more than 10 million proxies which is more than adequate for scraping websites.

Moreover, SmartProxy has an extended guide on how to set up their proxies with Parsehub, which means their proxies totally work with Parsehub. Knowing this, you won't have to worry about any compatibility factors when scraping websites.

SmartProxy provides a lot of features on their proxies like Rotation sessions. You can also geo-target your websites using their proxies, and since the proxies come with Unlimited threads, You won't have to worry about those concurrent IP sessions!

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Oxylabs Oxylabs has been on the internet for quite a while now and is one of the proxy selling services which are directed more towards web scraping than general proxy usage.

Oxylabs provides its customers with a pool of 30 million IP's from all around the world. They also provide crawlers for websites as well and several packages have been listed on their website.

Although a bit expensive, Oxylabs may be the perfect choice of proxy solutions to be used with Parshub. Moreover, You can request clean IP's which are perfect for your scraping needs by emailing them!

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How to Set Up Proxies for ParseHub


Help Guide: Adding Custom Proxies to ParseHub

Final Verdict

Parsehub is a great scraping tool to work with. However, Proxies must be used for various reasons like being secure and preventing it from getting blocked out from websites. Using the proxies enlisted above, you can achieve the maximum from your experience with Parsehub!