PC Gaming vs Console Gaming(2021 Guide)

Recently, the topic of “consoles versus pc” has begun to be actively discussed on the Internet. In this topic, no one is indifferent, everyone has chosen their platform and fiercely defends it. Years go by, and tastes in terms of games have not changed.

And here are five reasons why you should play on while choosing pc gaming vs console. With the help ofgame development services by whimsy can be solved many additional problems.

The price

The first and probably the most important argument for consoles is the price. Today, the cost of consoles is relatively low. For PS4 or XONE, you will be asked for $ 300 – $ 400, depending on the configuration. It's pretty cheap considering it's the price of a gaming graphics card.

And this is just a video card, you still need: motherboard, cooling, RAM, etc. And I'm not even talking about ready-made solutions, prices for which are inflated several times.

The life cycle

The life cycle of the current consoles is much shorter than that of the previous generation. They will still be relevant for about 5 years. And during all this time you will not have to change the video card or buy additional RAM. “Godlike PC”, on which the video card will have to be changed in a couple of years.

You will say that “expensive games on consoles” are not cheap, but, firstly, this is justified by the low cost of consoles, and secondly, users are ready to pay that kind of money for a game that will run 100% on device and will be great optimized. Whereas on PC, the optimization problem occurs in almost every game, especially if you use a solution from AMD.


And the most important criterion for me is convenience. All you need to play on the console is to turn it on and insert the game disc. Whereas, in order to play on a PC, often have to be solved some compatibility problems, climb into the video settings, so that the next novelty would run stably on my super-powerful PC. With unity game development services by Whimsy all the requests of the users would be carried out.

What could be better than getting together in the living room with friends and playing your favorite MC? With a PC, you never know. You can play with a friend only on the Internet. But if you only play CS or Dota, this will not be a problem for you.

The purpose

Now let's move on to what we buy consoles for. Their majesty is the game. The console market, in terms of the number of games, is not inferior to the market for PC games. Consoles have a clear advantage here, as they have exclusives that turn out to be decisive when choosing a platform.

For fans of JRPG, PS4 is perfect, and for those who play multi-platform games, XONE is enough, which also has excellent exclusives. On the PC, the situation with exclusives is much worse. Apart from CS and Dota, there is nothing on the PC. The console market is only growing and developers are increasingly inclined to make games for consoles.

Firstly, it is easier, since you do not need to bother with optimization, because the hardware is the same everywhere, and secondly, on consoles, there is a more payable audience than on a PC and making games for consoles is banal, just more profitable. So it’s important in choice of pc vs console.

If we talk about the audience, then both the situation is the same. Everywhere there are both adequate players and inadequate ones who spoil the game for everyone. But everyone is shouting with one voice about the hated schoolchildren who simply flooded the servers, both on the PC and on the consoles.

The purpose


To sum up

And the last reason against the PC is cheating. The biggest problem after piracy. There are cheaters on every server, in every online shooter. They just kill the whole gameplay. Another reason is that all players use different gaming devices.

You will say that this is a plus, because there is a wide variety of mice and keyboard. Everyone can choose something for themselves. The problem is that all of these devices provide an edge.

If two players with the same skill collide with each other, then the one with the coolest mouse wins. Plus, do not forget about macros, which give an advantage, even to a curved noob. Another thing is the console, where everyone has one device, and no macros for you, and most importantly – cheaters.

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