PCMag’s J2Global Buys IPVanish VPN?

Hello again. It’s been awhile. But I just found something out that no one has been talking about.


Well, J2Global has recently acquired security VPN company, IPVanish VPN. J2Global owns some of the internet’s biggest websites like PCMag, IGN, Speedtest.net, Askmen, and more. IPVanish has also come under scruntiny in recent years for giving up logs to Homeland Department of Justice, even when they claimed they didn’t collect logs.

Want proof? Well, you can find it on their very own website.

IPVanish VPN security

Does J2Global buying IPVanish mean that all of the sudden IPVanish is going to start being the #1 promoted VPN on J2global sites? Here is the current ranking as of 4/19, so we can see any changes. As of right now, it looks like IPVanish’s rating hasn’t changed much. But that could change once things “settle down”.

J2Global buying IPVanish

Recently IGN started reviewing VPNs as well. Right now, NordVPN remains PCMag’s “editor’s choice” ahead of IPVanish by one whole star, and IGN only rated IPVanish 8.3/10. How long will it take for VPN expert Max Eddy to get a memo from upper corporate to “revisit” these reviews to up the “stars”?

In my humble opinion, it’s messed up! This is simply a consolidation of power occurs in any industry that becomes profitable. So I’m sure IPVanish will soon get a PCMag award. Not only that but I think IPVanish is guilty of the same thing that we proved PureVPN has done on the website. They have scooped up a TON of blogs related to Kodi and other VPN related niches. Unfortunately, this is the way the VPN industry seems to work. Every VPN is buying up all the press to promote their products.

What do you think? Is it ok for PCMag to buy one of their own reviewed VPNs?

-Ripoff Reporter out!

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