The Most Fun Things that You Can Do on the Internet to Stay Safe at Home During this Pandemic

It has been a few months since the outbreak of the 2019 coronavirus and right now, it’s still best to remain at home as we all wait for a vaccine to end this problem.

For sure, staying at home for a long time can be boring and even painful for some, but this is a great time to make use of technology and the internet to keep ourselves entertained.

There are so many things that you can do online aside from constantly going through your social media feed. You just really need to explore and find something that will make you have fun a good time. We are here to give you some ideas, and so here are the most fun things that you can do online so that you can still have fun as you stay at home.

Play Online Games

Online Games

Playing games online has been the resort of many when it comes to keeping themselves entertained even before the pandemic. It’s a great escape from reality and there are just so many games that you can play online. You can even play casino games or real money games online too.

For sure, playing real-money games can be a bit scary at first since it involves your money, but online casino sites nowadays are safe and secure. You can also check casino review sites like Casino Whizz to make sure that you are dealing with a great casino.

You can play games like slot machines or even play blackjack with live players too. If you’re not fond of casino games, there are so many browser games out there that you can play too. If you only have your phone, app stores like the Apple Store and Google PlayStore have hundreds of gaming apps that you can download, including online casino apps.

Stream Shows and Movies

Everyone is probably doing this. Many people now have a lot of free time and it is simply the perfect time for them to binge-watch the shows that they have always wanted to. There many streaming sites right now where you can do this like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO.

Online Movie Stream Service In Smart Tv. Streaming Series With O

These are subscriptions to pay for, of course. While it’s still easy to find a free-streaming site, it’s best that you still stream shows or movies where it’s legal.

Meet People from All Over the World

It’s no longer scary to talk to strangers online these days. What’s nice about the internet is that you don’t have to be yourself on it. You don’t even need to disclose any of your information to the people you meet online. You just have great conversations with them – the type of conversations that you’re not comfortable having with the people you know in real life.

Meet People with online

You can give sites like Omegle a try wherein you get to video chat with random people from around the world. At first, this can be a bit scary because you never really know who you end up talking to, but this can be fun if you enjoy randomness a lot.

Visit Places Around the World

Virtual tours

Aside from meeting new people from anywhere in the world, you can also “visit” different places online too. Virtual tours are becoming popular because it’s quite an experience. There are now sites that let you visit museums and galleries all over the world. This is a fun experience because you don’t just really see pictures of these places. The online tour can be interactive. Some would even allow you to use a VR device to make it seem like you are in the place you are virtually visiting. You can now virtually tour places like the Louvre in Paris and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Tour with VR device

Chat with AI Bots

If you’re bored and you don’t feel like talking to a person, then give AI bots a try. These AI bots can chat with you as if you’re talking to a real person. An example of this is Cleverbot and Eviebot. You can speak with them by chatting and even through your mic. What’s fun about this is the replies that they give you.

Chat with AI Bots

These bots learn from the previous conversations that they have and sometimes their responses can be very random and amusing. It’s a fun way to kill some time and if you’re interested in Artificial Intelligence then this is something that can be very fun and exciting.

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