Seed4.Me VPN Giving 6 Months Of Premium VPN, Worth $20 For FREE!!

Online privacy has become so much an issue right now that ignoring it might just lead to a bad experience for you and your family. People have invested so much of their time, resources and information into the online world that keeping it safe should be nothing short of a priority.

But one of the most efficient methods of protecting yourself and masking your address and hiding your information is the reliable Virtual Private Networks, shortened to VPN.Seed4Me, a VPN service has gone a step further in pleasing its customers by giving six months of premium VPN access, worth.

Seed4Me, a VPN service has gone a step further in pleasing its customers by giving six months of premium VPN access, worth $20 for FREE!! The offer is only available from 23rd March. VPN enables you to mask your location, browse anonymously and makes your IP address different from the real one. Seed4.MeVPN is available for Android iPhone and iPad and unblocks sites restricted in your area of current location. With the help of Seed4.Me VPN you can easily access to the IPs of different countries, so you can access to the blocked content of Netflix, Pandora, BBC iPlayer and a lot more.

Jump on this bandwagon and never have to worry about your online privacy again.

Their service is available for your devices, phones tablets and computers.

For mobile and tablet VPN access, the mobile apps can be downloaded through these links:

The application is very simple to setup allowing you a secure VPN connection in less than 20 seconds or less.

After downloading you choose your VPN country and 5 seconds later, you can select the country.

There is a list of 12 leading countries to make a choice. The USA, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia, Netherlands, Ukraine, Spain, Germany, Italy, Canada and France.

Once all this is the setup you just click on the connect button and connection is established.

For iOS users, there is an added advantage of the “protect automatically” (VPN on Demand) function. This feature enables you to encrypt and pass all your outgoing and incoming data through a secure VPN channel. And all this is for FREE!!

  • 6 MONTHS of premium VPN access for free
  • Simple setup
  • 12 countries to choose from
  • Connecting directly from the application
  • Single account is valid for all your Android, iOS devices and computers
  • Multiple language support:  Russian, English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese.