Signing up Netflix Free Trial Forever and Ever

Long ago, there was only radio which updated people with news and entertainment. People didn’t have the choice to switch over to their favourite music or song. Then television came, which became the next source of entertainment, which provided audio as well as video. Still, people didn’t have the option to watch whatever they wanted and their own time via television broadcasting. Finally, we got internet and people have a choice of what, when and how they want. One such medium of entertainment which is highly popular over the internet is Netflix.

As a marketing strategy, Netflix provides with a free trial offer in the first month, once you become a member. So this means, once you create an account or subscribe to Netflix, you get a free one month trial. So for one month, you can watch your favourite shows and movies which are available on Netflix. From the next month, you have to pay. So then you become a paid member.

What Does Netflix Free Trial Do?

Wow, you are getting a month free on Netflix. This actually means, from the next month you are surely going to pay for the subscription. Who does not like to watch their favourite shows and movies whenever they wish? Actually, you are getting used to or in simple words, getting addicted to Netflix in this first free month. So when the next month knocks your door, you will happily pay for the monthly subscription of 8.99$ as now you can’t live without Netflix.

Our current topic is not the addiction, so let us focus on Netflix. So how is it possible to let Netflix entertain you for the lifetime without paying anything? Yes, it is possible. In fact, many people have been doing it. So let us see how they have been doing it.


Step 1: Check if Netflix is blocked or not in your geographical area

Netflix is not allowed everywhere in the world. If you are not able to access Netflix from your computer by simply typing then it means that Netflix is blocked in your country. If you are able to access it directly then you should not waste your time, skip to step2!

To unblock Netflix, you should use a VPN service. So use a good VPN service such as Hide My Ass which gives you good speed, unlimited bandwidth and is reliable. Once you select HMA VPN service provider, connect using that VPN. You will now be able to access Netflix.


Step 2: Signup

As discussed earlier, you need to have a Netflix account to let it entertain you. Now sign up in Netflix. Remember to use a new Gmail account which you haven’t used before for Netflix. So create a new Gmail account which is only for Netflix. Once you create your account, you have to activate it by confirming your email address. So check your newly created Gmail account.


Step 3: Credit Card Details

Now, Netflix would ask for your credit card details. Something is certain here, you will not be using your original credit card details, and so whose details will you be using? You have to use fake credit card details which are easily available online, search for a virtual credit card. You will get many such service providers who provide you a virtual credit card for free just like or Now enter these details in Netflix account. Click on Start Membership and enjoy your free month.


Step 4: Gmail Account Magic

So we did discuss of creating a new Gmail account in step-2. The only reason is that Gmail is just awesome and amazing. Gmail identifies your email account even if you misspell it. For example, if your email account is [email protected], you can use [email protected] or [email protected] too. You can make any combination or style which you like. You can try it now.


Step 5: Grand Finale

The show must go on! It does not matter if your free trial month is over but the show still must go on. So now, once you are done with your free month trial, you sign – up again with your misspelled email address. You will again receive a confirmation message for a free trial, obviously for one more month. Now, you keep repeating the same method for every new month and you will live happily ever after.