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Your friends are coming over to watch some movies with you, but where can you find a good alternative for Sockshare? How many websites similar to Sockshare are there and how good they are? Finding a good site with great streaming movies can be hard nowadays, so which one would be perfect for you? Stop right there! We are here to provide you with the list of the best Sockshare alternatives that you can find online!

sites like Sockshare to stream movies

There are many streaming websites out there, but none of them are like Sockshare by the opinion of many users. Many people say that Sockshare was one of the best online streaming, third-party platforms for watching movies, and TV shows. The reason why it was so great was mostly that it didn't have a lot of ads which can be annoying to the point that you will no longer be interested in watching any content.

Sockshare was also significant because it didn't ask for any sign-in or registration! No one was asking for your personal information which is rare nowadays. There are many websites out there today that are claiming to be the Sockhasre, but all of them are fake, and none of them are good as Shockshare! Still, there are some alternatives to Sockshare today which are worth using!

Here is our list of the best Sockshare alternatives that you can find online!

1. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

One of our favorites is Popcorn Time! This platform has been around for some time, and many users enjoy using it! Popcorn Time can provide you with loads of new as well as the old movies and TV shows that you can watch!

There are no restrictions in terms of device, you can use it on any device, from computer to Smart TV! There are HD versions of the movies, and most of them come with subtitles! Still, there is a downside to Popcorn Time! Due to a large number of users, it can be laggy quite a lot, and this is sometimes unbearable!

Why We Like It:
  • Almost ads-free
  • There is a desktop app for Windows
  • Video quality is more than good
  • Easy to use
Why We Hate Popcorn Time:
  • A lot of content comes from pirated sources
  • There is a lot of problem with lags if many users are using it at the moment

2. CouchTuner


Now this one can be a real treat! CouchTuner is easy to use and easy to access! There are no applications you need to download. There is a wide range of TV shows that you can find on Couchtuner as well as the movies! The downside of this alternative is that it has a lot of videos that are not working. Some of the links don't work, but they are still there, so that can be a bit confusing!

Why We Like CouchTuner:
  • Subtitles come in different languages
  • Wide range of TV shows and movies
  • Good quality of the video
Why We Hate CouchTuner:
  • There are few broken links
  • Some ads included
  • Some of the movies tend to crash

3. BMovies


BMovies may not be useful as the previous alternatives, but there are still many good reasons for using it! This alternative does not require you to register or download anything! It's simple to use, and there is a dark theme which is more than popular nowadays.

The movies and The categorization of TV shows are by genre, IMDB rate, A-Z, etc. The main problem with this alternative is probably a wide range of annoying ads that can be tiresome!

Why We Like It:
  • Good categorizing
  • Smooth looks with great design
  • A right amount of TV Shows and Movies
Why We Hate BMovies:
  • It doesn’t include Hollywood movies
  • Too many ads

4. Vex Movies

Vex Movies

If you are looking for the alternative to Sockshare, which comes with the newest movies and TV Shows, then Vex Movies is the platform for you! No matter the genre, you will find your movie or TV show in the database of Vex Movies.

The platform itself is pretty simple to use, and all of its features are functioning great. There are no significant lags, and their servers are almost always up and running, so your movie watching will not be interrupted for sure! You can enjoy your TV shows and binge-watch whatever you had in mind with Vex Movies!

Why We Like It:
  • A large number of movies and TV shows
  • Good interface
  • Easy to use
  • Regularly updated with new movies and TV shows
Why We Hate Vex Movies:
  • There are pop-ups and ads
  • The quality of the picture is not the best around

5. Putlocker


Putlocker is probably the first alternative to Sockshare that you will find online! It may not be the best alternative out there, but it is one of the most popular on the web! The reason why it is so popular today is that it doesn't have a lot of pop-ups and ads.

It also has a lot of good quality movies in 720p and 1080p! It does not ask for any registration, and it is completely free to use, which makes it even more appealing! The design is also good, as well as the categorization of the movies and TV shows. Many users believe that Putlocker9 may easily be the best alternative for the Sockshare out there!

Why We Like It:
  • Wide range of TV shows and movies
  • Little to no ads
  • No registration and free to use
Why We Hate Putlocker9:
  • There is a problem with the quality of the picture. Sometimes you will find out that the quality is not good.

6. BigStar TV

BigStar TV

You can use BigStar TV on any device, and it is 100% free! Many users like using the BigStar TV platform because it has excellent catalogs and a wide range of TV shows and movies for you to watch! There is also an option of streaming all of its movies through Smart TV and Amazon Fire. The platform updates every week, so you will be able to find all of the new films on BigStar TV as soon as they are available!

Why We Like It:
  • Great interface
  • Wide range of movies
  • A lot of Indie movies
  • No registration need
Why We Hate BigStar TV:
  • A lot of pop-ups
  • Loading time is pretty slow

7. Flixtor


The best thing about Flixtor is that you can see the latest movies on the top of the page! If you are searching for a newly released movie and you are not sure if it is available online yet than Flixtor will help you with that!

The design of this platform is excellent, and the experience is not that bad either! There is a VIP membership for which you need to pay, and there is a free membership! If you purchase VIP membership, you will be able to download the movie or watch it in 1080p. The bad thing about Flixtor is that it requires registration which many users avoid.

Why We Like It:
  • The free content is usually in 720p
  • Easy to use and good design
  • Subtitles come in many languages
  • The movie library is often updated
Why We Hate Flixtor:
  • There is a registration process
  • A lot of ads and pop-ups on almost every click
  • You must be a VIP member to watch movies in 1080p

8. GO stream

Go stream

Go stream is also widely popular among users! When the Sockshare was shut down, most of the binge-watchers went to GO stream! There are many exciting things about this alternative, such as no registration needed, the right quality image, easy to navigate.

Still, there are some things that some users may find repulsive! GO stream states that it is ads-free, but this is not true! You will experience a lot of pop-ups which are more than annoying. The second best thing about GO stream is its summaries for movies! You can read a plot summary of the film before watching it!

Why We Like It:
  • No registration needed, free to use
  • Constantly updated
  • Plot Summary
  • The option of downloading movies
Why We Hate GO stream:
  • There are just too many pop-ups which can influence your watching experience

9. PopCornFlix

PopCornFlix is similar to other free streaming platforms, but there is a difference! PopCornFlix is excellent for watching movies since it does not require registration!

It is easy to use, and its content is updated continuously! The downside is that like most websites for streaming movies; it will ask you to turn off your adblocker which can mean only one thing…ADS! Still, it is well categorized, and the picture quality is not bad.

Why We Like It:
  • Free and without registration
  • A vast amount of TV shows and movies
  • Excellent interface and easy to navigate
Why We Hate PopCornFlix:
  • Too many ads
  • Adblocker must be turned off
  • Loading time can be slower for some movies

10. 5moives


5movies has a lot to offer! It has a lot of satisfied users worldwide, and the catalog of the movies that you can watch is extensive! It is similar to websites like Putlocker and BMovies, so if you are a fan of those movie streaming sites, then you will like 5movies for sure!

The database is continuously updated so you can easily find new movies and TV shows. It also has a modern and old version of the website which can you can use.

Why We Like It:
  • Similar and simple design
  • Older and New version
  • Free and doesn’t require registration
Why We Hate 5moives:
  • Ads and pop-up are constant
  • Not all of the videos come in the same quality


As you can see, there are many alternatives to Sockshare! Some of them are better, and some of them are worse. Still, all of them will provide you with many hours of binge-watching that you can enjoy! It is a known fact that you will have to deal with some ads! The best thing about all of these alternatives is that all of them are free!

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