What You Can Learn From Experts About Video Production

Video, and specifically online video, is exploding at an unprecedented pace. Whether it be informational videos, educational videos, entertainment, or any other kind of content, people prefer videos more than anything else.

The other great thing is that videos are being monetized at better rates than ever before. People are making millions every year just creating casual videos and uploading them to online video platforms. Whether you want to make professional videos for music artists or you just want to edit some home videos and create some beautiful memories, these expert tips will help you get started on the right foot.

Use The Right Hardware

Video editing is a computer-intensive process. The higher you move up in resolution and the longer your video clips are, the more powerful the hardware you will need to get the video editing done. A lot of video editors prefer to start off with a premade solution –  something they can buy right off the shelf.

Use The Right Hardware

This is a great starting point, but if you want to move into 4K editing or even 8K editing, you will need to get some customized equipment. Without the proper hardware, you will not only spend an excruciating amount of time trying to edit a video, but the video editing process itself may become impossible due to extremely glitchy software and frequent crashes.

Use Good Software

Just like your hardware, the software you use to make these changes also plays a big role in how effectively you will be able to edit videos. If you are just starting out and want to get a feel for video editing, then you could opt for free solutions. While these are easy to access, they aren’t optimized for anything in particular and they also offer limited functionality.

If all you are doing is adding some music and slicing up bits of video then this will be fine. If you want to move into more advanced video editing then you will need a premium solution that offers features like color grading and other advanced features.

If you want to move into more advanced video editing software then you will need a premium solution that offers features like color grading and other advanced features.

Keep Backups

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they don't keep backups. When the hardware fails or they lose a memory card or something gets accidentally deleted, they are left empty-handed. All the time and effort that they put into capturing the video and editing it has gone to waste.

In many cases, this is content that can't simply be recreated. To earn the reputation of a trusted video production agency you can’t afford to let problems like these happen with your own videos or with clients' projects. Professionals suggest that you make a habit of keeping at least 3 copies of your material.

One copy on the device you are working on, one in cloud storage, and one in an external storage unit. This way, if something does ever happen, you always have at least two backups which you can restore information from. If you like editing while you are on the go, the cloud storage option will benefit you the most since the very nature of this storage type allows you to do so.

Learn Shortcuts

While each video that you edit will definitely be unique, the work that goes into editing the video can often become monotonous. For instance, cutting video clips, moving video clips along the bar, pasting video clips and many other similar processes are things that you would be doing hundreds of times per video.

Learning a few basic keyboard shortcuts will make the whole process much faster as you won’t have to take your hands off the keyboard. If you have programmable keys on your keyboard or your mouse, you might want to add shortcuts to these hotkeys to make your life easier.

Focus On Audio

Too many video editors, and even creators, get caught up with the video quality and the quality of the editing and forget the basics. Rather than getting a 12K video camera and using its standard mic, it would be much wiser to get an 8K camera and invest some money in a good mic. Audio quality is half your video.

As an editor, if you feel that the audio quality isn't there, then do whatever you can to bring this up in post. Don't be afraid to add some background music and transition music for the video. This will keep the viewer engaged and increase the overall value of the video, even if it's just a small home video.

Focus On Audio

A lot of people get too caught up in the advanced techniques of video editing. They assume that if they use all the effects in their library, and color grade the video to the extreme, it will result in a better final product. In reality, professional video editors focus on keeping things simple and ensuring that everything works together smoothly.

It is not about having the most complicated editing process but rather about getting the best video quality. Small changes can have the biggest impact so keeping it simple and keeping your attention on the viewer will help you achieve this goal.

With the increasing demand for video content and the lucrative opportunities it presents, San Francisco Video Production can provide invaluable insights on how to create engaging videos that can capture viewers' attention and potentially generate substantial revenue.

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