Zippyshare: Free Software file hosting & Personal file storage

Zippyshare is a free, popular and a reliable way of storing your files online. Read on to discover some of the best Zippyshare alternatives.

Data storage and related activities is big business in the modern world. A lot of people around the world use file hosting services and sites to store and share data online. The data may be in the form of, images, photos, video clips, presentations, spreadsheets, simple databases, music library among other formats.

File hosting is actually an internet service provision designed for hosting user files. Data hosting suggests that data belonging to the user is meant to be stored on the ‘back-end’ for users to later access or ‘retrieve’ the data via the internet. In a nutshell, file hosting can be precisely referred to as your online file storage mechanism.

Since data handling is very demanding due to file size and security, data is ‘held’ in storage servers that are normally expensive to deploy and may not affordable to everyone. File hosting as a service can sometimes be charged a small fee or can be provided free of charge to users depending on the scope of service rendered.

File storage services are normally categorized as follows;

file sharing hosting

Software file hosting

This is a file hosting service platform where different ‘owners’ of freeware software use the platform to provide their ‘free’ software to different users. In most cases downloading software or ‘data’ from these kinds of platforms is slow. This is usually a way to persuade users to buy and obtain a premium service to get faster downloads along with other premium privileges.

Personal file storage

This platform is designed to store personal data and also used to back up files. The data and files are password protected and users can upload and share data with authorized users or those with privileges. Depending on the service provider, the host server may be shared among several or many users or dedicated.

A shared hosting server can host multiple users simultaneously but a dedicated one is specifically allocated to one user.

Different file hosting service platforms, therefore, have different delivery models and associated infrastructure providing shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting among other services. While choosing a file or data storage service platform, users ought to examine such aspects as;

  • Overall user ratings
  • Facilities provided by the service
  • Uploading speeds and upload limit in terms of file size
  • Security and safety concerns for user’s data

Besides the above few considerations, users should also look out and exclude platforms that may get unnecessary spams or junk emails, pops among others.

Best Alternatives

The list below provides a number of platforms that are more or less similar to Zippyshare.

1. Dropbox


Dropbox has become quite a force to reckon with particularly in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry.

This platform allows you to put your files in a ‘dropbox’ account on one of your computers so that the files are available or can be accessed on any other devices that have dropbox installed on them provided there exists an internet connection.  Upon registration, each dropbox account holder is allocated up to 2 GB of storage space, though users can get more storage space by referring new users.

Once you upgrade to Dropbox Business, you get 2TB of storage. Dropbox Business users have to pay $12.50 per month for each user.

With the Enterprise and Advanced Dropbox tiers, you get unlimited storage. However, the files you upload are capped at 300MB and you get a bandwidth limit of 200GB daily

The service platform is available on Web, Android, iPhone and Blackberry devices.

Why We Like It:
  • Stores multiple files without taking up much of your computer space
  • It is easily accessible to multiple users
  • File syncing across multiple platforms is made possible
  • Apart from storing files, you can easily share them
  • It allows you to edit documents online
  • You can easily recover files you had already deleted
Why We Hate Dropbox:
  • The lack of specifics tab could make it difficult for you to locate deleted copies of your files
  • It can be slow sometimes
  • Folder security is not guaranteed

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2. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

This platform provides storage and sharing solution in an easy to use functional interface. Since its inception Microsoft Onedrive has morphed to a highly reliable and slick tool with a rich set of online office apps.

The platform allows you to edit your Microsoft office documents online without the need for installing the office software suite on computer or mobile device. This enhances flexibility because users can work and share their documents and projects anywhere with more efficiency. Microsoft Onedrive is free up to 5 GB and will cost you like $2.00 a month for up to 50 GB storage space.

It is available on Web, Android, iphone and blackberry among others

Why We Like It:
  • It has quite a huge amount of cloud space especially when you use an Office 365 subscription.
  • It’s easy to integrate OneDrive with Office 365 and Windows 10
  • It’s easy to share and co-edit documents on Microsoft OneDrive

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3. MediaFire


The platform which was founded in 2006 by Tom Langridge and Derek Labian offers a solution for uploading and downloading files and also sharing the same on the internet. It mainly focuses on a constructive download experience but scores poorly for users willing to upload.

Apart from its affordability, Mediafire offers you with a 10GB free plan. It is available on multiple platforms including Linux, Mac OS, Windows iOS, and Android.

Why We Like It:
  • It is quite affordable
  • Offers you with a 10GB free plan
  • Fast upload speeds
  • A 20GB file-size limit
Why We Hate Mediafire:
  • Security and privacy aren’t guaranteed
  • Its free version has plenty of ads
  • You cannot upload folders
  • It has relatively slow download speeds

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File transfer storage platform allows you to securely share files with your family, employees or even friends. Storage limit is up to 6 GB for a maximum of three weeks. More features from the storage suite can be obtained by subscribing for a premium plan that costs around $2.40 per month allowing for up to 60 GB of file storage.

One of the most outstanding feature in this platform is that you can send a download link directly to a recipient through email.

Why We Like It:
  • It is quite affordable
  • While using a premium account, you have an unlimited number of downloads
  • You are not limited on what type of data you should send
  • Should you lose an internet connection while uploading your files, the upload automatically resumes once your internet connection is restored
Why We Hate
  • Your data will be valid for only 3 weeks

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5. FilesAnywhere


This platform offers more than just file storage. It is bundled with solutions for cloud solutions for a complete and robust internet backup and secure web folders for efficient online solutions among users.

It is simple to deploy and requires no set up for starters. It also allows faxing of any type of file with its dedicated apps for both Android and iOS users.

It is also efficient with provisions for notifications and delivery reports to senders. Users can also download, resend, forward and manage files from its easy to use interface.

Why We Like It:
  • The platform allows you to work with other third party apps such as Salesforce
  • It guarantees that your data is safe through the use of a strong firewall, SSL encryption, shared access control, and unauthorized access prevention
Why We Hate FilesAnywhere: 
  • It does not offer the drag and drop option that’s characteristic of other file sharing options
  • The platform’s front end lacks in visual appeal

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6. Sendit.Cloud


With up to 250gb of free storage, Sendit file hosting platform allows you to easily manage and organize your files using its dedicated file manager.

Users can also download and share music and video clips without limits. For a more enjoyable experience recipients can even interact with you as they like or comment on what you have shared with them.

To address security concerns, files uploaded from computers or mobile devices are encrypted to ensure they are secure before they get to intended recipients.

Why We Like It:
  • It offers a decent referral program
Why We Hate Sendit.Cloud:
  • It is quite costly

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7. Google drive

Google drive

This is Google’s cloud service developed from Google labs and is one of the most popular platforms.

Other than just offering a storage platform, Google drive goes a long way to offer a synchronization service which enables file sharing and integrated editing of documents.

Google’s drive robust documents suite helps to increase efficiency allowing users to literally work from anywhere, from your mac, PC, mobile devices.

The suite comprises of;

Google docs – a word processor

Google drive sheets – a spreadsheet application

Google slides – a presentation program

Google drive drawing – a graphics application among others.

Once changes or editing or changes are made using any of the above utilities, the subsequent changes are effected and saved automatically across your synced devices, employees or recipients.

For considerable growth and flexibility, Google drive allocates 15 GB to each of your intended users. For additional storage you can spend as little as $4.00 a month for 20 GB worth of storage.

To effectively manage multiple users and huge amount of data, Administrators have an option of purchasing up to 16tb of additional space for their users and desired needs.

Why We Like It:
  • It is quite easy to use
  • It is relatively cheap
  • While the organization of files is automated, you can customize the files to what best suits you
  • Sharing of files is possible through just sending a link to the recipient
Why We Hate Google drive:
  • You are limited when it comes to the number of plugins that you can use within Google drive
  • Multiple users could find it hard to access a similar document simultaneously

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These are some of Zippyshare alternatives we feel are the best. If you use another file sharing platform you feel should have made it to this list, feel free to share it with us.

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