5 Technologies That Help You Get a Better Sleep

Do you want to sleep more and better? Here are some sleep gadgets that you can add to your arsenal.

Technology has revolutionized the way we do things. It helps us do more and know more. With it, we’re able to see places we never thought possible. And now, it seems like technology has another gift to us—the gift of better sleep.

Quality mattresses, fluffy pillows, and dim lights—there is no doubt that these can help us sleep well. Blue light-blocking glasses could also help reduce eye strain from digital devices and improve your sleep quality. But if you want to sleep more efficiently, incorporating different kinds of sleep technology in your home may help.

In this article, we’ll explore the different types of sleep gadgets you can take advantage of this 2021.

Top 5 Technologies for Better Sleep

1. Sleep Trackers

If you feel like you’re getting enough sleep, but you feel the opposite, sleep trackers are your best bet. Thankfully, it’s now easier for us to get a hold of sleep trackers as they are incorporated in almost all of the wearables that we have—fitness bracelets and smartwatches.

Sleep Trackers

Through this type of technology, we can get valuable insights into the quality of our sleep. Some of the sleep information that we can get from it include your sleep duration (the number of sleep hours), sleep quality (amount of uninterrupted sleep), and how long you spent in each sleep phase.

Some sleep trackers also take into consideration the environmental factors (the temperature or amount of light inside your room) and lifestyle factors (your caffeine intake, eating schedule, and many more).

Sleep Trackers smartwatches

Through the information you can get from this device, you’ll be able to determine which changes you need to make to get the quality and quantity of sleep you need.

2. Smart Thermostat

How comfortable your sleep environment is can have a significant impact on your sleep quality. One of the biggest factors that can affect the comfort you may feel is temperature.

Smart Thermostat

If the room temperature is below or above the optimal sleeping temperature, it will be difficult for you to fall asleep. A smart thermostat ensures that the temperature inside your room is conducive for sleep, especially during nighttime.

Smart Thermostat FOR BETTER SLEEP

3. Digital Apps

These days, there are apps for almost every activity and purpose. That’s why you can easily find and download apps for better sleep. Sleep apps come in various types and have different purposes.

Sleep apps

Some of the sleep apps that you can find in the app store include meditation apps, white noise apps, smart alarms, bedtime stories, sleep tracker apps, games for sleep, apps that block blue lights, sleep sound apps, and many more.

4. Micro- CPAP Device

Sleep apnea and snoring are one of the major causes of interrupted sleep. Luckily, more and more people are becoming aware of this condition and the adverse effects it may have on our sleep and health. Thankfully, experts are starting to develop solutions for this sleep disorder.

Micro- CPAP Device

The CPAP device is the most common management for sleep apnea. However, this device has lots of attachments like hoses and masks, which can make us feel uncomfortable when we sleep.

To address this, a micro-CPAP device was invented. It’s called airing, a small device that you can put in your nose and can serve the same function as a CPAP machine.

5. White Noise Machines

Sounds are the most common sleep disturbances. These include the whining of your dog, the cries of your baby, your husband’s snoring, the honking of the cars, the loud voice of your neighbors, etc.

White Noise Machines

Sound machines produce ambient music that can serve as a distraction from all unwanted noises. The most common white noises that a sound machine produces are the sounds of waves, a rushing waterfall, falling raindrops, and many more.

Final Words

Thanks to technology, better sleep is now within our reach. If you want to put an end to your sleepless nights finally, it’s about time you evaluate your bedtime routines and assess which of these gadgets can be most useful to you.

These technologies are made available for us so we can get quality sleep. It’s up to us whether or not we should take advantage of their existence.

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