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BuyProxies is an elite proxy selling company on the internet which are providing HTTP/HTTPs protocol proxies.

They have been on the internet for over 8 years and have made their name among the leading proxy selling companies on the internet.


Currently, They are offering four types of proxies ;

  • Dedicated proxies
  • Semi-Dedicated proxies
  • Sneaker proxies
  • Ticketmaster proxies
BuyProxies DetailsUser RatingUser Reviews
Dedicated ProxyYes
Socks5 ProxyNo
Speed1000 Mbps
Multiple CitiesYes
Multiple SubnetsYes
Non – Sequential IP'sYes
Customer Support24/7 Ticket Support + Live Chat
Rated 0 out of 5
0 out of 5 stars (based on 0 reviews)
Very good0%

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The proxies provided by BuyProxies work with most sites on the internet whether they be social media websites or search engines like Google. BuyProxies is a trusted proxy seller who provides safe to use proxies which are compatible with most websites out there. Moreover, Their proxies are known for their compatibility with SEO Tools. The Proxies which BuyProxies provides is compatible with almost all the SEO related tools on the internet.

Buy Proxies Details

You can request proxy locations in the US or Europe, which includes the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, France, and UK proxies. You cannot be very specific about which locations you desire. However; they only offer to purchase proxies in the USA or Europe. After that, they pick where in the USA or Europe those proxies will be. So while the options are diverse, your ability to choose between those options is unfortunately limited. You can refresh your IP's monthly or let them be the same; it's entirely your choice

BuyProxies are offering both types of proxy authentication which is definitely a plus. As you can authenticate your proxy both by IP authentication and by Username/Password, it's easier to access your proxies from anywhere.

BuyProxies have a ticket based system and claim to respond quickly. They have resolved more than 49,000 tickets which emphasizes how long they have been on the internet. They are a good proxy service with great services on the internet.

BuyProxies Pros

BuyProxies has been in the proxy business for quite some time now and has been delivering the best quality products on the internet. Following are the advantages that you get while using BuyProxies.

Quality Proxies – Better Prices

BuyProxies has been in the proxy business since 2011 and has a huge customer base. Given their experience in the field, They surely have cracked the code to selling the best quality proxies on the internet. BuyProxies are providing various types of proxies on their website which is great for customers who wish to use proxies for a certain purpose.

Having been selling proxies for more than 8 years, BuyProxies has surely made their name on the internet as quality proxies with affordable proxies. BuyProxies have surely proved itself as a good proxy seller. They provide the best quality proxies with a minimal percentage of fault. If you experience any issue with their website, they have very fast customer support that will be able to help you out!

features of buyproxies

No Restrictions on Proxies

The proxies that BuyProxies is providing does not come with any type of restrictions at all. You can use them with any SEO application that you like or basically use the proxies on any platform that you like. There is no literally any restriction regarding any user access with their proxies. You can use these proxies anywhere you like!

Best Proxies For SEO

The proxies that BuyProxies is providing provides a great use in the SEO world. BuyProxies provides proxies with faster connection speed, which is perfect when you are using SEO softwares like ScrapeBox. With their no restrictions policy on their proxies, you can use these proxies on any software that you like. Although most SEO softwares are banned on most proxies, That is clearly not the case with BuyProxies.

USA and European Locations

BuyProxies is providing both USA based locations as well as European locations for their proxies on their website. When purchasing the proxies, You can check one of the three options given in the drop-down menu.

If you want to get a USA location for your proxy, you can choose the USA. If you want a European location, you can choose Europe. If you want a random location selected by the website itself, you can just choose Any and make the location of your proxy a surprise to yourself.

However, you cannot select a specific location for your proxy whether it is in the USA or Europe. You can only select USA or Europe when choosing the location of your proxies. If you want a specific location or specific cities in the USA or a specific location in Europe, You might want to look for another provider.

Affordable Proxy Packages

BuyProxies provides great proxy packages on their websites that you can choose from and you can select the different types of proxies from their categorically separated proxies like Private Proxies, Shared proxies, etc. They provide great proxy packages which can be seen listed on their website. To make it easier for you, we have summarized the proxy packages for you down below!

Private Proxy

PackageMultipe Cities SubnetsPrice / Month
5 ProxiesYes2$10
10 proxiesYes3$20
20 ProxiesYes3$40
30 ProxiesYes4$50
50 ProxiesYes5+$80
100 ProxiesYes6+$150

features of buyproxies

Shared Proxy

PackageMultiple Cities SubnetsPrice / Month
10 proxiesYes2$10
20 ProxiesYes3$20
30 ProxiesYes4$25
50 ProxiesYes5$40
100 ProxiesYes6+$75
200 ProxiesYes12+$140

TicketMaster Proxy

Package Cities Multiple SubnetsPrice / Month
50 proxies10+Yes$150
100 Proxies15+Yes$300
200 Proxies15+Yes$600
300 Proxies30+Yes$900
400 Proxies30+Yes$1200

Sneaker Proxy

PackageMultiple Cities Multiple SubnetsPrice / Month
50 proxiesYesYes$150
100 ProxiesYesYes$300
200 ProxiesYesYes$600

Blistering Speeds and 99.9% Uptime

Buyproxies provide faster speed on their worldwide servers which makes their international customers a convenient way to choose their proxies and get the proxy speed they want. BuyProxies provides blistering speeds on their proxies with 1000+ Mbps server speeds. Having a greater server speed ensure the better quality of the proxies which provide a smoother experience once you start using the proxy on the internet.

Their servers have an uptime efficiency of 99.9%. This means their servers are always up and running and there is hardly ever a time that their servers are down for maintenance or any other reason.

Unlimited Bandwidth

BuyProxies provides unlimited bandwidth usage on their proxies, which means that you can use the proxies 24/7 for whatever reasons you want, whether it be basic web surfing or use it with Search Engine Optimization software like ScrapeBox and you won't run out of any “Bandwidth limit”.

Having unlimited bandwidth usage provides the much needed freedom to the people, and is a must-have feature for every service.


Good Customer Support

Good customer support is essential for a proxy website. That is what differentiates the good proxy providers from the best. BuyProxies has great customer support on their website, and if you have any queries related to their website or their products, you can easily contact them via Support Ticket or by email. Customer support is very supportive and replies quickly without wasting any time.

Authentication and Refreshing IP's

BuyProxies provides both types of proxy authentication on their website, which are as follows ;

  • IP authentication
  • Username/Password Authentication

Not only this, You can also refresh your IP's every month to cling onto better and fresh IP's.


BuyProxies Cons

 No SOCKS Proxies

We all know that SOCKS proxies are the best for use on the internet. Unfortunately, BuyProxies is not currently providing SOCKS proxies in its proxy packs. Having Socks proxies can be really beneficial for proxies as it enhances the security as well as the performance of the proxy itself.

No Specific Locations

With BuyProxies, you cannot choose a specific location for your proxy. You can only select the region that you want. The location will be decided by the proxy website itself. This proves to be a major disadvantage to customers who are willing to get specific locations for their proxies.


Do we recommend BuyProxies?

Yes, we definitely do. BuyProxies has established itself as a trustworthy and leading company on the internet when it comes to proxies. They have surely strengthened their grounds based on their experience since they started 9 years ago. BuyProxies is one of the leading proxy companies on the internet and is one of the few which have a vast experience in the proxy field, which is why they should be everyone's choice when it comes to using proxies.

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