Top 11 Highest Paying CPM Ad Networks For Publishers 2022

CPM ( Cost Per Impression ) ad networks pays publishers as per 1000 impressions. CPM ad networks pays to you also if your visitors not clicked on any ads.

Its best to use CPM ad network if your blog/website generating large amount of page views per day. You can earn more money by placing CPM ads if your blog has large number of page views (PV) than CPC ads.

Why use CPM Ad Networks

Cost Per Impressions or CPM ads are a strong way of increasing revenue of blogs. What Is CPM? CPM stands for Cost Per Mile and is a pricing method used by publishers and advertisers to determine the cost of ad per 1000 impressions, hence why it is popular amongst blogs.

Blogs are now popular as they have the ability to earn money and are thus gaining popularity among publishers as well. The traffic received is easy having your blog and now for placing the ads on the same blog. Of course the earning is completely based on the location, traffic and the ad type.

Comparative to CPA, the CPM ads are better, as the former is tougher and demands qualified and high traffic having the potential to get transformed into sales. There are many top CPM ad networks where acquiring approval is simple and even the new blogs can avail it and earn money. Moreover, CPM ad networks do not demand niche traffic or highly qualified traffic.


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How do you calculate CPM?

CPM Advertising Programs are beneficial programs as you get paid for visits alone. It is not insisted that the visitors must click on ads for you to earn. The fact stays that if your visitors click on the CPM ads, you can make better earnings. In this way you can supplement your blog earning with adsense revenue. The CPM ads are on the basis of per 1000 and so have fixed rates ranging between $1 and $3 per 1000 views.

How to calculate CPM


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Top 11 Rated CPM Ad Networks

Everyone in this world wishes to earn more and now you can make use of your blog in a proper way with CPM ads network. Smartly choose your strategy of monetization based on the strength of your visitors, here are top 11 CPM Ad Networks you can choose,



With over 15 years of experience, AdMaven is an avant-garde, innovative, digital advertising network.

AdMaven gives advertisers over 12 billion diurnal prints to vend their brands and products thru a network with heaps of world advertisers.

Getting paid is easy and straight- forward. AdMaven offers their publishers the functionality to pick out their favored payment system with further than one druthers that correspond of PayPal, Payoneer, fiscal institution line transfer, Paxum, WebMoney, Epayments, and further.
They offer a big kind of ad formats that it will pick out from which incorporates full-display screen advertisements to push notifications, pop advertisements, local floater, push in-page, etc.
They give their publishers an excellent CPM and generate over 2 Billion each day impressions worldwide.

No minimal site visitors requirement to begin monetizing.


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Google Adsense 

Google Adsense mainly is a CPC network. But also they display some CPM ads. Means you can get money for clicks and impressions.

No doubt adsense is the most largest and best CPC network for lately years.  Adsense offer huge advertising pool and well paid, only one thing not good is the account of  adsense need approval and it is not easy to get it approved.

So, i also suggest you use Adsense for the display ads give highest CPC and CPM rates when compare to others.You can read more about Google Adsense here.


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adcash Adcash is an exceptional CPM networks that is over a decade now. At present, it has ads every month crossing billions and has more than 200 million visitors every day. There is an extensive network and this is apparent with its more than 150k publishers. The support team includes highly qualified employees providing assistance to advertisers and publishers. Some amazing features are:

  • Adcash requires 100 Euros as minimum threshold rate
  • Minimum traffic is not the requirement while you apply here
  • Adcash has operations in more than 196 countries in the entire globe
  • The Adcash users can transform their blog traffic into revenue.
  • Access the Adcash admin panel with ease as they support in eight different languages.
  • Adcash supports mobile ads and has an intelligent platform for contextual targeting.
  • Acquire account managers help and monetize in the right ways your blog.
  • The ads are of high quality and there are top brands that you can enjoy high rates.
  • There are many ad slots and ad types to choose


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Tribal Fusion (Exponential)

Tribal-Fusion Tribal Fusion is one of the top high paying ad networks on the networks. Tribal Fusion offers wide range of ad formats. Tribal Fusion pays net 45 and their minimum payout is $50. Tribal  Fusion only accepts only Quality based sites which meets their program policies.

  • A minimum of 500,000 unique users per month
  • Content need Highly targeted and relevant

You can also block some ads if you don’t want to display. Tribal Fusion accepts quality publishers only. They have high requirements so check them before applying to tribal fusion.


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BuySellAds BuySellAds is an ideal choice that has no requirements for minimum traffic and so website owners can get started immediately. This is the best for new bloggers. Buy SellAds provide 75% revenue that they receive from the advertisers. The best part is that you can get the money you earned also on demand. Here generating revenue is easy just from 100 visits a day. Putting in a request is enough and you will see your payment in the coming 2-3 days.

However, remember, that though you can request payments, you are allowed to request twice a month. The Payouts are generous and you can receive on your PayPal even $20. Online wire and Checks are offered for payment options and entail $50 and $500 as minimum payment. Likewise ads are in varying sizes and can be customized meeting specific needs and they are Google AdSense compatible. The traffic received on your blog can be used to generate revenue and the notable features are:

  • It offers 75% revenue that is generated from advertisers
  • Request for payments can be done twice in a month and it is processed in 2-3 days.
  • It is Adsense safe and comes in varying sizes.
  • No limits for traffic expected and a $20 can be transferred as minimum through PayPal.
  • For cheques or wire transfer, $50 and $500 must be available in your account.


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Propeller Ads

propellerads Propeller Ads is great eCPM ad network and  offer high eCPM rates. And it's easy to try their Servcie that you can monetize your website or mobile traffic in less than five minutes. You can create immediately just few step on add and verify your domain ownership.

Propeller Ads support multiple ad formats,such as OnClick PopUnder Ads, Mobile Ads, Banner Ads, Layer Ads and so on, PropellerAds is a good choice as one of the best CPM ad network. some of great features are,

  • Net30 payment policy and Minimum $100 threshold
  • Propeller offer real time reporting


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ubercpm This is the fastest CPM ad networks growing that receive instant site approvals and revenue share of 80% for publishers. UberCPM refers to ad exchange platform that puts your inventory on the ad exchanges around, so that multiple advertisers bid on your site. Publishers can have monthly payouts through Wire Transfer, PayPal and Payoneer. They can also have real-time stats and customer support for 24/7. Features are:

  • Minimum $10 threshold
  • Monthly payment
  • 80% revenues are given to publishers
  • Get started anytime, no minimum traffic required
  • Easy to use dashboard


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Conversant Media

conversantmedia Conversant Media named ValueClick before 2014 is one of the top ad networks in the industry. That is an online advertising company and have more than  15 years track record. Their service only allow quality sites.

They offer wide range of ad formats. You have complete control on ads so you can choose which ads to show on your site or not. Their support staff is also good. Conversant Media pays on monthly basis and their minimum payout is only $2.


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adbuff Adbuff is a CPM ad network and also CPC ad network. It is associated to the largest ad exchanges. The technology of Adbuff permits large publishers to maximize revenue by getting many advertisers to bid for the inventory. The ultimate Adsense alternative network is that is offering rates competing with or at times even exceeding AdSense for some publishers. offers payments options such as Payoneer, PayPal and Bank Wire on the basis of NET 45. The Approval takes 24-48 business hours typically, and the highest quality publishers are only accepted. The features are:

  • Highly innovative and competitive platform offering real time bidding
  • Good CPM rates
  • Strict approval lines for advertisers and publishers
  • English sites with majority traffic from Canada, USA, UK and Australia are accepted
  • Publishers sites are expected to have minimum 2000 visitors every day.
  • Approval time taken is 5-7 days and each approved site receives $25 as welcome bonus


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Epom-Market Epom Market is an international ad-network that unites top quality Publishers with direct Advertisers. Epom Market partners with leading advertisers and publishers in more than 40+ different countries and 15 different verticals.

Epom always pays on time. It's also a good CPM ad network, Epom also pay well!  They pay on monthly basis and minimum payout is $100. Their support staff is also helpful. They reply to your query within 24-48 hours normally. Epom pays highest eCPM rates. Epom updates its stats daily. So, recommend you can try Epom market.


back to menu ↑ This is a prominent ad tech company having around 800+ employees and there are offices spread across Dubai, New York, Mumbai, Bangalore, Los Angeles and Zurich. is the largest globally holding the #2 positions in contextual ads program. It works for top management large publishers. The features are:

  • Includes clients such as Forbes, Yahoo, MSN, Kiplinger, etc.
  • Create and customize ad units across the Yahoo! Bing Network
  • Original content is required to qualify
  • Contents must be regularly updated
  • Infringement of third party intellectual property rights is not acceptable
  • Additional benefit of 10% revenue for initial three months