How to Cop Adidas Yeezy Boost With Proxies, BOT and Server

The sneaker market is growing bigger and more people are interested in sneakers day after day. The Adidas originals offer some of the most popular models such as Adidas NMD, Ultra Boost, and Adidas Yeezy.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Semi Frozen Yellow”

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Semi Frozen Yellow” (Style Code: B37572) – Release Date: December 14, 2018

Getting the Adidas Yeezy Boost is something that all are waiting for. These will be the most popular Yeezy but they disappear as soon as they come, And the usually as “Special edition item: Limited to 1 style and 1 piece (1 size only) per purchase“.

Updated: Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Static” release Date: December 31, 2018, which confirmed by official Twitter – @theyeezymafia, The “Zebra” is releasing again, should be one of the most anticipated shoes at the end of the year.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 'Static' Style Code: EF2905

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Static' Style Code: EF2905

And, Adidas Yeezy 700 V2 ‘Static’: Releasing on December 29, 2018- Release on: December 29, 2018.

Yeezy 700 Boost V2‘Static’- Style Code: EF2829

Yeezy 700 Boost V2‘Static’- Style Code: EF2829

And Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Semi Frozen Yellow”- Release on: December 14, 2018.

So, Take Action now, Don not miss it!


But if you do well prepare running  Sneaker bots and Proxies on fast windows dedicated server, you would be able to get more chances to get more pairs of sneakers. In fact, this would allow you even a few more so that you can gift a few to friends too! Just look at the process here to make it happen!

Quick Sneaker guiding Here

Why use the Sneaker Bots?

To maximize run More accounts on Adidas or other foot sites and The Bot will help you Do the ATC (Add-to-Cart) and Auto-Checkout Action, which obviously faster enough than by your hand type-in and click.

Why use the Sneaker Proxies?

To get more IP addresses to assign to run more accounts run on the Adidas and other foot sites. The proxies can help you to prevent IP restriction or IP banned, For usually an IP address/an account/a computer can only place one order on one shopping site.

Why use the Server?

To get good internet connection speed and More CPU processes power to run more accounts on one server.

Find a Fast and working Foot site Proxies

This is a sure way to succeed. This is because it is vital to make your purchase. A free proxy is always more tempting but can’t work for the proxies that are slow and already banned by Adidas and other Foot sites. So you must buy one here from a reliable seller to be sure. This way you will get a dedicated proxy with a good amount of bandwidth.

Hence you can score one pair of Adidas Yeezy Boost V2 shoes after another and yet another without any problem. Do note that you are not sharing your IP address with other people and hence your proxy will not get banned, and you can buy as much as you want. Here I recommend some of the excellent proxy services that are I already used and tested.

Sneaker/Adidas Residential Proxies Providers

1 luminati logo
$500 – 40GB
  • Extensive location coverage
  • Compatible with sneaker bots
  • The largest IP pool

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2 smartproxy logo
$75 – 5GB
  • Unlimited threads
  • Fast Adidas Proxies
  • Over 195 locations

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3 soax logo
$75 – 5GB – 300 Ports
  • Good Internet speeds
  • Excellent city positioning for sneaker
  • Over 120 countries

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Sneaker/Adidas Private Proxies Providers

$65.00–20 Proxies
$128.00-50 Proxies
$242.00–100 Proxies
  • Guaranteed To Work on foot sites
  • proxies are checked for Adidas
  • instantly Delivery After You Buy

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$150.00 – 50 Proxies
$290.00– 100 Proxies
  • Fast dedicated Proxies for
  • supreme, Adidas, finish line
  • Support 7 days a week

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3 Yourprivateproxy logo
$53.97 – 20 Proxies
$99.97 – 50 Proxies
$199.97 – 100 Proxies
  • Support Socks5 Protocol
  • Proxies for Yeezy Boost
  • YPP- Private IP/proxy

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<Note:> Now some of datacenter proxies providers are blocked by Adidas and Supreme, you have to choose those private proxies which offer the fresh datacenter proxies, And if you're anxious about the IP ban, you can check the Residential Proxies, and It's hard to compare who is better for the sneaker websites, Residential proxies hard to ban, datacenter proxies get more fast speed. It depends on how much accounts you plan to run and How long want to run.

Read More: Copping Sneakers: Residential Proxies vs Datacenter Proxies?

There will get a series of IP: Port proxies after placing payment to the proxy services. Use the proxies to access Adidas as well as other sites which can help to get more accounts with different IPs, compare with others only one account with one HOME IP address. It's really worth to invest when the  Yeezy release.

Utilizing A Sneaker Bot to Cop Yeezy

Getting your proxies up, then you need to switch your focus to find and use the Bot. Do note that trying to get Adidas Yeezy Boosts by your hand will hard to the BOT. That is because your hands with keyboard and mouse cannot win the Bot which only needs one second to ATC (Add-to-Cart) and Auto-Checkout, even if you can click fast enough.

Hence you must use bots as they are much faster than humans. Here are some of the bot for Yeezy to choose, such as Another Nike Bot AIO, Better Nike Bot AIO, Sole Slayer, JustCopItBots, EasyCop Ultimate.

Choosing a bot is not easy as there are so many of these out there. Opt for the tried and trusted ones in order to be a wise choice. Go with something that is able to work with a variety of sites. This way you would be able to cop Yeezys from various major retailers. There are lots of Nike bot in the past, now more and more bot come to the market, lots of bots support more platform such as the Adidas, FinishLine, Foot Locker, Yeezy Supply, Footaction, Eastbay, Barneys, Sneakersnstuff and so on, here is some of top bots that’s I used.

Foot site/Sneaker BOT Providers

Another Nike Bot AIO
  • Multithreaded- 100 accounts
  • Adidas HMAC Destroyer
  • Product Search/Link monitor

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Better Nike Bot AIO
Regular- $200
Ultimate – $600
  • Paypal Autocheckout
  • Foot sites Account Creator
  • SNS Captcha solver

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EasyCop Ultimate BOT
Starter – $95.00
Supreme – $150.00
Professional – $495
  • Multithread support proxies
  • Notifications by SMS/Email
  • Early Link Monitor

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These support multiple accounts so that you can put one pair of Yeezys after another into your shopping cart online. Opt for ones having other features like auto-retry that allow you to purchase even if the site is down. Make sure the bots are easy to use. Then you can set them up easily and get them running in no time at all so that you can cop as many Yeezys as possible.

Adding and Testing Your Proxies on Your Sneaker Bot

The next process after selecting your bot is adding your private proxy settings to it. Your bot may allow adding of tons of proxies to it that will make it possible to cycle through proxies. This way the sneaker sites will never know who you are making it possible for you to buy lots of sneakers.

Just add a number of online proxies to the bot in order to cop as many sneakers as you possibly can. The bot will be able to assign a different proxy to each purchase in order to work around the limits in order to get as many Yeezys as you may want.

But do test your bot before the day of the launch. This is because you may hit some roadblock while using the bot for the first time. Run some tests to ensure that everything will work as planned. In case of a problem with the bot, contact the company in order to work out the kinks before the day of the launch. This way you can get your bot up and running before the launch day.

Use server can Reduce the latency

You may even upgrade to a VPS – “virtual private server” that will provide you powerful resources as you move from one site to the next. It will add speed to your shopping experience. These are affordable and easy to use. Just log in and access these Windows servers to utilize the powerful server while buying sneakers.

Windows Server to Cop Sneaker

vultr-Windows server
2 GB Memory – $36
4 GB Memory– $56
8 GB Memory- $96
  • 3000GB Bandwidth
  • 4000GB Bandwidth
  • 5000GB Bandwidth
$20 Bonus

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Limited Time!
Premium – $39.99
Ultimate -$69.99
Vip Plan- $89.99
  • 2048 MB DDR4 RAM
  • 4096 MB DDR4 RAM
  • 6144 MB DDR4 RAM

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Also, the VPS can help you cop the shoes when you’re out of home or office when the Yeezy Boosts are launched. You can use mobile access to your server that can be done through a remote desktop software application. Just use the login credentials that you get when you sign up for a Windows VPS, and use those for an RDS application. Now you can log into the app from your mobile device. This way you can check-in and keep a tab on your sneaker buying progress even if you are not home when these sneakers hit the virtual shelves.

Know more about How to Pay the Sneakers

You need to decide how you will be paying. This will depend on how many pairs of Adidas Yeezy you wish to purchase. If you plan to buy a lot of pairs from many different retailers, you need to think about how to pay.

Prepaid credit cards can be a good option. Now test your payment method so that everything goes perfectly on the launch day. You can buy something cheap in order to make sure that your payment method is working properly. In case something is wrong you may contact the customer service department to get it fixed before the launch day and avoid any problem.

Just double-check the release details as these may change at the last minute. Keep your bot loaded so that you are prepared. Just keep this plan so that you can bring home Yeezys.


You need to start by buying private proxies and choosing the best-dedicated proxies in order to be positioned in a way to cop lots of sneakers. Now load up on the rest of the tools that include bot and Servers.

Basically, you need to be well prepared so that there are no issues on launch day and you are able to get your sneakers with relative ease. Just follow the simple steps given above in order to achieve what you want!

  1. some people suggest to use rotating proxy than dedicated proxy, is rotating better than dedicated proxy?

    • Rotating proxies also named backconcect proxies usually are residence ip address that hard to bannd by footsites.
      But,I don’t recommend you use the rotating proxies for that’s type of proxies are really slow…
      For copping, i thinks you have to use the fast proxies.

  2. How many proxies are recommended for purchasing say 5-6 pairs of Yeezys boost? I want to be able to purchase from Adidas and footsites.

    • I suggest you can use 10-12 proxies for 10-12 task on your bot, means 1 proxy per task, that’s more safe to the proxy if the proxy not banned by footsites.
      BTW, You may try different size of sneakers then change to others.

  3. Hello,

    I have found a proxy provider that is working quite well for me. Since I tried numerous providers from this page I figured I would share my findings incase it could help others. The service I found to work great is Proxy Rotator. It is a rotating proxy service and so far I have not had any issues with blocks/bans and continue to retrieve accurate pricing.

    Hope it helps!

    Thank you,

  4. Hi,

    I want to cop The Black/Solid Grey adidas Ultra Boost 3.0 which is dropping on this Saturday!
    Now i just invest to AIO bot and plan to buy 20 proxies, can you tell me how many tasks per proxy run?
    And only other suggestion to me?
    Hope get your fast relpy!

    • It’s not a super complicated technical programme on cop the Adidas Yeezy Boost or Ultra Boost and others.
      There are some thing you needed to prepare,

      1. Fast speed on your internet connection.
      2. Computer or Dedicated Server with fast Processing power to handle numberous tasks/accounts by bot.
      3. Sneaker proxies to maximize accounts to run.

      Some suggestion is use 1/1 ratio on a proxy per task/account.Still, Diversify your proxies let it in more different subnets, Hope you can win the game,GL.

  5. Hi John, i have a question. Can i use 50 prepaid cards with the same name, but different shipping address ?

    • I think its should works, for lots of guys are indeed the same name.
      Generally the orders got lost when using the same billing/shipping addresses.

      • Thank you for your fast response! So i need to make sure that the 50 prepaid cards have different billing address and shipping address right? As an example: My first card billing and shipping address is at 3000 South Lane and then my second card billing and shipping address is at 3100 West Lane and so forth.

        Am i right? Thank you

  6. How much RAM and vCPU do you suggest for 50 tasks?

    • The 50 tasks are really too little,1G RAM + 1CPU will be fine.

      As my experience,

      The sneaker bot do not take too many RAM, i test to run 1500 tasks using 2G RAM , there are much idle on RAM. So, you should really care about is the CPU Processor Speed.

      My suggesttion is 400~500 tasks per CPU will be fine, 1k tasks should 2 CPU at least, 2k tasks should 4 CPU at least. And,obviously if you’re using 400 tasks on 4 cores that’s tasks are splited by 100 tasks per CPU, so you get fast Processor Speed.

      Also, use “Ctrl+shift+Esc” to open task manager on your dedicated server when the bots is running, that’s can better to know how it’s used.

  7. Will the proxies and server be a one time use or can I use them multiple times for several realesses?

    • Usually the the proxies and server are monthly orders that’s mean you can use them when realesses at any time in this month, also you can use them at the same time on different footsites, But obviously if the proxies have already banned by the special sites mean the proxies can not works on this site.

      BTW, Next month you can ask the proxy provider to refresh the proxies if you’re continue the orders.

  8. Can I use multiple bots on a single computer?

    • Of course, if you computer and network connection is fast enough, and if you’re want to use multi-accounts, you still have to use the proxies.

  9. Which proxy or vpn company should I use to purchase Supreme?
    supreme site has a strict van….. Could you make a purchase at Supreme web site?

  10. Hi John, so I’m plan to buy one or two pairs of yeezy in next release day, I wonder starter package of EasyCop Ultimate with two account is good enough for me? Because I don’t plan to resell them. I also wonder if I set task in different store, will it keep retrying until it all get success? Because I only want to buy it for myself, so I don’t want to buy too many. Also, is it work for Adidas when they get the I’m not robot thing(the verification)?

    • 1. Obviously, Only run 2 accounts that’s Try your’s luck in my views, I suggest you run 20 accounts at a time to win.
      2. Yes, you can run your bots on different stores, but no one can promise to win this games..None of bot service can guarantee it.
      3. If you’re only run 1-2 accounts, i think you really don’t anxious about it.
      if you’re using same ip address sent lots of requests to the stores, the websites admin may flag this ip address,
      if you’re using same address to ship or credit card information to purchase lots of pairs, the orders will be cancel.

  11. Hey what is your opinion on Sole Slayer? If I use sole slayer, buy a server, and buy around 50 proxies, what/how many proxies do you recommend per footsite?

    • Sorry, i am no experience Sole Slayer..
      For second question,
      My answer is as more as you can, which on the basis of how many billing information or ship address you can get.
      And I suggest you use 1 proxy/ip address for 1 task.(2 proxies for 1 task is also fine..and 1 proxy for 2 task may be fine also, but more chance to ban the proxy.)

  12. It’s so much easy to cop on footsites ????
    Got 15 Zebra Checkout!!
    4 pairs from FootLocker
    4 pairs from FootAction
    3 pairs from YeezySupply
    2 pairs .. champs sport
    2 pairs .. EastBay

    Any one get more good results and Do this time is easy than the past?
    BTW, thank to you, JOHN LEHMANN. LOL

    • Hi, which bot did you use? And where did you get your proxies from? And did you use a server? If so, which one? Also, was this your first time using a bot? Thanks!

  13. Hi, awesome information here! Which bot have you had the most success with? I’ve been doing some research, but would like to know how your personal experience has been like. Thank you.

    • Honestly, i only use the AIOBOT which is great for me,
      There are not too much different about the bot, just the interface in my thinking.
      Now the HMAC let different to cop on adidas, so I suggest you can focus use bot on footsites, It;s not so hard works,
      And look like KENNET get all shoes on foot websites also.

  14. Hi John,

    I have 2 questions on AIO bot setting,

    1. How many HMAC destroyers I should set
    2. How many Refresh rate should I Set

    • i suggest you use the setting by default, Use 1 proxy 1-2 theads, and
      1. Use the default setting which is 3 in HMAC Destroyer.
      2. Use the default setting which is 40 seconds in Refresh rate, you can change to 20 or 10.

  15. Hi John,
    I was wondering if you can give me an insight into credit cards. Let’s say I want to cop 6-8 pairs on release. How many different credit cards would I need?

    • If you want to cop 6-8 pairs on same website, obviously you need to more than 6-8 credit cards.

      The reason is the websites like adidas or supreme and others, which only accept 1 orders by same card, more order will be get cancelled and remain only 1 order.

      And you can easily get multiple credit cards online, not so difficult 🙂

      Easily search “virtual credit card” or “virtual debit card” to find a solutions! If you have a US bank accounts you can us “privacy” to help you out.

      • Hi John

        Thanks for the quick and helpful reply!!
        I was wondering, I am located in Belgium and it is somewhat difficult to get a hold of “virtual burners” etc. Could you help me get on my way please?
        Thanks in advance!!

        • Do you mean Shipping address?
          There are lots of re-ship service online, but i don’t know whether offer the ship to Belgium or not, i think must be have that, but you have to search by yourself!

        • Thanks once again!
          I actually mean if you need to have different ship-to adresses per shoe?
          IE if I win 2 pair at the same store with a proxy do I need different ship to address?
          And if I win 2 pair from different stores?

          Thank you!!

        • Yes more ship address will be fine, but the most important is you should have more the credit card,
          For the ship address, you may also change a little on your address, use abbreviation and change a little sequence and so on…

  16. Hello, I am new to the proxy game so this may sound like a stupid question.

    Firstly, what do you mean by tasks, and how can apply the proxies to the tasks?

    Also does the HMAC on the bot bypass the splash page?


    • 1. Task just mean a copmputer click to cop the snneaker, more task mean more computers to help you cop,but if want to this, you have to use the proxies to use for masking the IP address, too many requests sent by one IP address will easily detect by the adidas and other websites.

      So, more proxies mean you can run more task, I suggest you use 1 proxy for 1 task.

      2. That just may be, that why the owener of AIOBOT suggest you use 50% proxies for normal tasks and 50% proxies for HMac destroyer.

  17. Hello John, and thanks for all the info, its really nice to have tour feed-back and advice!
    I have a question if you have time to answer.
    i got 4 accounts with 4 differents credit card, 4 differents billing/shipping adress and i would like to get (trying) 4 pair(one by account) on the same web site(Adidas for example), how many task you would advice me to run for each account

    • The answer is as more task will be more change to cook:)

      At your situation, i think you’re not use the server, So, For Adidas,I would suggest you run 80-100 tasks will be fine and you can run more tasks on foot sites, like 120 or more..

      Based on your question,I usually run 1 proxy per task and 1 task for per account.
      So,I would like to tell you to get as many cards as possible, more accounts you can run more tasks.

      And that also depends on how much risk you Have to takes, you may also run 2 tasks for 1 account,but they may cancel your order..And 1 task must use 1 proxy!

      Last, if you can not get more cards,I suggest you run 8 task with 8 proxies and change your billing/shipping address a little as 8 accounts to run.

  18. how do u get 50 prepaid cards i only have 1

  19. Hi I’m looking to purchase two yeezys on AIO Bot. How many tasks should I run and how many proxies for each task?

    • Only for 2 pair, I suggest you run 30-50 tasks to Cop on the adidas to try your lucky if you’re do not use the server, and if your Desktop with a good CPU Specs you can run more tasks.

      And 1 proxy for each task via the Bot.

  20. Hello.I want to cop one pair of the Yeezy boost 350 Blue tint, which are releasing on the 16th of December.I have bought Aio X and 10 dedicated proxies.I only have one card, but thatțs not a problem because i only want a pair.Two questions:
    1.Should i open 10 tabs with the splash page(only one proxy per tab)?
    2.How high are my chances on getting one pair with 10 proxies, 10 tasks and the Aio x, knowing that the stocks are pretty high?
    Thanks for your help

    • Only for 1 Pair 1 size? I suggest you should aim to more size to cook!
      This is the first question about the AIO X beta, so i would like to answer your question more detail,

      1. No, not open 10 tabs to use the AIO X…look like you should read their guideline more carefully…

      >> If you’re use the proxies, You can run more than 10 tasks with AIO X Chrome Extension,and you have to different profiles on Chrome browser,easily add more profiles via “add person” on chrome.
      In my views, you can Use AIO with Extension 2-3 tasks/profiles per proxy on adidas will should be fine.

      When you open too Chrome profiles, your desktop or Chrome may crash that’s why when you want to more task the official suggest you use the server and if you dont like to use the server you can use 2 PC to cook, when you’re using AIO X + Proxies:)

      So you alreay have the 10 proxies, you can run 10-30 tasks, more task means more chance to win, Also more chance to ban this IP address:)

      >> If you’re not use proxy, you can run more tasks but not exceed 10 tasks/profiles on adidas and cop different SIZE on each task that reduce chance to mark by adidas (Too many same size from same IP may be found by their anti-bot system,This is just my views).

      To all, I think you can run more than 10 tasks…I suggest you use 5-8 tasks on via your home IP and 10-25 tasks via proxies.

      2. No matter you buy the aiobot or AIO X, you should read this “The purpose of the software is to INCREASE YOUR CHANCES. ” This is influence by many factor, No one can promise to you.
      And should not just focus on adidas, you can also get the Yeezy boost 350 Blue tint on Yeezy Supply and other Footsites.

      Good Luck!

      • Thank you for the answear.I heard people say that i should only use 1 proxy per profile, also the aio x only works on Adidas.

        • From my answer, you should know why i suggest you use, 10-25 tasks via 10 proxies, 10 task via 10 proxies just means 1 profile per proxy 1 proxy per profile is secure to proxy.

          Use the proxy on browser is much safer than use the proxy bot, so anyone use the BOT to cop, You have to use 1 proxy per task.

  21. Hi John,

    Really appreciate you writing all these tips.
    My question is, If I have 20 proxies but no bot, what is the best way to cop as many pairs as possible on adidas (blue tints). Prefer it also to be able to do on one single pc. Is it to open 20 chrome profiles and have one ip adress on each profile? Will I be needing a pc server as well?

    • Hi John,
      I am new to the copping game, but I would like 1 pair of yeezy blu tints to try reselling. How do you think I should buy one pair?

    • If you are not use the BOT, which is same to use the AIO X, So i suggest you read carefully on this comments,

      20 proxies you can run 3-8 tasks via your home IP (no more than 10 tasks) and 20-40 tasks via proxies(The best is 1 proxy per task),
      I think you need to install auto-fill Chrome extension and Page Monitor extension if you want to cop by manual.

      Use the server or not, mainly on the basis of your internet connection speed and your desktop which support to open 20+ chrome profiles or not.

  22. I recommend Luminati Residential Proxy service.

    Unlimited amount of ports and IP’s – and less then 1% fail rate.

    Sign up here and get a 7 day FREE trial:

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