3 Best Proxy Service to Unblock Omegle.com

There are many social media sites which grant you the facility to keep your identity hidden. You don’t always need to go through a basic registration procedure that can compromise your identity and your personal data. One of the most used websites for this is Omegle.

It is a social media site, which allows chatting with friends from all across the globe irrespective of age, race, and gender. You can connect to many cool people online and the internet is full of them. Omegle is great and used by many people.


Omegle was launched in March 2009. And with the launch, it became famous with over a million views per day. This is a one on one chat session where you get to chat with anonymous people namely ‘you’ and ‘stranger’. This is a way by which your identity is kept hidden from the people you are chatting with.

Why My computer is Banned from Omegle?

Omegle is great but comes with its own set of problems, There are lots of expert hackers who are ready to swallow up your basic information and create quite a lot of problems for you. And not just that, Omegle has a few sets of rules and regulations which go all the same for everyone. If you ever cross those rules or violate their regulations, your computer or network can be terminated. You cannot ever access the same account from the same IP address, which means you are already banned from the Omegle network. Due to various negative reviews, Omegle is banned from most colleges, schools, universities, and workplaces.

banned from omegle

Why was that? That's mainly because of the IP address. Though Omegle NO needs identity information to register, Omegle.com records your IP address. Along with personal information, your IP address is as important as your bank details. This is your true identity when it comes to using the internet. You can track down easily by using your IP address. It gives away your location and your network; this can really be dangerous for you.

Getting a ban is one of the few itches that users experience on Omegle. Whether it was a mistake on the part of the support team of the portal or the user actually fall victim to the term and conditions of the user agreement, the truth is that Omegle often keeps a watchful eye on every chat on the platform to make sure spammers are kept at bay.

How long does the ban last?

How long you will be kept away from chatting and making friends as a result of a ban actually depends on the reason you were flagged at first. But it usually starts at a minimum of one week and could often last up to 4 months. However, if the reason for your ban is grave, you can be banned permanently and never allowed to come back.

Useful tips to avoid Omegle ban

To avoid being banned in the first place, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Avoid using vulgar languages while chatting with other members on the portal
  • Don’t abuse members online; you may get reported
  • Avoid being abusive on the camera
  • Always follow the portal’s user terms and conditions
  • Only use the portal for fun and avoid a misuse

Simple methods to get unbanned from Omegle

You may not be able to completely prevent a ban; it happens anyway. But there are a few methods you can employ to get your account unbanned and get back into the chat and meet more new friends.

  • Use the proxy to Unblock Omegle: Omegle banned your IP from accessing the website; you can get a new IP address with help of proxy to get you back into the game
  • Unblock Omegle with VPN Service: This is a brilliant method to get yourself unbanned from Omegle. it allows you to completely mask your IP address with someone else’s and get back into Omegle.
  • Try to Change DNS: Try to change DNS (domain name system) of your connection, this method may work, but not 100% effective.

How to unblock Omegle using the proxy

These are a few proxy services you can use to unblock yourself from the Omegle server, The most popular way is using Proxy server or VPN.

Which type of Proxy to unblock Omegle is much preferred?

There are lots of type of proxy servers to bypass the Omegle, and lots of websites about VPN which tell you “how to unblock Omegle using VPN” or “5 best VPN to unblock Omegle”, I don’t want to waste our time to discuss it too much, Now here I mainly want to share my idea use the private proxy to bypass the IP address restriction by Omegle.

Is VPN is good enough to unblock Omegle?

VPN is a virtual private network, which masks your IP address and encrypts your traffic, But the VPN servers are shared by many clients And think about all their users can be access to Omegle.com with the same VPN server.

That’s why lots of guys buy a VPN service, then found the VPN cannot work on Omegle…That’s why there are various negative reviews on the different VPN services.

The same issue also happens to the Public Proxy and Web Proxy.

Public Proxy servers

Public proxy servers are vast and can accept many connections at a time. Both HTTP and SOCKS proxy servers are available through HTTP is widely used and can be found in lots of places. The use of proxy servers has grown from earlier but this kind of server is unstable and keeps going on and off, and thus put the users in a difficult position.

Web Proxy Servers

Web proxies allow you to access different websites anonymously without compromising your basic data. These proxy servers do not require you to buy and install them for it to work. The web proxies are free of cost and are quite efficient. They are easily accessible but are also blocked by a few websites.

Who is the Best Proxy for Omegle.com?

Although VPN is technologically powerful with strong data encryption, IP address is shared by others, Hence, by this making Private Proxy a little more favorable for hiding IP addresses and also helps in keeping the information safe and secure.

Private Proxy Servers

Private proxy servers are not open publicly and maintain a thin line of privacy. These proxy servers have a singular administrative hand which runs the whole system by them. Thus providing authentic services does not have the problem of going on and off and is quite stable.

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Top 3 Omegle Proxy Providers  **Recommended**

You don’t need a lot of proxies for this to work; there are various packages available from which you choose the right one as per your use.

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My Private Proxy
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My Private Proxy has lots to offer. They can provide you with great deals for digital marketing, supported SEO tools. They also help in unblocking your IP address from a significant place and also provide a highly encrypted layer which prevents your IP address to be known publicly. It is truly one of a kind and is favored by many users. They also provide a good amount of bandwidth and also keeps changing your IP address from time to time.


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Proxy-Seller is another great proxy server for you. They offer you high-quality proxies for anonymity and security which is important to keep your identity hidden. They also provide numerous features and are always compatible with all the software. They update your proxy once a month that too manually without any added labor.


High Proxieshighproxies fast server

High proxies is new to the world of proxies but provide great and authentic services. They provide HTTP protocols, hardly take any time in activation it can take minimum of 20 minutes to maximum 2 hours. Easily started and keeps updating fresh IPs monthly. They also provide unlimited access to bandwidth and provide superfast servers. These packages are low at cost and are easily affordable.

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      Only some of strait websites such as NIKE, adidas and other websites which limit the visitors to cop 🙂

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